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  1. 25 minutes ago, No Excuses said:

    I am not going support a pol who comes attached with toxic diehard supporters and a refusal to accept facts over dogma. Yeah Bernie is miles better than Trump, but that’s an awfully low bar and by nominating him we will have turned both major parties into a vessel for the most toxic people in the country. 

    I detest the idea of winning at all costs. The only people with a spine left in the conservative movement are the Never Trumpers. Trump has already turned an  an entire generation against conservative politics. Bernie is toxic enough to hijack liberalism too. A country that centers its politics around a cult of personality deserves the failures coming its way. Not going to be a signatory to it.

    You'd rather we have 4+ more years of Trump and co?  Bernie isn't going to be around forever and won't get much done without moderating and working with others.  I rather have others, but if it's him or Trump and the current GOP, it's Bernie all the way.

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