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  1. honestly, Federer winning is perfect for me, any time Djokovic loses I consider it a W in my book
  2. I am sooooo pumped for the Federer Nadal final... predictably, as a football fan, Nadal got me into watching the sport thanks to his physical style of play... and unlike the redskins, being a franchise, Nadal only has so many years left, I am SO PUMPED... I actually think he's going to lose in 4 sets though
  3. I haven't had much time to post recently and I know the level of commitment it requires so I feel like I'm doing the MB a favor lol... but this is what I need to ask most pertinently. Why does Ryan Kerrigan have a burgundy spike coming out of his deltoid on his image framing ES?
  4. I am definitely saying that RG3 is a happier person now, and I am definitely not putting blame or responsiblity on his wife Rebecca in any way shape or form. RG3 being wildly in love with someone else and being happy does not implicate Rebecca, the person, as holding him back, whether intentionally or passively, etc. See, the labyrinth already begins. "Rebecca holding griffin back" implies a great many things about her as a person, which is not what I am doing at all. I am not justifying him ruining his marriage, cheating on her, splitting the home up for his child, etc. I am saying
  5. I'm gonna be honest, I am happy for RG3 to have moved on into a happier relationship for himself. It gives me a slight urge to root for him a bit now, because I feel like this is one of those things that might affect his play where previously there just seemed to be an impossibility of good performance based on his practice and game tape, as well as soundbytes and internet/media content. I haven't posted much recently but I am sure will ramp up with the season approaching. I'm not saying this is what will unlock "RG3" again necessarily, but what it does do for me is show that RG3 had
  6. ugh the NBA is so image dependant and backwards... Wade should be gone if the NBA functioned properly, he's an aging veteran who's not worth the money on a team that's not winning a championship. But, because there is so little to root for at a given time around the league, a distribution of players around the league just to appease fanbases is what is necessary since teams could literally just collapse like the 6ers at any minute since there aren't enough good players to go around for however many teams this league has. It's the same source of issue with lebron in 20whatever, Durant now,
  7. based on what I saw Westbrook actually did Durant a favor and enabled Durant to do the right thing and leave given that Westbrook showed he had no intention of staying himself.. I'm sure Durant and Westbrook are still on close terms even if the ride was frustrating and tough at certain junctures
  8. Alot of the hating on this thing (not here just the general nonsense I'm seeing) is truly the symptom of a weak league. There are too many teams in the league, which leads to this bully system of top players not being "allowed" to go to other teams because it makes things "too easy..." Literally the dumbest thing ever how the "problem" is the player doing whats best for his personal career rather than the environment surrounding him hanging by the thinnest of threads of legitimacy and functionality. There are plenty of good players in the top percentile, but just not stacked together in t
  9. I actually like 8 on Kirk... 12 reminds me too much of the other top QBs right this second, Rodgers and Brady both use it and based on what I've seen quickly it looks like it's a number historically used because of Bradshaw, Staubach, and Griese, during the Steelers, Cowboys, and Dolphins SB eras. So, unless Kirk truly liked the number 12, I'd rather have him use 8, or, the number he would rather have based on what I've seen him say since the change.
  10. I know I've said it a few times in this thread already, but now that we have a nice set of pictures nearby my explanation will make more sense. I know that, in addition to misery, the idea of "going back" to the 80s era unis always sounds good to me, but then I also remember that we had that combination in the 90s and 2000s and they even then still didn't feel right. The main visual reason why our jerseys never translated to those 90s/2000/ and contemporary "fitting" uniforms is because there is no longer the amount of space necessary to include those thick double stripes on the sleeves a
  11. haha he's probably been saving that shirt up for so long
  12. Kyrie was amazing and totally won me over permanently with his playoff performance (I wasn't a hater or anything and was always an outsider to the redskins/wizards centric Kyrie vs. Wall type stuff)... he was a ****ing monster JR smith's post game presser was legit stuff too about his family... wow
  13. That would be awesome and sort of unfair. But tonight I'm drinking some champagne not gonna lie. So happy for Lebron
  14. wow I can't believe it! Great game though
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