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  1. 4 hours ago, tshile said:

    It would be wise for protestors to not block and trap cars in public. You don’t have the right to do that and to scare/intimidate people. The person behind the wheel driving off should be an expected outcome. I don’t blame the driver at all. I would do the same thing especially if my children were in the car. 

    (Im not really speaking to where the driver is there for the sole purpose of finding people to run over. Which I guess is a thing now. Still not wise to trap them. Your likely to lose that fight no matter everyone’s intent.)

    Blocking the road or marching down the street is a pretty typical protest tactic around the world for many years.  Just to name a few examples, China, Iran, Egypt, Syria, Hong Kong, Belarus, US during Iraq...., France, England.


    I find it hard to believe the driver didn’t know what to expect when driving down that road after all the alerts and traffic updates and such being sent out.  Also the police should have made sure no cars were going to come down the road.  


    That said, protesters should move aside if they see a car coming.  Stupid and dangerous not to, assuming there is time.  And it drives me crazy when I see protesters grabbing cars and trying it block them with their bodies.

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