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  1. I hope she saw his fundraising email about her too.
  2. Sessions’ spokeswoman from the DOJ, now working for CNN as a political content editor. This is interesting:
  3. Hmm, maybe. We’ve been told the investigation was winding down or shutting down for many months by Trump’s people and others. There still seems to be to be a lot of work to do with those who have been indicted and hopefully others who may yet be indicted. So unless they are planning to hand off some of that or are planning a deluge of indictments next week I would be cautious about assuming the investigation will be ending soon. Also it is a little concerning that Matt Schlepp recently implied pretty strongly that Barr was coming in and shutting it down after he was confirmed.
  4. Has El Paso or other affected areas sued? Can they?
  5. Because today was going so well already....
  6. Remember that Trump attacked the media today and yesterday as enemies of the people.
  7. cable news is mostly talking about the news instead of reporting the news, unless it's election day or something. Generally if you want national news, you have to go online. That's just how it is now.