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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East

    Crazy stuff going on in Egypt right now:!/tom_d_ check this account for more updates and info from earlier about this:!/Repent11
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East Oh, Russia.!/SkyNewsBreak Thousands of protesters shout "Putin is a thief"
  6. I finally got around to watching episode 7 and the ending blew my mind. I was totally shocked that Sophia was in the barn and a zombie. I guess I always expected they would find her alive somewhere because she and Carl are so close throughout the comics. I have no idea where this thing is going now. I didn't think Shane would last this long either, but he is fun to watch. As much as I hate the guy, he's definitely entertaining. I really don't see how he can last forever though. With his erratic and dangerous behavior, he's going to get himself killed sooner or later.
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East!/BreakingNews Check this guy's twitter for some interesting reports/updates/rumors from Russia.!/oflynnkevin Not certain how reliable he is though, since I just found him.
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East

    An update on the Egyptian Election
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East

    Some more info on the embassy storming by "students" in Iran:
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East

    There's been a lot of clashes today in Cairo, first in tahrir with venders and security getting into it and then thugs attacking protesters on a nearby side street, shooting and throwing rocks and molotov ****tails at them. The latter has been going on for around an hour now it seems. All this started around the time the polls closed.
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East

    On the other hand there is this:
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East

    The Iran incident still doesn't seem to be getting much coverage in the news. On somewhat different topic, Kuwait is going through some interesting times now. EDIT: 6:13 pm est 11/29/11 More on Kuwait: Here's an interesting look at the different groups of folks behind the protests in Kuwait. Also I had no idea how well off the average people there are. I guess it it shows that money isn't everything.
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    Random Thought Thread

    Going to miss my Old Republic beta test character....
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East

    I wasn't sure what you were refering to, when I read this earlier. They just a minute ago said something about a blast at an Iranian military compound on CNN though. (didn't really say anything else) Was that what you're talking about?
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East

    It seems like a lot of protesters changed their mind and decided to vote after all. The voter numbers so far were pretty high today. And there's still another day to vote. One thing of note: Muslim Brotherhood campaign folks were out and about at most polling stations, in what quite a few are labling as illegal last day campaigning. (there were reportedly others doing so also, but the MB seem to have been by far the most visable) Another thing to think about: don't be suprised to see some good results by one or two islamist groups not part of the MB.
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East It remains to be seen though whether there is anyone that the youth protesters, the opposition parties, and the establishment can agree on supporting. The opposition has backed the GCC deal and the transition, but the youth in Yemen, at least in Sanaa and I'm assuming in Taiz, consider the vp and much of the opposition politicians to be part of Saleh's regime. And most of the protesters are still out there protesting and in some cases being killed. ---------- Post added November-26th-2011 at 12:43 PM ---------- Interesting video, and he also claims that many other soildiers have attended the protests to support the people in Tahrir while dressing in plain clothes.
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East Tahrir Square is packed today, but even though they aren't exactly happy there with the latest move by the SCAF, or the new/old pm, they are in a celebratory mood. They've been hooting off fireworks and having fun all day reportedly because they feel freer to express themselves in Tahrir. There is also news from the just resigned cabinet, who I suppose is staying on until a new one can be formed that the elections (the first round of the parliamentary vote) will be extended to two days instead of just one. So Egyptians will vote on monday and tuesday...if they decide to vote. Check out!/shadihamid's twitter feed to see what happened when he went to a pro-SCAF rally and was later taken to a police station by an overly patriotic cab driver.
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East

    Mona's free now.. Here's what she had to say afterwards:!/monaeltahawy She later goes on to mention the ways in which she was beaten and sexually assaulted. Check to the link to her twitter page to see for yourself. I'm not entirely comfortable posting the details. I hate to think though what people without her connections are going through. In other news, Egypt's rulers/military custodians are giving a press conference now!/AJELive Now the army's claim of not shooting anyone may technically be true. Perhaps no soldier has directly fired on people themselves. They have however allowed the police to do a lot of beating, killing, maiming, etc. AND...they have also tortured and detained people indefinitely for political dissent. And who knows how much of what has gone on, Tantawi or others gave orders for. Maybe not a lot, maybe.... But it's pretty hard to imagine they didn't know what was going on. Apparently they are also saying now that they won't appoint the new government...just the new PM. He will appoint the new cabinet...without any say from them....supposedly. But uh, well....far be it from to say that they're lying. But they don't exactly seem to have a great track record at giving away power to the civilian government. For instance here's something that a keen observer notices from the press conference going on right now:!/krmaher Now I'm off to bed now and am excited for today's Thanksgiving. But, I hope we all keep in mind while we dine on our delicious food and enjoy some wonderful time with our families and relatives that there are those out there not so fortunate. There are many people who are isolated from their familes and likely any delicious food because they are in prison somewhere for speaking their minds. Or on the run from killers and torturers because they stood up for their rights. Or standing together day after day to come out and protest and risk it being the last day they ever do so because they want what we probably all take for granted from time to time. Anyway, good night or morning, and have a great time today. Make sure you all let your family know how much you love them. I'll see you all later.
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East!/martinchulov!/SultanAlQassemi Arresting American students for using molotovs, eh? When will they arrest themselves? WATCH THIS: Vk3H9j4uFT0!/jamalAljazeera
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East!/SultanAlQassemi!/sallyzohney --------- Earlier today Mona Eltahaway was arrested in Cairo and is apparently being held in the Interior Ministry. She's a fairly well known Egyptian American journalist on twitter and on radio and cable tv news programs. Here's her twitter account!/monaeltahawy Here are some of the responses on twitter to her apparent arrest:!/Gheblawi!/FarahSaafan!/HafedAlGhwell!/acarvin!/NoonArabia!/NickKristof
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East

    CAIRO!/ianinegypt ALEXANDRIA!/RawyaRageh (from the first tweet) ------------- SAUDI ARABIA Wow. __c2ubecmgY
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East I wonder if the report mentioned those who had been tortured and/or beaten to death. ---------- Post added November-23rd-2011 at 12:23 PM ---------- EGYPT Watching AJE right now, and the crowd in Tahrir seems like it might be one of the biggest yet. There is a lot of tear gas being fired into the air there still though. ---------- Post added November-23rd-2011 at 12:38 PM ----------!/aquaamr!/evanchill!/Beltrew!/borzou So the first day the US made a statement urging both sides to use restraint. The past two days they have come out with statements mosatly against the security forces.
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East!/ianinegypt!/MarwaApril!/bencnn ---------- Post added November-23rd-2011 at 11:17 AM ---------- YEMEN Finally!!/AP!/AlOraibi Great now he's giving a speech blaming Zionists for trying to kill him and his buddies. This guy is our ally? And he's blaming foreign powers...real original. I hope his son doesn't take over now anyway. The protesters in Yemen aren't exactly happy as it is. These dictators don't know when to shut the **** up.
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East!/ianinegypt!/WyreDavies