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  1. Played a lot of Plaguetale yesterday.  Beautiful, dark, fun, touching, horrifying game.  Occasionally very frustrating and makes you want to scream at the computer. (Although I was playing on the tv).


    Back into Red Dead Redemption 2 today. There’s just so much to do in the game and it’s insanely immersive and fun and depressing at times seeing things unravel and constant horrible decisions being made.


    Finished up Kim’s Convenience tonight and started back on Witcher (the episode with the djin)


    Also spent a lot of time cleaning up around the house and making food.  Dad is back tomorrow from Maryland and though he didn’t interact with anyone other than when he got his shot, mom is sleeping in an upstairs bedroom for the next couple days or so just in case.  


    Oddly there was a storyline about the husband and wife doing something similar in one of the episodes of Kim’s Convenience we saw tonight. (Not related to viruses though)

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  2. 12 minutes ago, Llevron said:

    I’m sure that’s what it is. You can’t just let that kind of stuff be known. Any data is dangerous data if the Chinese/Russians/Koreans get it. And they have it now. 

    It could also be political. But there is a real tangible reason to want that information protected. Least of all is if he leaks, what stops the rest of them below him from leaking. The military works because of the chain of command. (And I’m not a military kid at all, but that’s how our defense works) 

    It's sort of frustrating that Trump and his officials can say or leak whatever the **** they want though....

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  3. Watching season 4 of Kim's Convenience with my mom right now. 

    It just came out on Netflix today, I think.  


    Watched some Picard (with the free month of CBS all access) and caught up on Murdoch Mysteries and did some D&D with the family earlier in the evening.  


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