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  1. I've been wanting to see that for a while now. It would be really interesting to watch the reaction if he brought her in as a possible cabinet member. But I think she's probably done. Still, it would be quite fun. In other news:
  2. Personally, I like Petraeus (despite his faults), though I think State is a bit of an odd place for him.
  3. Is Romney going to be able to support the anti-trade policies Trump has been promoting? Also not sure I can picture Romney or some of these others putting up with Bannon whispering in Trump's ear and potentially undermining them.
  4. Probably wants nothing to do with Flynn.
  5. No that was a guy from Texas.
  6. The lobbying ban idea is rather hypocritical considering all of Trump and his family's business and investments and their likely conflicts of interest.