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  1. It's a big deal for all of them, because it's a huge chunk of voters in the Democratic primary and it could shift things one way or another in the general. She has some troubling history from when she was involved in some cases, but I'm not sure most voters have looked at that yet. For the most part, it's because she hasn't really done anything to court minority voters and people don't know her too well.
  2. Uh.... This guy's a lefty journo/Bernie supporter in case folks are wondering.
  3. It's not quite the same...but a decent point nonetheless.
  4. Huh...interesting thread....(maybe a bit off topic,)
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    The Impeachment Thread

  6. That said, it isn't 'President's Day'.... #CallOfTheWild In Theaters Friday Promoted by Walt Disney Studios 1 · NASCAR · Trending #pit4busch Trending with: #Sweepstakes, #PitForBusch, Hamlin 2 · Politics · Trending #PresidentWarren 45.9K Tweets 3 · Video Games · Trending #RTXOn 208K Tweets 4 · NASCAR · Trending Logano Trending with: Joey Logano, Kyle Busch, The Big One
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    The Impeachment Thread

  8. If this is accurate, it's surprising to see Biden doing so badly. But I would guess it is geared to younger or more tech savvy folks.
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    The Impeachment Thread

  10. there are some interesting results from the poll here, though I'm not sure how reliable this is or how useful a national poll is at this point Bloomberg loses to everyone, Pete only beats Bloomberg, Biden beats Pete and Bloomberg, Warren beats everyone but Sanders, Sanders beats everyone.
  11. It's rolling up your sleeves time....
  12. Retweeted by Nina Turner (Bernie's campaign co-chair) Long rant, quite NSFW I should point out though, it's fine to criticize Bloomberg or other candidates' records, but the name calling and hash-tagging is over the top. Calling Pete a rat or Warren a snake (though I don't think I've seen an official surrogate do this so much as popular Bernie supporters), harassing and attacking journalists online, promoting conspiracy theories and hashtags like MayoPete or MayorCheat, etc. is more annoying to me, and talking about blacklisting and punishing people who vote for someone other than Bernie.