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  1. This is I know it's the Examiner...but holy **** this is pathetic.
  2. It was definitely entertaining and pretty good to start out, but kind of fell off a lot the last season or two. (True Blood) Watched the first episode on prime and it's pretty good so far. I like it better than Gotham which apparently the creators were involved with. (although Gotham did have some interesting characters and it was fun for a while, despite being dumb a lot of time)
  3. It’s sad how bad the water (especially the fresh water) is around here these days. A lot of places you go there’s algae and/or warnings not to drink or touch the water it seems.
  4. visionary

    "Israel is for Jewish people only" - Netanyahu

    Members of congress visit other countries all the time as part of their job. They also sometimes want to get away for a bit and some have relatives in other places.
  5. visionary

    Official Trump Does East Asia Thread

    Damn. I remember her from Forgotten Kingdom and Chinese dramas in the mid 2000’s. (Chinese Paladin, Return of the Condor Hero)
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    The Brexit Thread