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  1. The guys who were harassing Phillips and the kids should be sued or arrested. Not sure about Phillips, I haven't really been following anything he has done since the incident. The kids seemed pretty arrogant and obnoxious from what I saw and the school has at least some blame in the situation, and others involved with them trying to defend them haven't exactly been helping in my opinion. Quite a few teens have been targeted by right wing media/propaganda and outrage outlets and administration officials of late and many reporters have been singled out for attacks by Trump and his cult across the country and outside it. Of course the media has to do better, but adding to the anti-media mindset and possibly leading to more violence isn't helpful at all. Plus the lawsuit seems like something Trump's people wrote. That isn't to say a lawsuit wouldn't be right, but this one seems sketchy and intended to draw attention. (Also I doubt this is something the kid wanted, and will likely make things much worse for him). But as I said, if we're going to blame the Post for the outrage and any harm that may have come to the kids, I look forward to punishment coming to others who have trafficked in happily and purposefully dealing out false statements and harm as opposed to those who may do so in a rush to get the news out.
  2. A lot of people get death threats, including kids in school for being politically active, or just for being different, plus reporters constantly get death threats every day, and this backlash likely included and continues to include that. This kid has so far not shown much humility over the situation and both he and everyone involved on the school side have just made it worse with their defensiveness over the situation instead of just admitting mistakes and moving on or at least showing the least amount of self reflection. Of course the media shouldn't have rushed to report things that may not have been correct, and anyone freaking out or threatening the kids should be ****ing ashamed of themselves. But if this is the standard for such lawsuits, right wing media and administration officials should all be in jail or bankrupt for intentionally lying every day and putting millions of people in danger because of it.
  3. Obviously it depends on the circumstances of the hiring, the position, and their past. There were a lot of folks fired or who resigned because they disagreed with Trump, and others who had no involvement in his plans or policy or parroting his propaganda. A lot of people who worked for his admin predated his presidency. Also it's more of a problem if Trump is in power and could use the connection to his advantage or to control CNN and put out his propaganda through them.
  4. I didn't care much about the story until the lame defenses and constant whining backlash from the right came out. This silly lawsuit [publicity stunt] will of course make the kids more of a target. But good for his family at trying to make some money off of it and support Trump. Of course if they're successful, I look forward to successful many lawsuits on similar grounds against Fox and Trump and his administration.
  5. Just shut up and go away. Stop making things worse.
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