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  1. I thought you said "backward football"
  2. that was A+ tanking there
  3. how will a tie impact the final draft order? kinda of joking
  4. Skins TD coming up with a 2pt conversion for the W.
  5. another comeback attempt to avoid the #2 pick
  6. we're gonna win... crap.. lol
  7. need a case fumble or pick.. lol
  8. we need to put Terry Mc., Sims, Harmon and anyone else we want healthy for next year on ice for rest of this game and next week
  9. now we're drafting burrow tua or someone else at QB
  10. first incompletion... but was a good throw
  11. first down run.... what's? when's the last time we did that?
  12. lololol... tank defense tank
  13. Giants need to have the ball in Barkley's hand every play.
  14. perfect game so far. DH looking legit and we're trying to get that #2 pick
  15. giants D is garbage, but imagine if DH got his jitters out of the way by beginning the season as the starter (or starting within 1st few games)
  16. haskins looked brilliant on that drive.
  17. slinky

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    would be nice if Dan could separate himself from himself.
  18. slinky

    Game Day Thread -Eagles at Redskins

    can we run an effective 2 min offense?
  19. slinky

    Game Day Thread -Eagles at Redskins

    if no eligible receiver in area then I think so
  20. slinky

    Game Day Thread -Eagles at Redskins

    yup. lol was gonna post same thing
  21. slinky

    Will Peterson and/or McLaurin reach 1,000 yards?

    6 i believe... i can see like a 2TD 100yrd game and then couple of 1TD 60yd games before i see an average of 100yd pergame over next 3. So, i'd say 10TD and 900+yds is very possible... though i think he'll be at 8TD and about 850yds when season is done.
  22. slinky

    Will Peterson and/or McLaurin reach 1,000 yards?

    i can see McLaurin getting to 10 TDs before getting to 1000 yards.