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  1. Putting aside the CTE stuff, I think wideouts (less so CBs) are just glamour positions that cater to the already-inflated ego of a professional athlete, as many RBs seem to be unable to avoid a little bit of trouble. But this isn't about "eccentric" stuff or inappropriate behavior but criminal or violent or self-destructive stuff that could be a combination of the glamour and praise, the hits to the head that offensive players often take catching passes or running down the middle, and that the people who man those positions tend to score the lowest (as a group) on wonderlic tests (intelligence linked to a number of outcomes in life, including even 'clumsiness.')
  2. I don't even remember the guy anymore, but he was pretty good player for San Francisco, defense (not Willis but the other guy.) Anyone recall? He retired even earlier, Luke has had at least something of a career. I won't say this is more frequent than in the "past" but at least more frequent than I remember in the 90s/00s, but I'm willing to be proven wrong on that. This is a big retirement, but I can't say I've followed the game closely enough to know if Kuechly's injuries have hampered his performance or if they've been concussion related. Ah here's one: It makes a few good points, the pension system is better than it was before, these guys are making much more money than greats of the past did, so sticking around for a million dollar payday like Luther Lavay in Any Given Sunday is less likely. Forgot about Luck, Willis and Gronkowski too.
  3. It's not a tired concept but an extremely valid one borne out by performance in certain situations again and again. However, because someone has problems with pressure for X amount of time doesn't mean they won't ever be in a position to overcome it. It's a bit different but Rich Gannon wasn't a star in this league but eventually with enough baseline talent and hard work and it "clicking" (sometimes it never does or only occasionally---see Rypien) he was a great QB for a bit. Randall Cunningham was talented but something was always missing in the moments that counted most (that and unfortunate injury.) Some time spent building himself back up and he was actually a very good pocket QB, something he was derided for earlier in his career. Sometimes players need to be in different situations to thrive. Don't begrudge them that but the notion that somehow this was always what Kirk was is patently silly.
  4. Yes, curious that Bill hasn't given much on the outside other than taking fliers on guys who are a risk.
  5. Sam's been sick for awhile, had a heart transplant in 2017. RIP
  6. Shut up, Trent. Pit bulls nowhere near the top (what does this even mean?) yet constitute a vastly disproportionate share of fatal animal and human attacks, considering that in spite of their universality in popular culture (compared to Presa Canarios) that they are not overwhelmingly common a breed.
  7. Seems like someone should do something about the dogs and their owner. And pitbulls are ugly, vicious, stupid beasts and that's why so many of their owners identify so strongly with them or make excuses for them that you don't see ppl even needing to make for other breeds. "That child made a sudden move, you can't blame the dog for tearing off its face" Like please, enough with the owner stuff, there's a reason scum don't have golden retrievers, labs or prince Charles cavaliers its because some breeds, as an aggregate, tend towards certain traits and behaviors more frequently. There can be A sweet pit bull without actually believing the only difference between a pit and a lab is "muh owner." Lol Seeing this story makes me wish trent didn't go get more opinions on his scalp, I prefer labs to animal abusers, bullies and sociopaths.
  8. Didn't Grimm get on the All-Decade team?
  9. imagine having millions and thinking you need to invest in get-rich-quick/easy schemes instead of just like putting it aside. I get it when there's a manager who has account access and just steals it but losing it from uncontrolled investments is stupid. Like even if you have 20 million, invest 1 in bad scheme, you have 19 left.
  10. It's Ok to give a link or look one up so we can comment on it. Some will dismiss this, but I don't see how you can dismiss Clinton, Carlos and these other players (likely Joe Horn and Reche Caldwell to be added) engaged in defrauding a health benefits plan to personally enrich themselves or friends. Pretty scummy thing to do. Ehh, bunch of players caught up. A few are Redskins but this is more a symptom of a certain slice of NFL players.
  11. Yes, let's pull out stats like some of us didn't watch the games and weren't on this very board talking about the positive traits, achievements and negative tendencies of the guy. No one said he was a "world beater," it's odd to even set up that strawman but to comparing him to Beck requires someone to be a moron. And Ramsey looked better than any of the young QBs we've had here except RG3 2012 and Kirk Cousins.
  12. People are often breathtaking in their stupidity. Because a player was not ultimately a success, this means he was no different than guys who did absolutely nothing in the league or had a couple of decent-ish games. No sense of history or understanding.
  13. I really hate people sometimes. The need to make categorical and false statements out of an emotional need to support whatever they're feeling at the moment. Ramsey often looked so good and like a closer that an NFL broadcaster said during the middle of a comeback (ultimately failing because Lavar Arrington freelanced and blew coverage on a fullback) "This kid is awesome! " One of the disappointments of Gibbs 2 was his favoritism towards Brunell that ruined two seasons instead of rolling dice with more physically talented Ramsey. 2005 was only year that maybe justified brunell but once he hurt his knee vs Giants, he was useless.
  14. Can the mods promise that if Bruce is fired it will go in its own thread along with maybe one other discussion thread? I just do not understand why I didn't know Trent Williams had another interview where he talks specifically about Bruce and how that went down and it's not its own thread.
  15. As both mine and SoCal's posts attest, we are reasonable enough to let some really good signs and "eye test" stuff reshape our views.
  16. After looking at some of his work, the thing I like about Haskins is that in spite of some bad numbers, the game is looking easier. Or should I say that he doesn't look like he has a baseline level of athletic ability but everything is a strain for him. I never saw Jason Campbell as someone to whom the game came easily. There are times when Haskins looks like that and he's making fewer mistakes and now it's more about mechanics and accuracy. And this is interesting because I don't consider (aside from his arm) Haskins to be an elite athlete at the position. That is a good sign, although you do hope to see his raw numbers improve greatly by the end.
  17. nah, it was a clean play. Anderson clearly lowered his shoulder to hit Olsen in his core or upper body. Olsen leaned forward with his neck and head and ended up initiating that contact.
  18. Football is long gone. So is justice. Reminds me why I stopped watching.
  19. Pretty clear the defender was leading with his shoulder not with his helmet but Olsen kept moving forward with his head. This happens a lot these days.
  20. Didn't look like he was touched down. Wish refs would stop being incompetent.
  21. I don't think the NFL or its officials know how to judge a moving ball or a catch. They've gotten this wrong for decades now.
  22. Good point on RG3 and Cousins but keep in mind I made my bones on QB posts during the Ramsey/Brunell/Campbell years. So at this point it's like a reverse of being a Bulls fan during Jordan years. Instead of the height of all achievement and greatness and having no mountains left to ascend, we experienced the height of hopes rising, crushed under heel of fate, losing Sean Taylor, futility and now outright-awfulness. I have a bookend to my Redskins fandom, glory and misery. What depths are left to plumb?