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  1. If you plan to play Smith and plan to rotate him with Heineken and Smith is not 100%, don't you feel they need to have Montez active as a 3rd QB?
  2. Regardless of record, I am happy for Kerrigan getting maybe one last shot at the playoffs.
  3. I feel like he's gonna break one very soon. I feel like he's gonna break one very soon.
  4. LOL at hanging at the PukeZone forum seeing them meltdown over dropping from 9th to 10th in draft because of the LV win...
  5. Any team gets a fumble like that against us it would always 100% be a touchdown
  6. Is it too much to ask for Haskins to get bad cramps or a broken finger nail and has to come out of the game?
  7. Hopkins came to play today... next week we'll probably look better with Smith and McLaurin and be in a position to win and then Hopkins will fubar it against the eagles.
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