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  1. As usual, the left projects there many shortcoming onto those who live with their eyes open.
  2. We obviously feel the same about each others opinions. Of course, mine exist in reality.
  3. Of course, the numbers don't break down what the dollars were spent on. And of the military associations I have, there few who think he was a good commander in chief.
  4. It might help to read all of what I said, and apply just a smidgen of common sense.
  5. Ah yes, liberalism 101. "Accuse anyone who doesn't worship Obama of being a racist." Predictably good stuff. Hahaha! Funny that being diverse hasn't stopped them, both sides, from being as useless as a fur sink liner. I see the years haven't changed you. Thanks for the laughs.
  6. No, was never a birther. Knew there was nothing to it. If there were, the Clinton machine would have dug it up and buried him with it. What's a truther? While the Clintons are terrible human beings, Bill and Hillary's lust for ugly women, I don't they'd be in to pedophilia. There are good and bad people everywhere.
  7. I'm here because I'm a member. Funny that holding an opposite view of the majority here is seen as agitating. It's no less agitating than your view. And, I'm being civil and respectful in my conversation, so the troll accusation doesn't quite fly. As to a black President, I'm on record here, stating when he was elected, that my hope was he wouldn't be so bad that it would hurt future black candidates from being considered. Now that he's gone, I find it sad that after the many struggles blacks have faced, the first elected black president was a privileged, half white weakling.
  8. Of course, mindlessly following the MSM narrative is convenient, but lazy. He is no lapdog. No matter how desperately some want it to be so. Oooooh what big innerwebz muscles you have. Typical liberalism. good stuff.
  9. The specifics are there. Up to you to open your eyes. However, the days of changing someone's mind, on the internet, still doesn't exist.
  10. I'd say he was the worst President of my lifetime. Mostly because Carter was a single term cluster****. Probably a good guy. Although privileged and stuck up. And, he's mixed.
  11. Hmmm, I gotta admit, I never heard it called Obama Derangement Syndrome. I just called it an Obamanation. Or, OhBummer. I was around back then. The entertainment was watching people fawn over their deity. He was the imbecile Bush II was accused of being. Fun stuff. Denial is the greatest, and most predictable, liberal trait.
  12. Well, the easy one is the botched abortion known as Obamacare. Probably stuck with it, cause the R's are too chicken**** to do anything about it. Most of his "end-around the Constitution" executive orders have already been undone. His fanning the flames of racial divide, every time he could, set back race relations 20yrs. Planting the seeds of snowflakeism that have taken off like a rocket. with no end in sight. Weakening the military. Emboldening every little ****hole on the planet. NOBODY feared him. Those ought to get you started.
  13. No sir, they are a glorious shade of blue. You know, like the devil.
  14. This thread is hilarious. I only wish I had time to read the whole thing. All this Trump Derangement Syndrome in one place is entertaining as hell. More..…….. Speaking for myself, 8 years of Obama (The One True God) makes it easy to endure whatever it takes to erase as much of his damage as possible. The left created the need for a Trump type Prez. IMHO
  15. I'm glad you're on the same side of the debate. I also realize that some of my concerns are worse case scenario. I don't get how mentioning real possibilities, regardless of how far fetched you might think they are, could be labeled as, unstable. If you just want to take shots, that's fine by me. If you'd rather talk specifically about the possibilities I mention, that's fine too. Agreed. And this is why I'm concerned that their "No-win" case, when looked at honestly, could somehow win the day. It's the trajectory of this country to embrace the absurd.
  16. I hope you're right Bang. But we've seen what a media driven agenda can finally accomplish, when people get tired of being falsely/incorrectly labeled. Strike a nerve?
  17. Well, if "Redskins" is successfully labeled racist, as is the goal of the PC crowd, uttering it publicly will be viewed no differently than saying ""n-word"" (n-word). effectively killing the song from any use other than fans singing it at the stadium. Which will be cause for their ejection. That is what the PC wingnuts are after. And they won't stop until they get it. I'm sure arrested, and fined, would be the ultimate goal of the Doo Doo Gooders. But at a minimum, you could be turned away from the stadium. Stores, restaurants, etc..., could have you either remove the shi
  18. How can anyone think, that if we're forced to change the name, that somehow we'd be able to keep the logo & fight song. Ain't gonna happen. The PC Doo Doo Gooders end game is, different name, logo, and fight song. Banning anyone from wearing the racists Redskins gear in public. And restitution from the Redskins & the NFL for years of pain and suffering. So again, if we're forced to change, then change everything. Because in essence, the Washington Redskins, and all their history, will be, history. No reference, in any way to NA's. We would need their approval anyway, if we
  19. If we are forced to change the name, then change it all. Since the history dies with it. Absolutely no connection to First Americans. Lose the logo. Anybody who thinks we'd get to keep it anyway should get off the crack. Lose Washington. Finish the connection to The People's Republic of Maryland. Or better yet, move the team to LA. Make the new logo a Zombie, to rake in the cash on all that silliness. And welcome the Los Angeles Deadskins.
  20. Step 1: Invent racists intent. Step 2: Shreik it loud enough, and long enough, to work the PC "Like" crowd into a virtual lather. Step 3: Force change with support of those who follow the belief that every child should get a trophy. Step 4: If Step 3: is successful, sue for restitution, damages, mental anguish, etc... Step 5: Pat yourselves on the back for doing absolutely nothing to help the plight of First Americans. But YOU feel good. Step 6: Look for, or create, the next injustice where there is a dollar to be made.
  21. Haven't been through the whole thread, but judging by the last few pages, I'd say Bang definitely has the best grasp of this drama-rama. This is a PC driven money grab attempt. Nothing else.
  22. Well then, this explains it. It appears that around the same time DieHard "claims" to have come up with the idea for this place, my thoughts and ideas about the exact same things were being stolen. At first, I couldn't feel the telepathic waves scavenging my thoughts, because it was only happening while I slept. There were times, I'd wake up before the connection was terminated, and I could tell someone had tapped into my mind. But the slippery **** covered his tracks well. He was scrambling his telepathy waves in a way that didn't allow me to back-trace them to their source. As time went o
  23. MOVEMENT Close lavatory door Take a Cowboy Wipe your Romo sits to pee
  24. This weekend we head to, the new FedEx South To bust the damn Cowboys, square in the mouth They think that last Sunday, was only a fluke With Skins over Broncos, and Pack over Pukes But somewhere deep, in the back of there minds They know that their asses, are all on the line They understand meltdown, will follow this loss They curl up in fear, of Santana Moss They've already started, to clear out that spot The closet they store all the team stuff they got For Sunday's the last time to see it this year Don't worry little Cowboy, you'll see it next year :dallasuck:dallasuck:dallasuc
  25. Sonny nailed it. Show me a picture from any of our Championship years wearing those vomit inducing burgundy on :puke:gundy, or the Good Humor/KKK/Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man white on whites, and I'll stop ****ing about it. Until they win a Championship, this crop of players, coaches, and owners, haven't earned the right to change something that was here before them, and will remain after they've gone. Every second used thinking about the color of their pants could be better spent concentrating on completing their ****ing assignments. THAT'S what they get paid for.
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