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  1. Yeah, I was getting ready to say: Were Clevelands' brown pants from a couple of years ago, part of an " alternate? "

    Im not sure what Cleveland designates their uniform combinations to be prior to the season. The redskins since Bruce Allen has been here have designated the Burgundy/white pants, White/Burgundy pants, 75th anniversary as a alternate which has allowed us to use the Gold pants from that uniform with burgundy jerseys at home. Skins actually had to wear white pants against the packers because that is our designated home color combo contrary to most people thinking we didn't wear them just because GB only has gold pants. Basically there a lot of weird rules that go into the uniform deal.

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    I thought I heard something somewhere that the jerseys were predetermined but you could wear the pants whenever. If that is the case, would it matter if we were allowed to wear only three jerseys and four pants? :whoknows:

    tha'ts not the case as far as i am aware. Teams declare three uniform combos prior to the start of the year and actually well ahead of time.

  2. Actually - as for the pants in a uniform, teams are permitted to wear "Pursuant to the official colors established for each NFL club in the League Constitution and Bylaws,

    playing squads are permitted to wear only those colors or a combination of those colors for helmets, jerseys, pants, and stockings" (Section 4 article 2), and the Redskins official colors are:

    "Washington Redskins - Burgandy and yellow-gold" (NFL Constitution Bylaws 19:9)

    So you can still see them. No worries

    not exactly bro. I understand the rules but the team is only allowed a home,away, and A alternate uniform and the unis for the year have to be designated before the year. obviously the skins will Have 1. White, 2. Burgundy, 3 is designated for the Alternate this season and what ever pants go with that uniform. so like i was saying depending on the alternate uniform we might not see the gold pants in the exact form we used the past 2 seasons because the pants probably wont work with the normal white or burgundy jersey.. thanks tho.:)

  3. So what's going on with these rumors that the gold pants won't be around anymore? They were the best tweak to our uniforms in decades. If Nike doesn't want to make them we need to stand up as fans and demand the continuation of the gold pants.

    The NFL only allows you to have a home,away,and a alternate uniform. The gold pants we have been wearing are part of the 75th anniversary uniform which has been our alternate so it allowed us to use the pants like we have been. The Nike 80th anniversary unis will not have the same style of gold pants and probably wouldn't work with the normal home,away uniform. The alternate uniform may have a different style gold pants and the team likleywill wear the alternate at home this year.

  4. The Redskins are not doing any major changes to their uniforms this year. Skins uniforms will feature a different lighter more functional material and a tighter more sleek fit and cut. Seattle went all out and is breaking out a new uniform. General opinion is that the majority of NFL teams will wait until next year to make changes if they plan to do so soon. Nike came up with several designs and options for changes for every team in the league but the team decides what it wants in a uniform and has final say.

  5. Haha I wish...it was Lumazul...but it's a cool bottle it says "unleash the wolf" sooo...guess we did that? :cheers:

    Not always...most of the time though :silly:

    Lol.. patron chilled is drink of choice. Unleash the wolf does sound kinda cool tho. Have to check it out and see what its about. Patrons been good to me tho. Some other kinds not so much with bad mornings lol

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