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  1. Keep dreaming. Just remember the crushing feeling of all the Hillary followers on election night. I expect it's coming again when no charges of any significance come near Trump over the collusion illusion. Midterms gain seats for the R's. And President Trump is re-elected in 2020 by the landslide all the left's media sources claimed Hillary was going to win by in 2016. If I'm wrong, I promise to come back for some humble pie. Yes. He is a member of The Comey Party. Coming to a penitentiary near you.
  2. Just googled it. BWHAHAHAHA Right. Comey, The Daily Beast, and CNN report "high confidence" RNC was hacked. Well that's credible. If it were, Mueller would be tripping over his own feet to file charges. I'll believe if when and if there's a conviction of Trump.
  3. Hey, just like all the other media. Kewl.
  4. I'm glad you agree that Hillary broke the law by paying Fusion GPS to acquire dirt on Trump from the Russians. I have never heard that the Russians succeeded in hacking the R's. Please guide me to the info, oh magnificent one.
  5. President Trump tweeted triumphantly and hyperbolically about what the documents showed regarding the FBI’s behavior toward his campaign. Whatever you think about Trump’s reaction to the release of the FISA application, the media reaction to the story was disingenuous and even more hyperbolic than the president’s tweets. After a year of continuous and alarming revelations, the media are still more interested in proving the Trump campaign treasonously colluded with Russia than wrestling with the fact that the FBI spied on a presidential campaign, and used dubious partisan political research to justify their surveillance.
  6. I think they were, and still are, overly sensitive to the nonsense that the Russians got him elected. They've not handled it well. No doubt. They would have been better of using Obama's line when he got elected. Which was something like, "We won, you lost. Get over it."
  7. Nobody sabotaged Hillary, but Hillary. But it's nice to hear the Democrat talking points again. So, thanks for that. The press played the press conference very well. It was a nice setup. Trying to themselves sabotage any and all future diplomatic success with Russia. I guess we should just nuke'm and get it over with. Maybe if Obama's Russian Reset was any good, things would already be better between the countries. Treason. Give it a rest Mike. And, as long as that line is as firm as Obama's red line in the sand, I think it'll be ok. Since Mike already shredded this with a weedeater. No need for me to pile on.
  8. 1) The meeting where Jr. was supposed to receive some dirt on Clinton? True. Distasteful, but no more so than Hillary hiring Fusion to get dirt on Trump from the Russians. 2) True. And what's the problem? Not illegal 3) Don't know. Was it the 1st time a platform, in either party, was changed? Is there more to it than coincidence? Would be glad to check out any link to it you might have. 4) Don't know that either. But had the Russians tried and failed to hack the R's. Kinda says the R's are better at securing information the D's. If you have more than circumstantial info, please point me in that direction.
  9. Very true. But when you've been under siege 24/7 since the election, it's understandable. Knowing that the collusion illusion is intentionally being dragged out so as to try and affect the midterm elections, it's understandable. Every other R in the world would have collapsed and wilted by now. But he's a big fish, with a big target on his back. BTW, to date, even Rosenstein has said that there is no evidence, none, that any attempts by the Russians had any effect on any election outcome. Even with all the useless indictments against Russians who will never be tried.
  10. Hell no we shouldn't disband the IC. Just need to have more people without a predetermined agenda. The overwhelming majority are great, honest, hard working people, doing an impossibly difficult job. Since the narrative that the Russians stole the election started 2 seconds after Trump was declared the winner, it's not surprising that they took a defensive stand against the notion. Maybe if they had been more included in the goings on during the campaign, instead of being spied on, at Obama's direction, things would have been different. But yeah, it wasn't a very good initial response. Without looking at the source, let me fancy a guess. 1) False 2) False
  11. Yes, standing on foreign soil, he should have lied, and said he trusted US Intelligence Agencies. Even though those same agencies, under Brennan and Comey did their damnedest to destroy him by any means necessary. And where Obama leftovers are still leaking anything they think will hurt him. The same intelligence agencies that so many attacked for info concerning Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. Those agencies? But yes, he should have lied and said he did, standing on foreign soil.
  12. It would be easy to say he lied, definitively, if there was concrete evidence. But there isn't. If there is, please show me. Short of that, saying I believed it highly likely that he lied, is the most certain anyone can be. Did Obama lie when he said he'd been to 57 states? No, he clearly misspoke. I don't think Trump misspoke, but I, or you, can't prove it. So, it's not a fact that he lied. But it is highly likely. Next question.
  13. Highly unlikely, in answer to the question. But I also don't think he should have challenged him to a duel, at a press conference. That's not where diplomacy takes place.
  14. Looks like we all suffer from one kind of Trump disorder, or another.
  15. Well, I know how the game is played on a message board. Technically, you did not outright call me those names. But as they were written in CYA code, you, me and everybody else knows the true intent. No biggie. Your "yes or no", and nothing else is quite the trap. If you give indisputable facts, they can't be argued against. But you alone don't get to determine what is fact, and what is not. Only facts, are facts. And sometimes, a yes or no response can require caveats to better understand what and why something is being said. Fire away.
  16. It's a very good idea. Instead of instantly labeling everyone who isn't anti-Trump enough for you as a racist, ignorant, uneducated dick, you might actually learn something about them, instead of constantly making it up. Of course, to be fair, you'll need to answer questions in return. As I told LD, I'll try and answer any question you might have.
  17. Nope, don't know you either. I do appreciate the honest questions. So, thanks. When you say, "You've gone on quite a bit echoing the exact same phrases we've heard from rightwing media organs word for word." I simply counter that most here have done the exact same thing echoing the left wing media. Which is bigger than the right's. The next is too general to answer specifically. There's an old saying that goes, believe half of what you see, and nothing that you hear. That's where things usually start with me. But generally speaking, I try to ascertain as many actual facts as possible. Wherever they might exist. Listen to both sides of an argument, and then apply some common sense, to arrive at the most likely truth. When indisputable facts are available, it makes it easy. When certain facts contain grey areas of interpretation, that's when common sense will rule the day. I will try and answer any specific question you have.
  18. Call the source whatever you wish. The definition is still 100% accurate.
  19. From The Urban Dictionary: Projection Projection (Psychological)1) An unconscious self-defence mechanism characterised by a person unconsciously attributing their own issues onto someone or something else as a form of delusion and denial.2) A way to blame others for your own negative thoughts by repressing them and then attributing them to someone else. Due to the sorrowful nature of delusion and denial it is very difficult for the target to be able to clarify the reality of the situation.3) A way to transfer guilt for your own thoughts, emotions and actions onto another as a way of not admitting your guilt to yourself. Projection is what the left does. As evidenced by some here. That it is done "unconsciously", is a big reason they can't see it. It has been engraved in the liberal psyche, to the point that it's reflexive. It's why Liberalism, in general, is the scourge of the world. Because of President Trump, they expose themselves more everyday. Trump was not my first choice. But everyday I'm happier that I voted for him. Once it was down to him, or Hillary, he was the only choice. Maybe one day something will happen that will change my mind. Who knows. It sure hasn't happened yet. So thank you, Presidents Trump, and Obama. You both saved the country from Hillary Clinton. For me, if he doesn't add anything else to his already long list of accomplishments, getting Gorsuch, and next, Cavanaugh on the Supreme Court was worth electing him for. Along with 100's more judges on the lower courts. Chances are good he'll get at least 1 more Supreme court pick in before 2024, and even more on the lower courts. That will help slow down the left for years to come. Which only makes the country better. And that's good for all of us. Even those that don't think it's so.
  20. Not really sure how you think he bowed to Putin. He's trying to engage him. He's not the first President to try. I agree he's an enemy. Don't know how President Trump has been used to destabilize this country. Unless you actually believe the whole "collusion", "Russians Got Trump Elected" foolishness. And, again, I feel that you, and almost all on the left, are exhibiting irrational disdain concerning Trump. I realize he's far from being a choirboy. And I sure as hell wouldn't want my sister to be married to him. But the reaction of the left, IMHO, has been hysterically irrational from the moment he shocked the world by winning in 2016. And yes, I do find people running around screaming "the sky is falling", when it isn't, as being funny. Often pathetic. But mostly, funny. The Trump Derangement Syndrome comment, which I didn't invent, seems as accurate as anything else. I do see where it wasn't the best way to jump in to the thread, but I also see it as an accurate description of a majority on the left. One of things I am concerned about moving forward, after reading, and re-reading rule #12 during my 2 day time out, is how close to impossible it will be for me avoid violating the rule. The very first line is... "Do not post comments that are fundamentally inflammatory, or of little substantive content, or of some broadly insulting nature that serve primarily to incite your fellow members." The problem is, in my view, there is nothing anyone can say, that even remotely seems to be positive about President Trump, that won't be considered inflammatory, broadly insulting, and inciting to the left. They seem to be angry at everything. They preach tolerance, but seem to possess none. Anyone that doesn't hate Trump enough is ganged up on, and insulted as if they smacked somebody's momma. That's fine. I'm a big boy. Sticks and stones, and all. I've seen a lot of otherwise rational people, everywhere, who appear to have lost their mind over Trump winning.
  21. No sir, I have not. But BS, is BS. You know it when you smell it. No need for classes on that. Thanks for the insult though. Quality journalism there. All good t. Glad to hear you're doing well. Congrats on your son, and the girly biscuit in the oven. But man, 3 acres is too much for this old man to maintain. Looking forward to retirement and downsizing in the next 5 yrs. Good to talk with you.
  22. Actually, Ax comes from Extremeskins. From the time before it was purchased by the team. I walked away, voluntarily. I come back, occasionally, just to see how things are. And because Asbury misses me so much.
  23. I must be speaking German or something. Let me try again. CNN has been losing a lot of viewership. Something has to be the cause. I assert that, like me, many people have determined that CNN is an unreliable news source. I take that as people don't think they can trust them to be truthful, or unbiased, at all. Which sides? Whatever side a hate group falls on. They all need to be destroyed.
  24. Not sure how being skeptical that serial liars might be lying is so hard to understand. What you fail to grasp is the 10% that I consider useful/true. Meaning, if you watch tv news for 30 minutes, 10 of those minutes were filled with actual newsworthy information. And the other 20 was commercials and the propaganda of choice for the given network. Most people don't know how to watch the news. But I do. So don't worry about poor Ax. He's got the world by the balls on a downhill pull.