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  1. Just now, Warhead36 said:

    Honestly I think this would be the best option. Of my 8+ hours a day at work I probably don't actually WORK for more than 6 at most anyway and most of the time I don't do jack on Fridays.


    Won't happen though because as a nation we'd rather work ourselves to death.

    I just need to find some sucker of an organization that is doing something manually that would be nice and easy to automate.  Join on as a contractor to do the work, but just automate it and not tell them about the automation.  Sit back and collect paycheck while computer does all the work.

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  2. 38 minutes ago, Dr. Do Itch Big said:

    I always read the photography thread as the pornography thread. I’m always disappointed when I click on it 

    I read 'click' as 'dick'.  Still works.

  3. 8 hours ago, PleaseBlitz said:


    The Evil List
    Which tech companies are really doing the most harm? Here are the 30 most dangerous, ranked by the people who know.


    1 is Amazon, 2 is Facebook, 3 is Google.  For the record, I disagree with a lot of the reasoning: for example, they knock Amazon for opening an office in NYC without any government handouts, and they knock Apple because "the company’s public stance against commercial surveillance gets them more credit than they’re due."  I'm not saying any of these companies don't have serious ethical issues, but if you are going to call a company evil, find a better reason than "they opened a new office" and "a good thing they do gets more credit than it should."

    a) Not sure why SpaceX is listed as Evil.  The knock on them is that their satellites inadvertently made some observations of the night sky more difficult, and are working to resolve the situation.

    b) Phew, nobody I know is listed in the top 20.

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  4. Just now, Rdskns2000 said:

    This season will be the highlight of the Lafleur era.  Expect it, to start going downhill from here.  Your Packers should start looking for Rodgers eventual replacement.

    If a WR can get on the same page as Rodgers for the extended plays like Nelson and Cobb used to, the offense will be okay.


    I'm not sure what the defense needs.  So much individual talent at each level, but they get busted for big plays in the air and on the ground.


    Too bad Gutekunst cut Nelson in favor of Graham, and cut Mike Daniels in favor of... well just cut him and didn't replace him.

  5. 1 hour ago, Springfield said:

    I think it would be smart of Holtby to sign a one year contract here for next season at what he's currently making.  With Seattle entering the league after next season, he might be able to get a fat contract assuming the salary cap increases by a lot after next season.  Also, it's absolutely ridiculous to sign goalies to 10 Mil+ contracts considering they play like 2/3 of the games, at most.

    Devil's Goalie's advocate: They do, however, play about 100% of the time in those games.  Also, they have a tendency of playing every game of the playoffs, when it really matters.