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  1. Actually I don't remember what if anything he wanted to do. I remember McCain was really upset and wanted us to do something, and that Sarkozy stepped in and sort of talked the Russians into backing out of Georgia after a bit. (also Putin riding in earlier on a tank and threatening to hang Saakashvilii by his balls)
  2. This is one reason it's hard to argue over this stuff, because there's a lot of news out there and people tend to miss some of it. Assuming you're being honest. Trump gave an interview where he said that he was the one behind the firing and not Rosenstein. The deputy AG and others said this as well later that Trump was planning to get rid of Comey for a while. Trump also said in the interview that it was specifically because of the Russia investigation, he said nothing about Clinton and that has ceased to be the reason since then. Now the 'president can fire ____ for any reason' has been the evolved talking point after the false memo fell apart, but does not really take into account the context or the other comments and actions an taken by Trump on the issue where he clearly tried to influence the investigation involving himself and his people both through direct and indirect means.
  3. I don't want to get sidetracked here and I was and still to some extent am a supporter of W, but one of his flaws was his friendship with Putin that Putin used to play him and take advantage of us on a number of occasions. Also remember that Georgia was during his administration.
  4. Trump admitted that he fired Comey because of the Russia investigation after putting out a false memo blaming others for the firing. Comey reportedly said in a memo that Trump told him to leave Flynn alone and stop investigating him, and Comey is reportedly going to say this next week at the hearing. Trump also reportedly looked into getting a couple intelligence officials (Rogers and Coats) to convince Comey to back off of Flynn and to wrap up the investigation. (in addition to unsuccessfully trying to make them push back against the public image of the investigation)
  5. And the one before that. But we're dealing with Trump for now.
  6. This kind of deflection/derailing (to Hillary or Obama) is really obnoxious. Even without it you're starting to sound like a brick wall or Twa.
  7. Not that we know about right now, but there was plenty from when he was involved in it and the campaign.
  8. No, I was pointing out that just because he was fired doesn't cut his ties to Trump and the admin. Corey and Manafort have remained in contact as well.
  9. Remember Trump has continued to praise Flynn and said he wants him back.
  10. Kushner tried to set up the super sketchy Russian embassy meetups with their equipment, Sessions lied under oath about his contacts, Flynn and Kushner did not disclose certain things on their forms (neither did Sessions) and Flynn was working for and getting paid by Turkey and Russia, Manafort was involved in a lot of illegal money stuff in Ukraine, Russia, and Greece and still advised the campaign after leaving it, Stone may have contacts with Wikileaks and Trump (this one is more guessing from what he's said and done, not certain), Trump obstructed the investigation and just handed Russia back their spy houses (the later is more traitorous than illegal), and any number of admin officials have lied repeatedly about what they knew and who they met and still continue to do so. There's more too, but I don't have time to go through all of it. We don't know for sure how much they're hiding, and what they all knew when in addition to what we already have seen.
  11. Hilarious. There's plenty from what has already been revealed and likely more to come (as the administration continues their criminal and traitorous behavior). Unmasking is nothing but a silly distraction.
  12. This statement is full of bull ****.