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  1. Yeah when Ben Roethlisberger was accused of rape there was definitely a conspiracy of silence around that. No one at all paid attention or thought he was guilty, either. Nope. People live in a world entirely of their own making, in contradiction of the facts, even things we lived and experienced and have memory of but many talk about "lived experience" and make these pronouncements and insinuations and we are forced to entertain them as anything other than outright lies or, charitably, self-delusions.
  2. Do you really think the pattern here is athletes with money? I mean he didn't get caught for partying and then drunk driving or for drag racing his Ferrari or something. Didn't the WFT have some DB or former DB who was involved with robbing people at gunpoint...AFTER being in the NFL? Discern a pattern in the former NFL stars who were defrauding the pension (besides that many were ex-Skins) and charged by the feds.
  3. 14 years for being a serial rapist and sexual predator (and a being a big former football player at that, so even more of a risk to others)?! Absolutely insane.
  4. Did you watch large portions of any of many of the SBs he was a part of? Are comebacks, like that SB vs. Atlanta, not exciting?
  5. I recall a conflict with Darrell Green too. But on balance, hard to deny the turnaround and that his teams were usually competitive. Worst case scenario, we become a non-laughingstock with him until we get a coach to take us to the next level.
  6. There's no dignity in any of this, unfortunately.
  7. I've liked QBs who I thought got a bad deal (or bad luck) here and I never even contemplated shifting allegiances. I could see being happy a guy won or whatever, but strange. Veryoldschoolfan and Tsailand. Sad cases.
  8. weren't a big fan of Jordan either back in the day were you? As if Aaron Rodgers hasn't been hyped (but UNABLE TO DELIVER) for over a decade now. How would a Green Bay Super Bowl have been better? you're still on here doing your lame shtick. I'm an actual father now. Thanks!
  9. some people are consumed by envy, I get it, it's OK. We're here for you. People need to get Patriots "hate" was never about the Pats but about Brady. Like who gives a crap about the Pats now? It's always been Tom. You can either respect a la Jordan or you can let yourself be one of those lame contrarians. Just because some normies are bandwagoners doesn't mean the rest of us who were there since the beginning in terms of our assessment of his abilities can't take pleasure in constant and lifelong vindication
  10. Was a good call and any Skins fan, sorry...WFT fan who would have seen that would have been outraged. He dragged his jersey by like a foot out of his pants and it hampered what would have likely been an easy first down. That's not the same thing as chippiness or hand-jostling.
  11. I suppose I never really understood the Patriots hate, there have been far more annoying franchises and personalities, I just chalked it up to that small holdout group that also hated the Bulls and weren't Pistons fans. I was always an admirer because of Brady. Once he left, people kept caring? I wasn't aware. In my view, it was always about hating Brady, which makes it even dumber and more embarrassing and honestly, I'm Ok with seeing Patriots lose because they don't have Brady there anymore so it doesn't "prove" anything other than Brady was the more important (though not suf
  12. When was the last bandaid QB we got (where we also foreclosed on young QB draft picks)? I'm trying to remember, help me out, hoss? Other teams rejects at end of their careers---this isn't Bruce Smith or Deion Sanders, dude.
  13. That's an insult to what we saw Ramsey able to do before he was benched (and after when Brunell got hurt, and with Spurrier) and even Campbell who could have won with this defense.
  14. I recall at least a few preseason games vs. Pittsburgh as well, even attended one, I think.
  15. Putting aside the CTE stuff, I think wideouts (less so CBs) are just glamour positions that cater to the already-inflated ego of a professional athlete, as many RBs seem to be unable to avoid a little bit of trouble. But this isn't about "eccentric" stuff or inappropriate behavior but criminal or violent or self-destructive stuff that could be a combination of the glamour and praise, the hits to the head that offensive players often take catching passes or running down the middle, and that the people who man those positions tend to score the lowest (as a group) on wonderlic tests (intelligenc
  16. I don't even remember the guy anymore, but he was pretty good player for San Francisco, defense (not Willis but the other guy.) Anyone recall? He retired even earlier, Luke has had at least something of a career. I won't say this is more frequent than in the "past" but at least more frequent than I remember in the 90s/00s, but I'm willing to be proven wrong on that. This is a big retirement, but I can't say I've followed the game closely enough to know if Kuechly's injuries have hampered his performance or if they've been concussion related. Ah here's one: https://www.cbssp
  17. It's not a tired concept but an extremely valid one borne out by performance in certain situations again and again. However, because someone has problems with pressure for X amount of time doesn't mean they won't ever be in a position to overcome it. It's a bit different but Rich Gannon wasn't a star in this league but eventually with enough baseline talent and hard work and it "clicking" (sometimes it never does or only occasionally---see Rypien) he was a great QB for a bit. Randall Cunningham was talented but something was always missing in the moments that counted most (that and unfortun
  18. Yes, curious that Bill hasn't given much on the outside other than taking fliers on guys who are a risk.
  19. Sam's been sick for awhile, had a heart transplant in 2017. RIP
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