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  1. And finally, this is me from the mighty OC...Ocean City, 4th of july this past summer. (Yeah, I'm a bit buzzed) Minus the goatee, they don't like that at work.
  2. Here's another of me and Chief Z.
  3. Some of you may recognize this picture. I'm the one in the Skins jacket. PS- thats my friends dad, not mine. I'd disown him if it were mine...actually I wouldn't let him out in public looking like that.
  4. Nevermind, will post when I get home.
  5. No crap, thats hillarious. Not only did I go to Salisbury... but grew up in Huntingtown. My mom still lives in Calvert, shes in North Beach.
  6. Where those pictures taken outside of the Holloway Hall. Sure the hell looks the same.
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