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    Supreme Court won't hear assault weapons ban case


    The Supreme Court decided on Monday that it would not take up a challenge to a local law banning semi-automatic assault weapons and large-capacity magazines in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park, Illinois.


    In doing so, the court upheld a decision from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit that the city's restrictions did not infringe upon the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, avoiding the prospect of a politically-charged fight over gun rights at the highest court in the land. The decision to deny the case follows months of intensified debate over gun safety and the prevalence of guns, including in last week's terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California.


    Those weapons were purchased legally.


    The affluent Chicago suburb in 2013 banned the manufacture, sale, transfer and possession of semi-automatic firearms and magazines that could hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition in the wake of shootings in Tucson, Arizona, in 2011; Aurora, Colorado, and Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012.


    The Court did not provide a reason for its denial of a writ of certiorari, though Justice Clarence Thomas, in his dissent of the denial, wrote that the Seventh Circuit misinterpreted the Supreme Court's 2008 ruling in District of Columbia v. Heller, in which it was ruled “that the Second Amendment protects a personal right to keep and bear arms for lawful purposes, most notably for self-defense within the home.”


    DOJ to examine Chicago police; no charges in second shooting


    The U.S. Justice Department said on Monday it will investigate Chicago's police department following protests over the 2014 police shooting death of a black teenager, on the same day local prosecutors said they would not seek charges in another police shooting case.


    U.S. authorities will look at the department's use of force, including deadly force, among other issues, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said at a news briefing.

    "Our goal in this investigation ... is not to focus on individuals but to improve systems," the United States' top law enforcement official said.


    She said federal officials would be investigating "constitutional violations" in one of the nation's largest police departments.


    Lynch's announcement came after almost two weeks of protests in Chicago following the release of a 2014 police squad car dashboard video showing police officer Jason Van Dyke emptying his gun into 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, shooting him 16 times. Van Dyke, who is white, was charged late last month with first-degree murder.


    High-profile killings of black men at the hands of mainly white police officers in U.S. cities have prompted a national debate and protests about the use of excessive force by police.


    Two hours after Lynch's briefing, Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez gave a detailed presentation to reporters explaining why she would not seek charges in another 2014 police shooting death of a black man.


    Venezuelans Are Ready To Finally See What Comes Next After Chavez


    At the crack of dawn Sunday, a trumpet-heavy military song used by socialist icon Hugo Chavez to rally supporters on election days blared from a truck near the mausoleum where his body rests. By nighttime, with fireworks filling the pitch-black sky with smoke, a similar truck blared the Venezuelan national anthem in the eastern part of the city.

    The two songs, by then, belonged to markedly different chapters of Venezuela’s history.


    On Sunday, for the first time since Chavez took office in 1999 and set off an expansive socialist wave across Latin America, the ruling party lost control of the National Assembly. The opposition coalition, known as the Democratic Unity Roundtable, won 99 of the 167 seats, while socialists held onto just 46.


    The ruling party lost the state of Barinas, Chavez’s birthplace and one of the most loyal bastions of chavism, in one of the most telling results of the night.


    “Change in Venezuela starts today,” said Jesus Chuo Torrealba shortly after midnight Sunday from the opposition headquarters here. “The vote succeeded in democratically trumping an undemocratic government.”


    President Nicolas Maduro, who repeated the government campaign slogan “To the National Assembly, whatever it takes” frequently during the last few weeks, admitted defeat early Monday morning. His second-in-command, National Assembly president Diosdado Cabello — one of the most feared men in Venezuela — was more combative.


    “If you said you were a chavista and you voted for the opposition, facts will demonstrate your error,” tweeted Cabello. “To loyal chavistas, I give my life for them.”


    The opposition’s triumph had been widely expected, with polls giving them a 20% lead in some districts. Still, there were concerns that both sides would take to the streets in case of defeat, possibly unleashing the kind of street violence that left 43 people dead last year.

  4. Just finished shipping BoJangles back home. Good stuff. 


    I got a Boberry biscuit and will report in on it tomorrow morning 


    Not eating it now 

    Planning to wait a week?    ;)


    The Latest: Venezuela opposition claims win in elections


    Here's the latest on Sunday's important congressional elections in Venezuela (all times local):


    10:05 p.m.

    Leaders of Venezuela's opposition are saying they won a majority of seats in legislative elections ahead of the announcement of official results.


    "Venezuela won," former presidential Henrique Capriles celebrated on Twitter. A source within the anti-government camp told The Associated Press that the coalition believed it had won around 100 seats in the 167-seat legislature.


    The National Electoral Council has yet to announce results and the opposition claim could not be confirmed. The ruling socialist party has not commented on the results.

  6. Wow, Forbath is not doing well.

    Saints defense is playing surprisingly well though.

    Shut down the Panthers first three drives, the latter two with an interception and then a fumble for a td.



    both Panthers and Vikings having a bad week so far.

  7. Potentially huge news from Libya


    New declaration by Libya HoR & GNC (rival legislatures both past their expiration dates) appears to be the end of the UN's Leon/Kobler plan

    8:15 PM


    Libya HoR & GNC will form committee to make constitution based on 1951 constitution as amended in 1963. (Fractured, failed CDA is finished)
    8:20 PM


    Libya HoR & GNC will form a committee to select a new PM and 2 deputy PMs--the "unity" government that UNSMIL failed miserably to achieve
    8:24 PM


    Important to note that the Libya HoR & GNC members who announced an agreement tonight in Tunis Tunisia were there officially
    8:27 PM

    The main question will be what happens after (if) they do start working together.  Will there be attempts to undermine the government from some factions?

    And what of links some of the members of the Islamist GNC members have to extremist organizations like Ansar Al Sharia and possibly to detentions and assassinations that occurred back when they were trying to take more power and stifle protests against them?

    What of the HOR and the Libyan military' possible links to the UAE and Egypt and the GNC's to Turkey and Qatar?

    Hopefully we won't see too much jostling of foreign powers trying to buy influence at the cost of stability in Libya like we did after the war.

    Also there's a lot of hostiliy between to two main bodies and their various factions, so this won't be easy even putting aside other concerns.

    That said, this is good news for putting up a stronger fight against ISIS in Libya.

    Hopefully they will focus more on getting back Sirte and getting rid of ISIS there and in the pockets they have in Benghazi.

    (ISIS' arrival did conveniently calm down a lot of the fighting between the two sides though, so there is that to worry about too)



    For a rosier look at life in Libya right now, here's a couple of pictures from Derna, where ISIS was kicked out back in July.

    Libya A completely different Derna - "Derna Kids Festival" held today in the city. Great photos emerging. ISFree

    8:27 AM




    Qatar World Cup scandal deepens


    FIFA is facing calls to withdraw the hosting rights for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups from Russia and Qatar as it emerged that two-thirds of the executives originally tasked with awarding the two competitions are now mired in alleged corruption.


    A staggering 16 out of the serving 24 committee members from the year the tournaments were granted are now being investigated or have been punished for misconduct.


    The latest round of arrests by the FBI in the Americas and Zurich mean that eight of the committee who voted for Qatar and Russia are now suspected of involvement in crimes, although one has died.


    A ninth is serving a suspended jail sentence and seven others have been banned, disciplined or are being investigated for breaching ethics rules.


    Sanders calls for Chicago resignations in police shooting case


    Bernie Sanders stopped just short of calling on Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to resign, saying instead that any official who knew that the videotape of a police officer shooting a black teenager was being withheld should be out of a job.


    "Any official who helped suppress the videotape of Laquan McDonald's murder should be held accountable," Sanders said in a statement. "And any elected official with knowledge that the tape was being suppressed or improperly withheld should resign. No one should be shielded by power or position."


    While Sanders did not mention Emanuel by name, the mayor — a longtime Clinton ally who also served as President Barack Obama's first chief of staff — has been at the center of the swirling controversy.


    A staffer in both of the last two Democratic White Houses, Emanuel has been a divisive figure in Chicago, narrowly winning re-election earlier this year. But, at the center of this national controversy, he has also found himself the subject of a political tug-of-war.


    Republicans, for example, have been eager to tie him to national Democrats in recent days.


    Hillary Clinton has declined to call for Emanuel's resignation in the wake of the revelations, but her campaign has urged a review of the Chicago Police Department by the Justice Department. Sanders joined that call with his statement on Friday.

  10. Yeah, they are showing Thursday games on both CBS and NFL Network this year

    Have they been doing that all year?  For some reason I don't recall seeing it, but I'm pretty sure I watched at least one or two Thursday night games.

    Maybe I'm losing my memory, or maybe I just didn't notice it before, lol.

  11. Good info Steve.

    Just to elaborate on my point, Cap is like Leonardo of the ninja turtles. Leonardo was nobody's favorite turtle because he was just a boring leader. I actually liked Leonardo the best as a kid simply because of his swords but even I admit he was dull as a rock compared to the other 3. Same with Cap. I just don't find him compelling. Maybe a more faithful silver age interpretation of him from the comics like you described would change that a bit.


    I liked Leo, he was probably my favorite.  Although I also liked Raph later on, cause he was a bad ass and I think he kicked the crap out of the Shredder in the comics.

    As Marvel heroes go, I think I always preferred Spidey because of the humor, but I always had a lot of respect for Cap and thought he was pretty cool.

    I think Cap is more interesting when he's with other characters or villains to play off of though.

    For instance, I liked the back and forth between him and Hawkeye when they were in the Avengers together in the 60's.

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