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  1. I just googled them. Initial skim looks like a bunch of loonies. But they exist everywhere. Not saying that justifies anything. Just that nobody has a corner of the market on being loony. Would be glad to check out anything in particular you think I need to see. Journalist tweet. But, same same. He's media.
  2. Of course, it should be noted, there were media reports that the shooter wore a MAGA hat during the shooting. And people wonder why the media doesn't deserve the benefit of doubt anymore.
  3. I'm adding nothing you like, that's true. But I've been trying to answer questions asked of me. Using fewer barbs than are directed at me. Just because you don't like what I say, you just want everybody to shout me down. That left wing tactic works on a lot of people. But you don't get to choose the opinions voiced here. If I'm trolling, then I am also being trolled from every direction. If you want to talk, I can talk. If you just want to hurl thinly vailed insults all day, I'm fine with that too. It doesn't scare me. I'll just continue talking about my points of view. and answer questions asked of me. Even many of the sarcastic ones.
  4. Translation: Stop ignoring our futile attempts to mob rule you into thinking like we do. Believing what we do. And join The Mob Rule! Ain't gonna happen.
  5. Have never like Rosanne. But she found out how quick you're targeted for career death if you support Trump, in any way. Ted's a nut. But I do like the way the left can't handle being constantly smacked down by him. Be honest, you're still hurt after I blew away the weak ass Hawaiian shirt dig, with a world class zinger about the *****hat wearing snowflakes whining in their safe space in mommy and daddy's basement. It's alright. Everybody already knows it.
  6. No sir/ma'am. (Sorry don't know) The point was, if people knew they would get a free $1000, they'd find a way to get a proper ID to present at the bank.
  7. Which world. Yours or the real one?
  8. The easiest way? Tell everyone that doesn't have one, that all they have to do, is come to their nearest bank, show proper ID, and they will receive a one time $1000 tax free cash award. Done. We put a man on the moon. We can certainly get ID's for everyone. Fairly easily. There just needs to be the will to do it.
  9. This would be more accurately directed if you delivered it in front of a mirror, my friend. So then, actually getting everyone a valid ID, which hurts nobody, would remove it as a talking point for either side. But one side doesn't want to lose any tools, in their mostly empty toolbox. So, still no logical explanation why proper ID to vote is a bad thing.
  10. More Winning!!! Thank you Mr. President!
  11. Whatever it takes. If the Feds have to pay for all of it, it would be money well spent. And if the Feds refused, there are any number of left wing organizations that could pool their money and get it done. So, there is no excuse NOT to do it. IMHO
  12. I have never heard a logical explanation how requiring proper ID is a problem. Because there are so many resources that can enable everyone to acquire valid ID. It is simply a talking point/scare tactic of the D's.
  13. Proved what? That names don't sound like illegal immigrants. Weak sauce.
  14. The point remains that voter fraud has, is, and likely will continue to be present. In as big a number as holes in the system will allow. voter ID would be a step to curb a lot of it. It's easy to do. But since it takes away one the left more ridiculous talking points, and fear mongering tools, they act like they're gut shot anytime someone mentions it.
  15. Every single state SHOULD have a voter ID law. Early voting lends itself to vote tampering, by either side. It should be very limited. If the left can shuttle bus the *****hat Dolls to every "Trump is The Debil" rally, they can surely afford to assist everybody who can vote to acquire a legal ID. Which few ever have a problem doing in order to cash there government check. Who was the douchebag Mayor in New Orleans who had no problem using school buses to get voters to the polls, but miraculously couldn't use them to evacuate potential flood victims. Yet it's supposed to be the right that doesn't care. Getting ID's for everyone so they can vote is easy, and the right thing to do. Mindless bellyaching that it's somehow disenfranchising anyone to require proper identification to vote is one of the lefts most ignorant stances.
  16. Turn the page to President Trump, and with all the same policies, same results he is being characterised as the most evil and racist President of the United States. Having spent some time in the US during the elections, it is disappointing how the liberal left of the United States have come to represent status-quo politics, intolerance and elitism in the United States. All those who don’t fall in line are either deplorable, racists or misogynist. For many of us who think that racism started in the US with Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign, need to look deeper into President Obama’s eight years of Presidency that cultivated racial tensions, ignored the rural United States, and forced a very strong liberal ideology on a public that was clearly not ready for it. Eight years was a long time for President Obama to fix things, unfortunately, things under his Presidency on security and foreign policy got worse. And let's not forget the beginning indoctrinations. These are some of today's snowflakes.
  17. No sir. I was wearing a pink ****hat in my safe space at my momma and daddy's. In the basement plotting a protest to destroy businesses and harass people trying to eat dinner. Because states like Virginia, and other, refused to cooperate. Knowing they'd be discovered. Like in the link.
  18. Summary Findings: Virginia election officials quietly removed 5,556 voters for non-citizenship between 2011 and May 2017; 1,852 of those removed as noncitizens cast ballots; A total of 7,474 illegal ballots were cast from the pool of removed noncitizens; Some records of illegal voting date back to the 1980s before their respective removals; Virginia election officials routinely fail to alert law enforcement about these illegal votes or registrations. “At the instruction of Governor McAuliffe’s political appointees, local election officials spent countless resources to prevent this information from spilling into the open,” PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams said. “Virginia hid critical information that would have improved election integrity while a political operative-turned-governor vetoed numerous proposals that would’ve prevented alien registration and voting. From NoVa to Norfolk and all urban and rural points in between, alien voters are casting ballots with practically no legal consequences in response.”
  19. Yes, talking about all the recent Hollywood pervs coming to light. Most of which are lefty loons. And obviously, both sides are littered with them. But after so many years of being preached to by Hollywood elite, it's funny as hell watching the roaches scatter away from the light.
  20. Well let's see. D's want every illegal immigrant already in the country to become citizens, yesterday. Counties in Maryland and California have already decided to let illegal immigrants vote in their counties. Not a stretch to imagine they want them to vote, openly now, in every election, locally and nationally. They want to stop anything that will prohibit even more illegal immigrants from coming in. And while the land mine statement was hyperbole for emphasis, if you think they would be doing all this for illegals to vote R, then you've lost your mind.
  21. 1. No, they don't make laws. But they've set the precedent. Which usually followed more, than not. That's all I'm saying with that. 2. Correct. But evidence isn't really evidence until it's submitted to a court. Or until a deal is cut with an admission of such. These things haven't happened. The only evidence, pro or con, has been submitted by people trying to spin it in their favor. We would all do well to wait until something actually happens. But, we're all impatient, myself included, in a hurry to have our opinions verified. 3. Just like D's want to let every illegal alien in the country in, and vote, whether they're a citizen or not, since they're confident they will vote D. If they were trying to come here and vote R, they'd okay land mining the entire southern border.
  22. Yes sir. This is not sports. But the analogy is accurate. It's been that way for ever. It's why it's better known as Obamacare, than it is the ACA. Just like Clinton gets all the credit, from the left, for the economy of the 90's. Even though it was the Republican Congress, who had him over a barrel forcing him to sign on to things. But, he still gets the credit because it happened on his watch. That's all I meant. Of course I want solutions. But just as you voice your disdain for almost everything R, I disdain almost everything D. I don't think they have a clue. Their solution to almost everything is, just keep pouring money on it. It'll have to get better. True. And I blame both party's. I wish they'd both burn to the ground and start over. It was another consideration I used to vote Trump. Figuring, if he destroyed the R party, as the never Trumpers predicted, that would be a good thing. If he accomplishes half of what he's said he would, it will effectively destroy the D party, (they're already imploding) that would be a good thing too. A no lose proposition. Now, before you say the country loses, understand that my belief is, after watching this country fall further down the liberal hole for 8yrs, that it's already lost beyond repair. We were on a slow trek to becoming the European style socialist utopia the left desires. I know it wouldn't be during my lifetime, but it wouldn't be long after. I was prepared to spend the rest of my days voting for every D, on every ballot, of every election. The further left, the better. Join the AARP and scream for every social security increase I could get, to help subsidize the extravagances of my retirement. 1 second left on the clock. 4th and 40 from our own 1 yd line. Game over. Then Trump won the nomination, and provided us with a Hail Mary. Trump = Slim chance for the country. Hillary = No chance at all. The choice was easy. If Trump fails, then it's D's forever after for me. Get as much money out of the government as legally possible. Hunt, fish, drink, repeat. And I'd also say, the D's left the vault open, just by being themselves.
  23. No sir. I believe in the collusion illusion more than I do any God/organized religion. And you know how much I believe in that. It's one of the stances I hold that disqualifies me as an R, or staunch conservative. That, and the belief that abortions should be available to any woman who desires one. There are a few caveats, but the bottom line holds.
  24. Why yes, on planet Earth, there's a group of humans who don't live in fantasy land, or their parents basement, who accept me for the wise, honest, devastatingly handsome **** that I am.