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  1. I really just have this awful feeling that Bruce and Dan are banking on Alex coming back next year and Haskins being ready 2 years from now. Yikes
  2. This is not going to end well. I don't see any way back from this, I think he'll be traded. The timing of Trent's decision shows a bogus underlying motive. This is simply a tactic to get more money, plain and simple. I cannot imagine a scenario where we would let go of Ty and not be more aggressive through either the draft or free agency in addressing the left tackle position if we knew this was his stance prior to. He knows he has Us by the balls and is extorting the organization for more money. If he gets traded, he's going to get paid more regardless , so either way he wins and gets paid mo
  3. I'm guessing Schaffer vs. Smith for rightful heir to the GM title throne
  4. I agree with you. Back to the original point that I stated, just wondering why Kyler + Tua aren't getting knocked for the same thing in regards to the talent surrounding them and their overall success. The other criticisms of Haskins are legitimate. The talent argument just doesn't hold up much at least for me. In my opinion. Everyone needs Talent, pretty much everyone in every team sport struggles with winning percentage when they don't have talent around them. That's all I'm saying. And to be clear I have concerns about Haskins
  5. Agreed. But that has no bearing about the knock of talent playing around him
  6. I guess one of the things I'm struggling to understand with this whole argument about Haskins is why he gets knocked because of the the supreme talent that he played around, but Tua isn't judged on the same aspects...or Kyler Murray for that matter. Both of those quarterbacks have thrown or are throwing to wide receivers far more talented then the ones Haskins had. I don't think there is any dispute on that one. I'm not a big Haskins guy, but I think the unknown of his talent based on lack of body of work or playing time in general is peeling off on lateral discussions like the talent surround
  7. I have to wonder what role Peterson my play in the recovery process for Bryce. A huge element of ACL or any significant injury recovery for an athlete is the mental side. Trusting the repair and facing your fear of a re-tear. I've been there. Physically I was back after 9 months, mentally it probably took me twice that amount of time. Peterson was not only a genetic freak in his recovery physically but mentally show me another level of toughness that I certainly don't have. I imagine having Peterson in the room with guice and love is a significant thing from a mentorship standpoint on a lot of
  8. When I look at Love's highlights, they look strikingly similar to Chris Johnson's imo... To be honest the thought of a healthy Guice and Love gets me pumped.
  9. Big #Redskins nugget: Joe Theismann says Dwayne Haskins has decided that he wants to wear No. 7. Theismann has given permission to the rookie QB to do so. Told us he just talked to him on the phone. Via Paulsen
  10. This is called leverage for Haskins... That #7 is as good as his LOL
  11. I wholeheartedly agree with this. Berry has shown to be one of the best safeties in the NFL over the last 8 to 10 years. The young guys would learn a lot from working with him. Depending upon the contract, low-risk and high reward.
  12. Awesome post. Thank you for doing the research. So what do you think they should do?
  13. No suspension expected for Reuben Foster, per source. Great news for retooled Redskins defense
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