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  1. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    Spurrier comment

    Work ethic and proper veto power over Spurrier wanting (or being OK with) Gators. Hard to give Spurrier work ethic, he was used to an easier ride by just getting some of the best players and running his system. He's definitely not a bad coach overall, but he was either going to have to work harder or they were going to have to override his preference for assistants and assemble an absolute star team so he could delegate.
  2. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    I Hate The Patriots.

    Wow, so much time has passed, I swore it was otherwise. I've seen people still hate the Patriots more in the last few years though, which is still odd to me. But thanks for correcting that mistaken belief on my part.
  3. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    I Hate The Patriots.

    I'm mad at the people who cheered for the Giants (in our fanbase) to beat them a second time even. Like how dumb do you have to be to root for the team that cheated the Skins re: salary cap, targeted its division and is a rival? And this is before the Pats had (LMAO) six. Also, does this put to bed the old Manning/Brady debates? Six goddamn rings. Manning was a GREAT QB, no doubt, but he tended to fold under pressure in a way that Brady didn't. It's something I noted while watching Brady play in college vs. what I saw of Manning. It never truly changed.
  4. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    I Hate The Patriots.

    If a conference is weak, in football, like the AFC in the 80s-90s, their representative loses. And badly. You're just mad that a Michigan man is GOAT.
  5. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Mere cattle
  6. 4th. Gotta put Ike Turner up ahead of him.
  7. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    Gameday Thread

    And we're sitting here while "our coach" is coaching the NFC title winner in the SB.
  8. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    No owner who had their stadium paid for should be able to afford 100 million dollar boats unless the city or state gets partial ownership and use of it for events open to public. A storm's coming, Mr. Snyder, so you and your friends better batten down the hatches...
  9. Considering that two of the top five most well known fight songs heavily feature "hail" and that OUR fight song in particular features, "Hail victory" this story is either made up or Snyder is a moron.
  10. Were you responding to me? Among types of romantic relationships, same-sex women have extraordinary rate of intimate partner violence. This is from the psych and counseling literature.
  11. Two groups that have the highest rate of domestic violence. Eagles fans and well...
  12. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    Cowboys' DLine Boys

    I'm pretty old. Bobby Digital was one of those musical alter ego things, RZA from Wu Tang made that album. I just liked the sound of it and that uh, some people would know the reference.
  13. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    Cowboys' DLine Boys

    Those were the days. My nickname i made up never caught on but was better: Bobby Digital Implied a whole leap in development from analog Was a RZA solo album/alter ego reference
  14. When people talk about QBs though, they're talking about the Bradys, Brees, Mannings, etc. And if you think they're overrated...
  15. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    Gameday Thread

    Agreed. It's been years and we've had snaps and kicks that could have changed games. You should only be allowed to call TO before holder is set