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  1. Just a few thoughts here:


    we really cant go into this draft with clear needs.  The result is we telegraph our pick and thus have less footing to stand on for trades and such.  anything can happen for them at WR, RB, OL, but for DT needs it would just be tough to expect the draft to deliver the answer.  I'll again point out, even after the draft that Vea was supposed to crush, that I feel as though he is overrated.  I also am a fan of H Phillips, dude is perhaps somewhat similar to Matt I but also different at  the same time.  42 bench reps, I mean thats awesome.  I also really like Tim Settle.  The point here is, plenty of depth at DL even later in the draft.


    I think it will be difficult for the team to pass on Denzel Ward because he has bigtime upside.  I see Guice in the mix as a possible selection though I think there are a number of ways to go re RB and spending that 1st rounder on him, they would really have to like him.


    a couple other notes re Bama defensive players- obviously the team likes them.  If you watch Bama pro day footage you will see Torrian Gray spending A LOT of time with Tony Brown who showed out well at the combine with the sub 4.4 40.  I think that would be a great 4th or 5th personally.  Also Bradley Bozeman is worth mentioning, Cs and OGs are mostly interchangeable.  Also please do watch some film on Shaun Dion Hamilton, fanspeak mocks have him going in the 3rd even after his two rather serious injuries.  Dude can ball.  Im interested to hear anyone elses' take on him.

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  2. Good brainstorm there @skinny21.  I just want to add in...


    Gruden mentioned that he expects Moreau to step up and that he "has a chance to be a shut down corner."  Thats quite a statement, and that sort of means that he will be an outside guy.  I like the depth with Dunbar; Breeland, given the lapses we have seen in his game, I'm ok if he goes.  So yeah slot corner is the need and honestly the CB depth in the draft is so deep, they can find someone.  To me it could be anyone from D Ward who is fantastic honestly, might have zero question marks, and could find someone much later as well, many names have already been mentioned, they say Gaulden is a plug and play nickel corner.  on the other hand, finding a FA at CB is going to cost a lot of money just on average.  I feel the same way about WR and can't really give my endorsement to any of the options out there.


    I like the notion that Monte came in last season, after missing all of camp, right?, and being thrown into a situation where the projected starter was on suddenly on IR, and really seemed to flash, physical player and great athletic ability, right? 6'2", great size and speed, and has shown the ability to get into that center fielder role.  Then he had the concussion, right, and what else was going on with him?  I can see him growing in year 2, and even Keim says the team really likes Monte.  DJ obviously played well, he's not the best safety in the league but he's good, still young, and became an instant alpha and you cant put a pricetag on that... if James is BPA and they pull the trigger I get it, but given all these notes, S is not the highest position of need IMHO.


    @wilco_holland you're bringing up an interesting point here; some say OT is the safest 1st round pick.  We have talked about this before, if the need is at OG, and there is so much money tied up in interior contracts with Sherff etc, it wouldnt be unheard of to draft an O Brown or a Connor Williams or even a Mike McGlinchey, as long as they can shift to the interior for now as they are groomed to be T Williams' replacement.  I mean maybe even could consider moving Moses inside as he does seem to get beat some out there.  So, shuffling the OL if the right OT is there for us early is also something that is probably being considered.


    Also real quick too, long post, but the guys avail at DT in the 2nd round to me are safer, your Harrison Phillips (right ford?!), Taven Bryan *might* be there, Tim Settle (who was born and raised a huge Redskins fan, I love that), Trenton Thompson, all have more chops, to me, than the two projected 1st rounders.  I always mention too that Tomsula might even find a guy late that has the right mix of character and coachability.  edit:  also dont sleep on Nathan Shepherd ES, could be a real gem.  2nd edit: i watched tape on L Lotululei last eve and honestly I saw more from him that I was expecting.  He was rated very high and then fell off the map for some reason but I didnt see it in his tape.  He has NFL blood and could be a steal later too.  Solid pass rusher and from what I saw has a great anchor. with he right coaching he could be a starter.


    Same for OL!  I mean lets just be thankful we're not worried about C anymore thanks to the 6th rounder we snagged last year. I mean that was a good draft y'all.  Ryan Anderson is going to step up next year and lookout.  Maybe got a lock down corner in the 3rd round.  Maybe got the S of the future in the 4th.  Sprinkle too is worth mentioning, he can block and can catch.



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  3. 3 hours ago, fordranger76 said:

    I keep thinking about this pick in the first and the more I do I keep seeing trade back. If Smith, Nelson, or Fitzpatrick are not there I say we trade. We need an instant starter. A guy with zero question marks. Someone that is not picked too high. Not one that can be molded. Or coached up. We are in a spot where the first rounder needs to be a horse. Can't be any guesses due to us needing depth at so many spots. I am thinking we will get a shot at one of the above three but if we don't I hope we do not take on a projected "stud". 


    I totally agree the 1st rounder has to be a stud and no question marks. 


    Man guys honestly every time I watch tape on Vea I am just not seeing it. Granted I dont have like the coaches tape, and I'm not a pro scout (yet!), but to me I don't see much interior pass rush push, I see him loafing, missing tackles.  He does make some plays but i mean, from where I'm standing Vea has some question marks.  He may be athletically gifted but that doesn't necessarily mean he'll be elite in the NFL.  Plus Ford, you did the production analysis on him and it was lacking and to me thats a question mark.  Hard to pick someone #13 overall with a lack of production.


    I would think D Payne would be a better fit tho I dont love him.  Roquan I like a lot but he is undersized and really does get pushed around some.  No doubt an elite tackler and great speed and great in coverage.  D James I mentioned some concerns but I still like him.  Minkah prolly wont slip but if he does then yes sir.


    I'd be all for the trade back because the talent in 2nd/3rd as we know is pretty stellar and to get even one extra pick would be well worth it.

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  4. Also @JamesMadisonSkins I like Derwin James, I really do, and I think he's going to be good; right now he's a box safety.  The criticism is he isnt a natural center fielder. he was also surrounded by a lot of talent on that defense- off the top of my head, Derrick Nnadi, Tarvar McFadden, Michael Thomas, Josh Sweat.


    I think there are other guys later that can produce; like Jordan Whitehead/Armani Watts/Kyzir White/Terrel Edmunds (va tech connection).  Plus I think with DJ and Monte and maybe just maybe Su'a, and Shaze... I dont know.  It just doesnt make much logical sense to last offseason sign a significant free agent, use a 4th round pick on a FS, use a 2nd round pick on a FS in 2016... and then draft another safety with your 2018 1st rounder??


    I wouldnt be mad if we drafted him tho, he is quite a presence, just weighing it all out fam.

  5. 4 minutes ago, JamesMadisonSkins said:

    Matt Miller said Darius Phillips from Weatern Michigan was also plug and play but raw nickel corner. Had Skins take him in the 6th


    He's also a productive returner.  I gotta wonder if Torrian Gray will be looking to bring DBs from V Tech over, there are a couple in the mid to later rounds.  Also Levi Wallace, Kameron Kelly... if Donte Jackson is there in the 4th though you gotta pull the trigger.  I love me some Denzel Ward but I just think we can find a guy a bit later.  Even Holton Hill is getting faded but he's like 6'3" and can play.


    Also just a reminder I love the idea of a Kyle Allen in the 7th or UDFA for QB depth.  Let him learn for a couple years under AS, he has "big time arm talent" and was I believe the top QB coming out of HS in 2014.  Impressive considering the dumpster fire that TAMU's offense ended up being post- Manziel.

  6. 4 hours ago, BattleCreekJ said:

    Rd 1 Da’Ron Payne NT

    Rd 2 Wil Hernandez LG

    Rd 4 Dalton Schultz TE

    Rd 5 Tony Brown CB

    Rd 6 Shaun Hamilton ILB

    Rd 7 Justin Jackson RB

    Trenches 1st


    My man Shaun Dion!  Dude is an absolute baller, could be long term answer.  I would be very surprised if Tony Brown fell to the 5th.  that 4th rounder would be better used for a nickel corner as that is seemingly the specific need in the skins' secondary.  I read Rashaun Goulden is a "plug and play nickel corner" and he could be there in the 4th.  Tons of CB depth tho and thats a really good thing, and I *hope* we take advantage of that.

  7. Y'all,


    I found a possible late round gem at ILB that I wanted to share with you guys.  Some of you will know the name, others may not... I didn't:


    Shaun Dion Hamilton.  Everything I'm seeing and reading about him says he could have great NFL potential.  The only real knock is his durability, but, I mean, players get hurt sometimes, that's part of the business.  College injuries can hurt draft stock and in this case that could benefit a team (hopefully our team) seeking to draft a position that is a light class... So yes he suffered a torn ACL in 2016 i believe and then a broken knee cap last season.


    a couple of my thoughts and then a couple quotes and I'll leave it to you guys to find some tape to watch on him.  To even be on the field for Alabama's defense is a great achievement.  SD Hamilton apparently shows the potential to be that QB of the defense, where he can read and dissect the offensive plays... they say this is one of his strengths.  His size, a bit shorter than preferred at the position but slightly heavier than Roquan... projects to be 3-4 ILB... seems to have great reaction and speed and is seemingly really great in coverage (see article linked below, he successfully covered Evan Engram often which would also be a good fit for us.)


    He did in fact get a combine invite, and while he may not do every drill as he is still recovering, he recently posted a workout video and the dude looks like he is healing up nicely.  Depending on how he tests, he will be drafted, but probably not till 5th round or later, I would say?  Seems like someone we could bring in to build at a position that has been a trouble area for years. 

  (note: this article is from last year)


    Like everyone who lines up for the Semi-Professional Football Club of Alabama, Hamilton is a special athlete. He’s explosive in small spaces and covers ground in an instant.


    Explosive linebackers who fly sideline-to-sideline don’t exactly grow on trees, but they’re more readily available now than they have been in any previous era. The truly special ones also possess the ability to flip their hips, seamlessly change directions, and drop into coverage.


    Hamilton showed throughout his junior season that he can do just that: He held up well against both running backs and tight ends in man coverage, not simply sitting in a zone and racking up tackle stats.


    Although he’s a remarkable athlete, Hamilton’s best skill remains diagnosing and attacking. He reads, then fires. And when he arrives, he brings punishing power.


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  8. @skinny21 fo sho.  I follow Chad Forbes on the twitter, and he states that Trent Murphy is a "lock" to go to Green Bay.  this would be a bummer because Trent did great before he was injured but he did always seem like, slow, to me.  With the rise of Ryan Anderson who again I have a lot of faith in, it'll be interesting to see how the young talent steps up and what other talent leaves the building.


    I'm pretty sure I'm right there with you in saying that the best way to fill the gap at DT is to bring someone in via FA.  there are a number of options there. I heard Sheldon Richardson may not be tagged so it'll be interesting to see how that plays out there.  Cutting McClain should happen, he is making way too much money for what he's contributing.  I like McGee for depth tho.  Ideally i say add a guy via FA who can come in and be a difference maker as a vet day 1, and then draft a guy in the later round that can be a project for Tomsula.  Like maybe Lotululei?  Seems like he has the tools but hasn't put it all together yet, but also has the pedigree.  I also dig on D Senat as well though he's more like a mid rounder.


    and love me some Ianidis.  can never spell his name tho.  great example of a 5th (?) rounder developed and now making an impact.  love this.


    I dont know much about Bea Allen but there are for sure a number of options.  Im intrigued by D Easley, if he could only stay healthy, thats a young talent with upside, though I concede I dont know much about him, have only heard a little.

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  9. 18 hours ago, skinny21 said:

    @freakofthesouthgood post.  I agree about ILB - we can get a decent one without breaking the bank.  Only way I see them avoiding it is if they think Spaight or Vigil are fine to start (not my opinion), the other wins the backup spot, and they look to the draft and UDFA for a 4th/5th.  


    Re. receiver, I think I would go for a cheaper Brian Quick like signing and see what the draft brings.  I was bummed we ‘lost’ Hazel last year - maybe they can find a comparable guy in UDFA too.  


    Your line about DT/WR early, and maybe back and corner too, is exactly why I hope we trade down.  Especially since I’m thinking TE somewhere in the 3rd-5th, and we may lose out on a reasonable G in FA.  

    Sign a reasonable ILB and WR (maybe just Grant) a cheaper OLB, a higher tier G or DT/NT, and maybe a slot corner (and G/C if we opt for DT).  Then see what the draft brings.  Probably pushing it in terms of cap


    I think it's tough for the FO to give ZB a lot of money when he doesn't really scheme and call the plays and the audibles, hence the Mason Foster signing, and look Foster played great and with a separated shoulder for a bit so that dude is fantastic.  Not the most athletically gifted MLB but I like him.  Gruden has said 'we have LBs' so this will be interesting to see how it plays out.  I loved ZB though and his fit in the offense as a sideline to sideline banger worked last season, it seemed to me.


    Trading down again would be great, but assuming we stand pat, I think we'd have to get a DT in the 1st two rounds.  I have heard some criticism of Vea to be honest in a sense that teams are looking for a different sort of skillset from that interior DL.  Again this is J Allen in some ways, versatile and game changer.  Give him one more guy next to him who can be a factor and J Allen will be a superstar, he may already be.  we crushed that pick last year with him and he will show redskins nation how our d line is actually pretty dang good.   That said I love the upside of a Taven Bryan/Harrison Phillips/Tim Settle/Trenton Thompson in the 2nd, but Tomsula could have his eye on a later guy that he can bring along; the propensity for the coaches to develop raw talent should be factored in to how they use draft assets.

  10. Chiming in, I'd be cool with any of these FA RBs:


    Dion Lewis



    Jeremy Hill (yes)

    ask Kerwynn Williams?


    I also think that the RB room is currently overflowing and this likelihood of adding another name is slim but I am still hopeful. 


    That said I wanna give my boy Sam Perine a shout out because I do think with a bolstered interior line and a healthy o line, Perine has the skills to be effective.  Maybe not bell cow? but I wouldnt rule it out.  He was described as "the best 4 minute back in the country" coming out of CFB.  He's not super fast but has a great combination of abilities. I am looking for Perine to contribute and take the next step... he's gotta get better at pass pro but most young RBs have to get better there.

  11. 4 hours ago, fordranger76 said:

    Here is the thing with the WR's though. We are going to have to address it somewhat via FA due to not having any. We have Crowder, Doctson, Davis, and Mo Harris. Thats it. We need a vet on there probably two. I could see them resigning Grant but then we need another vet to start. We are going to have to spend money even though the crop is not that good. Perhaps they do a trade like Cravens for a WR but who knows. What we really need to do is trade that 13 pick and nab extra picks. I would even trade out of the first all together. Reason being is there is so much talent in the later rounds this year in multiple spots that one stud pick at 13 will not overcome multiple 2nd rounders and a 3rd tossed in. Not in this class at least. Too much to be had this year in the second especially at spots of need for our team.


    I think it all depends on how they feel about their youth at the position, specifically, J Doc.  If they feel as though he is ready to carry the torch as the lead guy then it's not such a need to add someone that is a vet.  I think they probably will resign Grant... and given the cap situation, I mean, i dont know, seems like a lot of money for WRs that no one really wants.  I don't really think we *have* to sign FA WRs...  we very well might do that... and im sure it will be for the right reasons... but it is a matter of upside and we've seen what these FAs can do in the NFL.  I'm all for the trade down though, just really evaluating and thinking about the big picture in terms of what the team needs, what the team has, and what the team can afford.


    @Alcoholic Zebra I agree that Isiah Wynn would be a great get but he's more of 1st-2nd round projection I think.  Plus Gruden didn't love taking Sherff a few years back so early.  Not saying they wont but thats a reach where they are at now... and yes he and Hernendez and Billy price are all trending up.  Given the lack of supply in the FA market I think the position becomes more valuable in the draft.  Look for WR to do the same given the market and Landry's tag etc.  That said, I dont think we can rely on one of them dropping to the 2nd round to fill a gaping need.  I think we can cover DT/WR early, also with the possibility of RB mixed in there, and CB- I think we'd have to make a play in FA for an OG.


    and ILB.  Because there's no guarantee that Roquan is gonna be there at 13.  and if we dont get someone, then what?  a lot of the draft is playing the probabilities I would think, so where there is supply there is a chance to fill the axe wounds the team currently has in the lineup.  Multiple FA options for DT, ILB, even CB tho expensive... OG not so much, but some options... Spencer Long, Mewhort, Pugh, Norwell too though he has a conservative est annual salary at over 11mil.  so yeah, thats a lot of money on OGs!!



  12. Im a chime in homies, with all my points about draft acquisitions bulleted below:


    -I agree and *hope* we take an RB; there are a plethora of options in both FA and the draft.  One of the players that i think would be a perfect fit to upgrade the backfield, and would fall within the budget, would be McKinnon.  his sparq score for what its worth is off the charts.  like 130something.  also just again pointing out that the RB room is currently full and someone would have to be cut.

    -I am in total agreement, all trades aside, that we should go BPA in the draft but also balance it with need.  so totally I think the positions mostly to be considered will be DT/WR/OG/CB.  Dont get me wrong, if Saquan falls to 13, its a no brainer.  I also love me some Roquan.

    -OG interior, given the immediate hole where a starter should be, they would have to gamble to hope that a starting quality OG would fall to them in the 2nd.  This would be best case scenario but that pick will have multiple options for immediate starters also at DT and RB and CB.  OG is a little on the thin side in terms of starting material.

    -WR in the draft is really on the thin side in terms of starters.  Remember- even with D Jack and Garcon in the heavy rotation, Doctson came in and made an impact early before he was injured.  The idea that taking WR in the 1st should be avoided because of the track record is not something I think is very...rational.  Only because there are so many variables that go into it, you cant avoid a position of need in the 1st because you're timid about how it has played out in the past.  I would love to see R Davis come in and contribute, great depth and great pontential.

    -BPA might really actually be Kirk.  I have seen multiple mocks now with him going in the top 10.  He wasn't on a team than won a lot of games in the SEC, but watch him vs bama 2016, watch him be very effective against Fitzpatrick and others.  watch him vs LSU and how he outruns Dante Jackson on a wheel route, and breaks a bubble screen wide open with pure speed.  we'll know more after the combine but I think he's being kept secret; I dont understand some of the reports on him.

    -I'm just saying the offense needs and will be active to support their new QB and they will need a piece that must be accounted for and guess what? thats not really P Richardson or any of these overpriced FA WRs.  Look at how much the Dolphins are tagging Landry for- 16 mil as a "slot" receiver.  after Ridley/Kirk it will get dicey as to who can come in and contribute at a crucial point in the team's development.  I like DJ Moore but I don't know if he's the guy... but he's a great 2nd round selection.

    -Last year the team went defense with the first 3 rounds, so, they clearly are building the d.  Allen is a huge difference maker and we just drafted him. he barely played.

    -the team still hasn't shaken the loss of D jack and garcon.  Pryor was a flop.  there has to be a solution.

    -the cap situation is a little dicey with this talk of tagging cousins and just overall need.  Overspending on a WR would not be the smartest thing from my vantage point, but again if the team decides to do so and snag a big name then so be it, they must really like him if they do.  Certainly after FA, we will have a much better picture of how it will shake out, I see the team signing an OG and resigning Brown or a FA ILB... i also love me some roquan but i dont think he'll make it to 13.


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  13. 6 hours ago, skinny21 said:

    I’m with @Alcoholic Zebraon this one.  His athleticism is intriguing, but he didn’t do it for me at all as a runner.  Someone might roll the dice early, but for me, he’s maybe a 5th rounder... which isn’t what this team needs - we need a day 1 impact back.  


    I agree that upgrading RB would be fantastic, however, I have my doubts the team will do anything at all, because they have Perine, now Bibbs, Kelley, and CT all under contract, so, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, unless they outright cut someone, which I guess they could do.  Based mostly on this logic, I don’t think the team needs a day 1 impact back.  Though again it would be nice and I am hopeful we upgrade.


    kiper has the eagles taking Kirk at 32.  I’m gonna paste in what their fans are saying about him.  He can actually be a role playing Rb too with massive high school production. He looks more like an RB than a WR to me, it’s fascinating.  Anyway I think his draft stock is going to increase after the combine for sure... def won’t make it to 32 I wouldn’t think.




    NFL scouts believe Kirk is just beginning to scratch the surface of his raw potential, believing he can be a dynamic playmaker in the NFL. Kirk has drawn comparisons to New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham, with some scouts dubbing him the nickname "Baby Beckham."  


    Kirk has the explosiveness teams covet, demonstrating the ability to stretch the field from the 'Z' (flanker) or be a nice security blanket in the slot. Kirk's elusiveness makes him a tough out after the catch and his a player that is very dangerous in open space, which scouts have raved about when checking out his game tape. 




    Is Christian Kirk the next Odell Beckham? (Photo: Bob Levey, Getty)

    Like Beckham, Kirk has the ability with his speed to take a seven-yard catch into a 70-yard touchdown based on his explosiveness after the catch. Kirk is only 5-10, 200 pounds, but his desire to be great is the the of player that fits the Eagles (see Nelson Agholor). He's quick off the break with his rounds and a strong pass-catcher. 

    While Kirk seems like a natural fit for the slot because he hasn't tapped his full potential, he still can play both the flanker and the outside at the "X." He also averaged 22.0 yards on punt returns and 21.3 yards on kick returns in his college career and would fill that void immediately on the Eagles, but isn't projected to be a returner over time. 

    Kirk is small, but so is Beckham and Brandin Cooks, who both use their speed and agility to create space and make explosive plays. That is his ceiling in the NFL..and the risk the Eagles can afford to take if he's on the board at No. 32. 



    Dang this his article was very poorly edited.  And he’s 5’11” for what’s worth.

  14. Digging in a little this eve on Kalen Ballage. His blend of size/speed is really incredible.  In practice he was clocked at over 23 mph, interesting read:


    also his short yardage conversion rate is ridiculous even though he hadn’t even had 20 carries.  Small sample size but still! Wow.




    i think his production tells a different story as he did not have a large market share, but still, for a later round pick, he could be an absolute steal.


    In this game he ties the FBS record for TDS in a game with 8.  This is worth a watch:




    Here we have rotounderworld discussing Ballage’s intangibles.  Apparently he is also a great receiver.



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  15. That chart on pressure rates is amazing.  To think that 3 skins defenders would be in there is really a testament, not only to good players, but the coaching is outstanding.  I say we keep McGee, cut McClain, sign some kind of FA DT and add a guy in the draft as well to keep this machine running.  and probably do what we can to resign Galette too.  The team stuck by him, he had great production, I expect him back.  I expect him and Z Brown back.


    though it is interesting if Ryan Anderson is ready to come in and rotate, thats a great young talent.  Dude was friggin dominant and mean at Bama, once he gets comfy, look out. that said, i now wonder if they will bring back Galette...

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  16. 2 hours ago, Audible_Red40 said:

    Preston is underrated.  Some of our fans just don't see it either because they all want 15+ sacks.


    I totally agree. I'm watching some of these rangey tweener types coming out and thinking, 'we already have this in P Smith.'  We also need to remember that they had a whole new scheme to dig in on, and Smith really seemed to get it towards the end of the season which is a good sign. I think competition at the position is healthy, so to have Galette producing and to have Ryan Anderson waiting in the wings has to create a good competitive culture with the depth.  We can pretty much bank on Ryan Anderson (and Moreau) stepping in and contributing year two.


    For the record, I am not one of the folks that think our D is in shambles.  I think our run D could use improving, but there are a lot of factors to that statistic.  Especially figuring the YPC while we were in nickel D, mostly without J Allen who is perfect, perfect, superstar for that role.  so to me, DT isn't that huge a deal.... I was interested to see how Phil Taylor was gonna do but he never really made it out of camp.  I think there are guys you know, and Tomsula, this staff is actively looking into all the options and they will find the right fit, but I like the culture, the flash games against the Raiders and others where the D stepped up big.  If it all starts in the trenches then Tomsula is a gamechanger.  Lets play to that, recognize it, and find that right piece be it Swaggy or another FA or draft a guy.  It doesn't have to be Vea in the 1st or bust folks; but it could be Vea/Payne?  Hopefully they have great character.  Know who else had great character they say? just guess.  Peep my profile pic.

  17. 2 minutes ago, fordranger76 said:

    It would not be the first time I was told I was on something and it probably wont be the last haha. I am well aware I am going out on a very big limb with my projection and I am fine with it. I would love to get Ridley and would not be upset to have him. The reality of it all is players are overlooked all the time and sometimes guys are sure fire prospects that bomb. Might not happen in this case and I am cool with it even if I am totally off base. That is why I love the draft and talking about it. Just one big crapshoot.


    I mean I think these stats are really useful and eye opening and should be considered for sure.  I like how common man factors in age and speed though because he clearly sees that as contributing factors.  That said the premise of market share production isn’t like perfect as we’re discussing here, but it’s helpful and yes great talking points.  For me, it’s gotta be speed and more speed.  D.J. Chark and Kirk, Ronald Jones even, nyhiem Hines, these guys can change a game in the blink of an eye... gotta have it, gotta stretch the field.


    moroever though, lots and lots of media this week talking about “the next Tyreek Hill” and honestly, that’s Kirk.  No one else is really there with it.  For example Kirk in high school, For what it’s worth, had a YPC as an RB of 16.6.  I have heard his route running is polished per D.J. and that he is a decent blocker, not great, as far as I can tell... They all have stuff to work on for sure.  And I do like D.J. Moore and can’t wait to see how it shake out.  One of these guys has to be on the squad!

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  18. Ok so here's this other guy at common man football talking about DJ Moore's production: 




    I mean thats extremely productive and surprising that MD had the toughest schedule in CFB.  Very interesting and he should for sure be on our radar.  I think it's just good to know there are options in the draft for WR as these guys climb up the board.


    and I want to mention too, re stats in a vacuum. so take this for example; I dont know how good the offense was for MD; did they have any good players other than him?? if they did then defenses couldnt afford to say, triple cover DJ Moore because of other threats.  I think I saw that with TAMU, they had like 7 of their 8 WRs were freshman, so just hypothetically, if a defense triple teams a WR and no other aspect of the offense steps up, then how do you reconcile the equal basis for the stats?  What if a team schemes their best player to be a motion decoy to get other players open??  maybe some teams did this more than others.  My point about teams playing from behind is irrelevant given the idea that this info is marketshare... however this common man guy mentions you have to look at all years of their college careers and Kirk was 2nd in this last year because he had players like JOsh Reynolds and Ricky Seals Jones to balance his production out in a sense... and he had a better QB in Trevor Knight which isnt saying much! 



    Useful stats though and all good info.

  19. @fordranger76 So... Maryland had the #1 toughest schedule in college football?  I like DJ Moore, I do.


    Totally hear ya on the slot WR delineation, it's overused; plus many effective top options thrive in the slot, its a different game. that said, a WR thats 5'8" and 170 is limited to the slot for sure.  a guy thats 5'11" 200 can play anywhere more than likely.


    So these stats are again, marketshare? Can you just give some quick descriptions again on these numbers you have here...


    MD was 4-8 as well and more than likely, though I am not sure, played from behind a lot.  C Kirk was triple covered much of the time and their games and defense and decent run game affected his touches, along with the QB situation- 6 QBs in 3 years for him.  and I would say that the scouting community is split on Kirk, LZ gave him a terrible grade. Plus if this is just 2017-18, yeah his year was not very good because of the team, who fired their head coach before their bowl game.  Lots of poorly exectued bubble screens affected his YPA as well... or maybe these are total college statistics???


    However, it's true, the combine and athletic testing do factor in, and I think Kirk is going to do very well, and I want the guy that can bring breakaway speed.  I do not think he's all flash because he has the numbers in the SEC to prove it.  again his all purpose yardage was like 50 yards away from Bo Jackson's.  returned a punt for a TD once every 6 times.  just that is enough for him to be on an NFL team.  He's getting a Tim brown comp which is kinda nuts. 


    So yeah, useful stuff, I need a little more context to understand your table Ford, but I'm all about the conversation.

  20. @Reaper Skins Monte has great size/speed and the bottom line is the team drafted him just last year and he showed a lot of promise with no training camp.  Can he stay healthy, thats the question.  Can any of these starters stay healthy?


    Listen I think D James is a freak of nature, but he is raw, his stats did decline in 2017, and he has also battled injuries.  Maybe the team feels like he's the guy? then awesome he'll be an asset.  But similar to Sua in skillset as a box safety/SS... not a FS as of yet...  in fact a lot of what happens with Sua will dictate how the team will approach S.  If Minkah is there though then we should pull the trigger because he would be huge for the D both as a corner and a FS.


    That said, I think S will need some depth but yeah two starters, possibly 3, currently on the roster.  S depth can be had later in the draft, not a lot though: Whitehead, Blanding, Edmunds, Van Smith, Kyzir White is worth watching tape on for WV, and Trayvon Henderson had great production in college.  Van Smith, Armani Watts maybe?

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  21. @JWB I mean all of the rookies coming in will have stuff to work on.  I haven't dug into D Ward enough to say whether its a problem or not, but if every analyst has him as #1 CB then it's probably not that much of a dealbreaker.


    That said, I think we have some time on the roster to develop a guy.  If Moreau has the upside to be a lock down corner, then thats a really good sign.  we still need another guy and paying for Breeland, based on his track record, I think isn't the right call.  Promote Moreau and draft a guy.  I see it happening in the 4th maybe, where you have guys like Tony Brown, duke dawson, R Gaulden, MJ Stewart even has great stats so yeah, options exist there for CB outside of the 1st.  If Moreau isn't ready then this becomes a huge need.  FA CBs are seemingly very expensive and we already have one that is arguably maybe overpaid, though at the same time, I love me some J No and love him on the team.


    To me, WR and OG are the most scarce positions; FA offers very little and both classes in the draft have a few guys at the top and then it's a big drop off.  I do think later round guys can contribute, but if we need a guy to get on the field day one then we'd have to really think about this.

  22. @mistertim right on, yeah so I’ve posted a little about this site called; they have approx 40 time, I guess based on high school times or...? Not really sure.  It seems to be a really great resource:


    Obviously it could be totally different come combine day...  I think if any of these WR prospects show serious speed we’d have to take a really good look all of them.


    i also have this theory that prospects that have an NFL projected starter, like Ferguson, kinda get just a slight knock because they had it so good.. like James Washington, for example, had of so good with Mason Rudolph.  Constrastly, Kirk had 6 different QBs and the best one was probably Kyle Allen... to me, and why I harp on it, dude is on another level to still produce as he did.


    I also think A lot has to fall into place at CB for the team to feel comfortable enough passing on someone like Denzel Ward.