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  1. Don't know about that. Jesus hates phonies. Might 'co-pilot' him into an oncoming semi.
  2. With public cameras and personal security the way it is these days, you'd be a fool to involve 8 guys from your operation to send any message. Surprised no one's done a take on the Jerk: "Stay away from the house, they hate the house!"
  3. Whoever described it as kingpin stuff, lol, no, disorganized hoodrats who think they're mafioso might think this is the bee's knees, but in reality if you want someone dead in that business you don't have eight dudes travel out to shoot up a house, you have one or two show up silently. Or just wait until he gets out of his car after you've tailed him.
  4. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    Ravens Sign Robert Griffin III

    Ok, wow, I guess I'm behind the times, I thought links showed up much differently in color than that. Did the site change it, usually it was a bit off-red? Or maybe it's my screen. My bad, hatchet. Nevermind. Just doesn't look like links used to (or so I recall.)
  5. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    Ravens Sign Robert Griffin III

    Could have posted a link, hatchet. (and yes, I found it but still.)
  6. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    Starting QB 2019???

    True, I was going to lead with that QB "battle" but I couldn't remember if technically Ramsey had been drafted by then or not.
  7. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    Starting QB 2019???

    Were you a fan during Tony Banks era?
  8. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    Starting QB 2019???

    Oh, I scanned as I scrolled and I saw Eliott and T as part of initials and thought you were going deep with the Wasteland on us to describe how you felt. Too bad.
  9. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    Robert Kraft - Charged With Soliciting Prostitution

    Never underestimate how cowed and pathetic a man can be. Bezos sending penile images to a 49 year old, cross-eyed married woman instead of having a 24 year old mistress. Lmao
  10. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    Spurrier comment

    Work ethic and proper veto power over Spurrier wanting (or being OK with) Gators. Hard to give Spurrier work ethic, he was used to an easier ride by just getting some of the best players and running his system. He's definitely not a bad coach overall, but he was either going to have to work harder or they were going to have to override his preference for assistants and assemble an absolute star team so he could delegate.
  11. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    I Hate The Patriots.

    Wow, so much time has passed, I swore it was otherwise. I've seen people still hate the Patriots more in the last few years though, which is still odd to me. But thanks for correcting that mistaken belief on my part.
  12. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    I Hate The Patriots.

    I'm mad at the people who cheered for the Giants (in our fanbase) to beat them a second time even. Like how dumb do you have to be to root for the team that cheated the Skins re: salary cap, targeted its division and is a rival? And this is before the Pats had (LMAO) six. Also, does this put to bed the old Manning/Brady debates? Six goddamn rings. Manning was a GREAT QB, no doubt, but he tended to fold under pressure in a way that Brady didn't. It's something I noted while watching Brady play in college vs. what I saw of Manning. It never truly changed.
  13. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    I Hate The Patriots.

    If a conference is weak, in football, like the AFC in the 80s-90s, their representative loses. And badly. You're just mad that a Michigan man is GOAT.
  14. Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Mere cattle