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  1. Loved how he chewed up the scenery in The Undiscovered Country. "I am as constant as the northern star!" "Once more unto the breach, dear friends." "taH pagh, taH be?"
  2. Simple. Postpone the inauguration and say, "Now is not the time to celebrate. It is a time for hard work and getting the nation healthy again." Getting a real plan in action for Covid >> inauguration party. Dr. Joe
  3. Watch the last 1.5 minutes. That is probably going on in White House right now.
  4. I'm getting a queasy feeling. Hopefully, it is just breakfast and the vodka caser.
  5. Route 50 from the Bay Bridge to OC Maryland and South on Route 13 to VA Beach is Drumpf "terrortory." I should know. I live on Delmarva and drive these roads a lot. There are many more Trump signs this year, no doubt. However, there are also many more Biden signs this year as well. In the 22 years I've lived here this is the first time I have seen any Democrat signage on these roads other than around Salisbury University. All of the signage numbers are up. Be that as it may, it is about 5 to 1 in Drumpf's signage favor. Don't even get me started about OC boats and those damn flags everywhere.
  6. I'm not so sure about the ratings of the dueling town halls. Everyone slows down to look at the crazy car wreck and barely notices the emergency personnel cleaning it up. Trump v Biden is kinda the same thing. Trump is the disasterous wreck and Biden is leading the team to clean it up.
  7. Ah yes. The Daily Babe. I remember the "Christy" photo causing a board meltdown.
  8. Hey old timers. My posting numbers, join date, and profile broke long ago. When this independent board looked like a single massive thread with 40 indented replies. Norv Turner was coach and the Gus Bus was soon to headbutt a wall. I think Jeff Hoestettler was still in the mix at QB. My account migrated from board version to next version and broke. Fantasy football was new. Some pre-evolved version of this fan board existed pre2000 because I remember a fued between 2 boards and shutdowns, recreations, and a migration of posters. Dr. Joe
  9. My facebook (family - yeah, I know..... some of my family are out there) feed is already blowing up with "How did the Dimturds infect SuperTrump?" "Covid is a Hoax! It must be some poison!" "Don't worry! It is a Trump master class strategy move! Hillary & Pedos are getting arrested soon! Q!" "They put something on his microphone at the debate." I am tempted to post "He wouldn't have it if he didn't test for it...." But, I resisted. Dr. Joe
  10. Someone in the Room - Pence task force aid comes out against Drumpf and is voting Biden
  11. Subatomic particles are just an illusion caused by 11 dimensional vibrations of spacetime and taking too much Hydroxycolquine after some Wild Turkey.
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