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  1. The DOJ seems to be a lot different now under Barr. Looking like entirely another Trump/Putin puppet.
  2. It’s a fair question. How much of it is Trump admin policy, how much of it is the system/organizations/individuals, how much of it is a combo or all of that unchained and encouraged since Trump came into office? That’s why we need investigations.
  3. visionary

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    By the way, it’s interesting the difference in campaign styles for Beto and Pete so far. Beto is campaigning a lot in more local places (likely more than anyone) and not making a lot of news since coming into the race and not doing many interviews and maybe that’s hurting him nationally right now, though it could pay off down the road. Pete has been doing a ton of interviews and other things that have gotten a lot of press and sparked national discussion, which seems to have helped him down in the polls. It remains to be seen if he will also be doing more campaign rallies in the days to come. Of course I like both of them, but I would like to see some more policy info from them, hopefully by the time debates come around.
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    Massive fire engulfs Paris Notre Dame Cathedral does he even have a twitter account still?