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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East!/asteris!/acarvin!/bencnn!/monaeltahawy!/RawyaRageh Oh joy, more tear gas. ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 03:58 PM ---------- More on the New Libyan cabinet: ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 04:11 PM ---------- EGYPT!/Reem821!/Beltrew!/hadeelalsh ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 04:17 PM ----------!/FarahSaafan
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East!/RawyaRageh This is the account of the AJE reporter on the scene in Alexandria. ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 03:16 PM ----------!/hadeelalsh The AJE reporter says that in Alexandria the police cleared some of the streets and then tazed and arrested some protesters. Afterwards they drove down in vehicles towards where people had retreated and taunted the protesters to come and fight them. ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 03:21 PM ---------- The police are shooting tear gas everywhere including balconies and gas stations. (Alexandria} The reporter said that the police are also running people over with vehicles. Something huge seems to be on fire in the background of the AJE feed. ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 03:23 PM ---------- I'm hearing a lot of gun shots, people screaming, and tear gas continually being fired onto the street as well. ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 03:25 PM ---------- A few people are braving the street and walking back towards the police firing range. ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 03:29 PM ---------- It still looks pretty crowded in Tahrir despite the tear gas, and I'm seeing people on twitter say they are going back after getting some fresh air.
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 02:42 PM ---------- Back to Alexandria where the reporter says she can see tons of people moving down the streets towards the police and police headquarters. ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 02:43 PM ---------- There's still a massive crowd in Tahrir. ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 02:48 PM ----------!/seldeeb Now we're getting somewhere....
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East

    Loud explosion somehwere on camera...and more teargas fired. Protesters suddenly running back the other way again as more tear gas is fired. And more and more. ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 01:14 PM ---------- There's a lot of explosions or loud gunshots now and endless teargas being fired into the street in Alexandria. ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 01:33 PM ---------- Wow! The street in Alexandria is packed with people now and the police are still firing tear gas at them and into apartments' balconys They have a ton of tear gas cannisters.
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East

    You just have to wonder what goes through these guys' minds sometimes. In what reality would that speech have a good result? ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 12:48 PM ---------- Live footage of protesters in Alexandria throwing rocks back at security forces who are off the screen right now. And here comes the infinite tear gas. As people bang on things throughout the street.
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East The protesters are still waiting to hear a statement from Tantawi. ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 12:07 PM ---------- There's a live split screen between Cairo on the left and Alexandria on the right on AJE right now...uh ok they just went completely to Alexandria for the moment. ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 12:11 PM ---------- Tons of people runnning down the street now. Tear gas is being fired. And more tear gas. And more..... They have a lot of tear gas. The reporter is getting quite a bit of it. Streeet looks empty now. And there's more tear gas. ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 12:15 PM ---------- The aje anchor says there are plain clothes thugs advancing with the military trucks, throwing rocks and tear gas canisters at protesters. ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 12:18 PM ---------- I'm seeing some protesters or residents coming back onto the street and gathering together to move back in the other direction..... Hard to tell what was happening there. ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 12:27 PM ---------- Tantawi is giving a statement finally! He's complimenting the SCAF for taking care of the country during the interim period..... "The military has not killed a single person man or woman...." He's saying the int ministry is improving even though some people hate them. Not really sure where he is going with this. It sounds like bs so far. He keeps saying that the military was insulted and has controlled itself to the maximum. This speech isn't going to go over well the way it is going so far. Pretty much he's just whining so far. ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 12:34 PM ---------- He's doing a terrible job right now. Wow...what the **** was he thinking? There was nothing of importance in that speech In fact if anything he just pissed a hell of a lot of people off.
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East!/MohAbdElHamid
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East!/mosaaberizing!/evanchill We'll see. They're showing footage on CNN now from Cairo. Live coverage at the moment. ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 08:47 AM ---------- There are a lot of rumors about this sort of thing floating around right now.!/Reem821!/hany2m!/evanchill ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 08:54 AM ---------- I'm getting too tired to stay up much longer. If the SCAF is going to make a statement they better do it soon. ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 09:05 AM ----------!/iyad_elbaghdadi I just heard a massive roar or cheer coming from the crowd. Something major is going on. Watching on AJE now, The muslim brotherhood is still not taking part in this and told their people not to yesterday. There are many younger members who showed up today anyway to rally alongside the liberals. ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 09:11 AM ---------- Infamous video of the dead protester being dragged by security and left amidst a pile of garbage. ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 09:13 AM ---------- A man in a military uniform is now being shown live on tv carried through the crowd and hugged and adored. (AJE) It's also being shown on state tv there apparently. ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 09:21 AM ---------- Apparently he's a lieutenant general!!/Thanku4theAnger Pretty amazing footage on tv now.
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East!/AJELive!/JShahryar!/RamyYaacoub AJE is showing live footage from Tahrir now. It looks pretty crowded.!/Reem821!/battutta ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 07:31 AM ---------- Live coverage/footage of Tahrir and Egypt: ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 07:33 AM ---------- Reuters has said that Tantawi will give a statement to the nation momentarily. ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 07:48 AM ----------!/SultanAlQassemi No statement so far....
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East!/cairowire!/sallyzohney!/AJELive Al Jazeera English is covering the protests in Egypt live now. They have one reporter talking as he walks amidst a crowd of people marching down the street. (Now they've moved on to other topics for the moment.) ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 06:19 AM ----------!/Repent11 ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 06:20 AM ----------!/fieldproducer ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 06:47 AM ----------!/ianinegypt
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East

    Oh Noes! Here come the Taiban! ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 05:26 AM ---------- EGYPT!/AJELive!/Sarahcarr!/AminaIsmail!/MohAbdElHamid!/evanchill
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East!/LaurenBohn!/evanchill!/ianinegypt
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    Random Thought Thread

    :ols::ols: Awesome. What do you think we can dangle as trade bait for Zooey?
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East!/SultanAlQassemi I sort of agree with the premise, but I think they may be missing the mark. People don't want a transition process now. They want a transition. The process should have been enacted months ago. Perhaps if Tantawi were to step down, political prisoners were released, state media was dismantled, and the transition process is started immediately it would work. But just saying they're going to do something soon or putting out a timetable isn't going to cut it at this point.!/blakehounshell ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 02:23 AM ----------!/jamalAljazeera It doesn't look very crowded right now. ---------- Post added November-22nd-2011 at 02:36 AM ---------- They have some non-fans:!/AsadHashim
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East!/Visionaryck
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East I'm seeing a lot of mentions on twitter of clashes going on in Alexandria now, or very recently perhaps. In other news:!/EhabZ!/acarvin!/ArabVoicesSpeak!/Reem821!/hishamjmatar!/monakareem!/iyad_elbaghdadi They've been showing the video a lot today on the news. ---------- Post added November-21st-2011 at 10:38 PM ----------!/CarlosLatuff ---------- Post added November-21st-2011 at 10:59 PM ---------- ---------- Post added November-21st-2011 at 11:04 PM ----------!/realDonaldTrump If this kind of thing gets repeated a lot tomorrow during the debate, something may end up going through my tv screen. ---------- Post added November-21st-2011 at 11:12 PM ----------!/iiamelii
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East

    Do you know a lot of people who are out there in Tahrir right now, or in detention? Just curious. It does seem like things have happened much quicker this time. It might be partially because the regime decided to mount a huge media propaganda campaign to slam the protesters in every way possible right after the security forces decided to beat the crap out of people and shoot their eyes out and get themselves caught on video doing it. Also people have been getting more and more upset with their tactics over the past months. By the way, you probably shouldn't quote the pic.
  18. visionary

    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East

    I didn't think he did, but someone put up poll numbers on twitter earlier that had him at 19% in second place to Amr Moussa 20%, no idea if the numbers are accurate. It seems like less and less are wanting the elections to go forward anytime soon. I heard a lot of people were canceling or postponing campaigns this morning. Not sure if the MB are still pushing for it to go forward though, they were yesterday. The US and Europe I think have both come out and (stupidly) said the elections need to take place as scheduled. ---------- Post added November-21st-2011 at 07:37 PM ----------!/ghazalairshad ---------- Post added November-21st-2011 at 07:52 PM ----------!/Egyptocracy/status/138771969582694402/photo/1!/Egyptocracy
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East

    El Baradei is supposedly being considered for PM by the military council. It would probably be a mistake for him, since he would end up lumped together with them and would probably have his credibility tarnished.
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East!/RawyaRageh!/shashj!/evanchill!/3effat!/jonjensen!/hamzamu!/WyreDavies ---------- Post added November-21st-2011 at 03:29 PM ---------- Wow. There's a lot of ambulances at the edge of Tahrir on AJE tv now.
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East

    Al Jazeera English just anounced that the cabinet resignation has been accepted! Unfortunately for the SCAF it ain't the cabinet that the people there want to resign.!/SlipknotMody!/ahmed!/Reem821
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East!/BreakingNews!/nadiaaboutaleb!/SultanAlQassemi!/bencnn!/hollypickett ---------- Post added November-21st-2011 at 12:57 PM ---------- BAHRAIN!/SultanAlQassemi ---------- Post added November-21st-2011 at 01:03 PM ---------- Live coverage and footage of Tahrir Sqaure right now on Aljazeera English. Quite a massive crowd right now. They're reporting that there are tons of injuries so far, mostly from clashes outside the square. ---------- Post added November-21st-2011 at 01:42 PM ----------!/iyad_elbaghdadi!/SultanAlQassemi!/monaeltahawy A slow and meaningless response from the Obama administration again. The sort of thing you expect from Russia actually. You think they would have learned by now to get ahead of these things. ---------- Post added November-21st-2011 at 01:53 PM ---------- A better statement would have been: "We urge the Egpytian government to treat their people with respect and refrain from actions which will only reopen old wounds" Or something like that. Make it clear that you support the Egyptian people and their rights, without calling for anyone to resign or having to specifically condemn anything. (yet) And don't foolishly come out and say that the election needs to be held on time, which is growing more and more unpopular now.
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    Random Thought Thread

    Quick, hide our picks! ---------- Post added November-21st-2011 at 12:22 AM ---------- Remember Seattle last year? lol.
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East!/ThinkTwiceRadio!/mosaaberizing!/jonjensen
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    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East!/Thanku4theAnger!/marysherif!/mosaaberizing!/Sandmonkey!/RamyYaacoub!/CarterTroy!/TheMiinz!/msheshtawy ---------- Post added November-20th-2011 at 08:39 PM ----------!/RuwaydaMustafah!/Egyptocracy!/mosaaberizing