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  1. 1 minute ago, Llevron said:

    Weren’t you the one saying this **** better not ruin your sports like 3 weeks back? 

    Hope you still get paid homie 

    I don't think so.  Only thing I really cared about sports-wise is that I wish Ovechkin had gotten his 50-goal season.

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  2. 7 minutes ago, PartyPosse said:

    He drafted Jake Hanson, the catcher for the baseball team. Lame GM doesn't even know what sport this is!!

    He didn't draft Jake, he said that someone drafted by you is as good as undrafted.  You should fight him.

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  3. 3 hours ago, Redskins Reparations said:

    2020 Giants Mock Draft Wrap Up

    4)  Georgia Tackle Andrew Thomas

    36)  Georgia Guard Solomon Kindley

    99)  South Carolina WR Bryan Edwards

    110)  LSU ILB Jacob Phillips

    150)  Florida DE/OLB Jabari Zuniga

    170)  Texas S Brandon Jones

    218)  Penn St CB John Reid

    247)  Colorado QB Steven Montez

    255)  Oklahoma CB Parnell Motley



    1)  Arkansas S Kamren Curl

    2)  LSU OLB/ILB Michael Divinity

    3)  Oregon C Jake Hanson

    @PartyPosse, I think @Redskins Reparations is disrespecting you.


    2 hours ago, duffy said:

    Another undrafted free agent I like is NT Bravvion Roy. 

    I'm a little surprised he went undrafted.  I had considered him at one point, but thought Coatney was a better fit for my needs.

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  4. @Springfield I almost forgot another RPG.  Definitely an unconventional one.  Golf Story.  It's a comedic RPG where you play as a wanna-be golf pro that decides to follow his dream after his wife leaves him.  Very well done golf game with some gameplay twists.  Also has some disc-golf in it.  Also you can walk around hit golf balls at people.

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  5. 17 minutes ago, Berggy9598 said:


    Ezra Cleveland has a chance to be a 10 year starter in the NFL at left tackle but day one is risky. He has to get his core strength up to NFL standards before he can step in and start because much like what happened to Eric Bakhtiari early in his career, opposing rushers will figure out they can go through him instead of around him. That's your ceiling IMO also which anyone would take in a heartbeat. 

    Do you mean David Bakhtiari?  I don't really remember him struggling his rookie year, he just wasn't an all-pro yet.  Year two and on, tho...


    My memory could be colored with the situation he was thrown into, though.  Bulaga was supposed to swing over to LT that year, but then, if I recall correctly, he suffered a season-ending knee injury during the Family Night scrimmage, an Bakhtiari was thrown to the wolves.  He performed very well for being suddenly thrust into that position, especially with the expectations of a 4th round prospect.  So maybe he struggled more than I remember because of how much he exceeded expectations which were not that of a perennial pro-bowler.

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  6. I always look forward to reading the write-ups on players once the real draft commences.


    Just now, volsmet said:

    I expected Quartney to be long gone by now, but WRs slipped in our draft. 

    Yeah, after I got my guy in the 2nd, I stopped scouting them.  Have enough #3s, and a baller #1, so I just needed my #2 to be set.

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  7. Packers draft results:

    1 30 30  Jordan Love    QB
    2 30 62  Brandon Aiyuk  WR
    3 30 94  Ben Bartch     OT
    4 30 136 Marcus Bailey  LB
    5 29 175 Keith Ishmael  OL
    6 12 192 Josaih Coatney DL
    6 28 208 Lamical Perine RB               
    6 29 209 Joe Bachie     LB
    7 21 236 Jacob Knipp    QB
    7 27 242 Rashod Berry   TE/DE

    Needs filled
    Aaron Rodgers Heir Apparent: Love is my first horse, but I added in a late round flier on a second guy who seemed like he might have the tools it takes to succeed, but has flown under the radar.  QB scouting is a crap-shoot, so why not spend a luxury pick on a second?

    Stop The Run: Marcus Bailey will hopefully be a 3-down LB that will, among other things, help stop the run.  Josiah Coatney is a two-gapping DL that I am hoping can help clog the middle.  And finally Joe Bachie I see as an early-down LB who's primary focus will be stopping the run.

    Protect the QB: Bulaga is gone.  Veldeer hasn't been re-signed.  Enter Ben Bartch, who I anticipate to start at RT, at least next season.  He may project as a Guard in the future, but right now he's needed at Tackle until we can get another candidate.  Kieth Ishmael I expect will be the primary backup at all three interior positions, though I won't rule out the possibility of him competing for a spot at Guard.  In the future, he may be the starting Center if Corey Linsley walks next season, or maybe he could take over at LG allowing Elgton Jenkins to take Center.

    Improve the passing game: Packers didn't have anyone who could reasonably be considered a #2 receiver behind Adams.  I expect Aiyuk to be that player.  With a true #2 to go with a true #1, it could open up some space for all the #3s to make plays.

    Pure Luxury picks: Lamical Perine seemed like a good value at the tail end of the 6th.  I'm not depending on his productivity, but it could help the team's contract negotiations with Aaron Jones, or at least make it so a high pick on an RB isn't necessary next year if he pans out.  And Rashod Berry was just an interesting prospect with the ability to play on both sides of the ball.  I like his ability to block as a TE and might be able to get some opportunities in Big formations.  Put him and Marcedes Lewis up on the line for some extra push in the run game, or maybe get the ball in their hands on a play-action.

    To be honest, I'll be somewhat surprised if my seventh round picks get drafted, but hey, you gotta live a little.

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  8. Alright, here's another lesser-known name pick coming out for a seventh round flier.  With the 242nd pick of the draft, the Green Bay Packers select
    Rashod Berry, TE, Ohio State
    He's a big-bodied TE that excels in the blocking game.  Speaking of getting involved in the trenches, he also plays DE.  With his versatility and athleticism, I imagine he'll have a good shot coming in and playing on Special Teams.  He doesn't have a lot of tape getting opportunities as a receiver, but he has shown some ability to make people miss with the ball, with his first TD coming on an impressive 40-yard catch-and-run breaking three tackles and stiff-arming a fourth would-be tackler.

    What really intrigued me was his blocking, though:


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  9. Packers drafted their next Aaron Rodgers in the first round, so it's only right to draft the next Matt Flynn in the 7th.  With the 235th pick of the draft, the Green Bay Packers select

    Stuck behind an abysmal offensive line, Knipp has shown the ability to make quick reads, and the poise to stick stand in the pocket and make the perfect pass even if it means taking a big hit.  From the tape I've seen, he makes good decisions, has NFL arm strength, places the ball well hitting receivers in stride on crossing routes, as well as dropping the ball right into the bread-basket with high-arching deep balls; it's just a shame his receivers seemed to drop a lot of them.  He played in a shotgun offense in college, so he'll need to learn to be a drop-back QB in the NFL, and he might need to work on his progressions (incomplete data there; he never seemed to have time to go through them with his o-line). #1 red flag is his injury history.  He was a 6th year senior after receiving a medical red-shirt having had three consecutive seasons cut short due to shoulder injuries.

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  10. Just now, Dont Taze Me Bro said:


    Bruh, it was just a funny meme, not one that deserved this elaborate reply :D 

    It's not the reply gotham deserved, but the one it needed.

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  11. 35 minutes ago, Springfield said:

    That’s not enough.

    Any good RPG’s NOT Zelda related in the Switch?

    I don't really consider Zelda to be an RPG (I mean, the genre is often called Action RPG, but it's really a different beast).

    Anyways, one of my favorite games of all time is getting a remastered release on the Switch in May--Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition
    Everything just comes together in that one.  Great story with twists along the way, really like the characters and the chemistry between them, great and varied environments to explore, really cool concept of a world where you live on the bodies of giant dead robots.

    Highly recommended when it releases.  It should eat up a fair amount of your time, too.  I understand that if you try to rush through the main story, it's about 60 hours.  I put about 180 hours into my first playthrough and there were still more sidequests to do.  There are also some super-monsters to fight that are over-leveled (you probably want to be around level 80 for the final boss, level 99 is the max level, and Avalanche Abaasy is level 120).

    Battle system is kinda MMO-like where you've got auto-attacks along with arts that have cool-down periods, but it's definitely a system where you've gotta adapt to how the battle is going and strategize unless you go into fights over-leveled.

    If you wanted something more immediately, there's the (spiritual) sequel, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but while its world-concept and gameplay are very similar, the themes of the story, as well as the style of story-telling are pretty different.  I personally don't care for the characters in this one much as they're pretty flat (except in the chest which is disproportionate, unnecessarily revealing, and cringy camera angles focusing right in on it even at the most inappropriate times) and generic.  The main character in particular doesn't seem to have any reason to be motivated for his quest.  I also don't like the combat as much which is again similar but different.  It has a lot more momentum in it where everything starts small but as the fight goes on the damage snowballs and grows exponentially, but by the time your ability to damage grows enough to be real potent, the fight is already over anyways*. But, all that aside, it really  does have beautiful worlds and great music.  Some people do prefer this one to the original, so do your own research on it to see if it's up your ally.  For the most part, the two games are completely separate, but there is one scene in XB2 that tangentally connects it to XB1 (and might constitute a little spoiler for XB1).


    There is a Prequel DLC/Stand-alone physical game, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Torna: The Golden Country, which in my opinion is a far better experience than XB2.  Much better cast of characters with actual motivation and chemistry, less cringy stuff (seriously, XB2 can be down-right embarrassing to play with other people in the room), improved pace of combat, etc..  It's definitely a smaller game than the others, but it's by no means a small game in general.  It contains contents that would play spoiler to what happens in XB2, but the same can be said where XB2 contains content that would spoil what happens in Torna, so it's up to you whether you want to jump into this before playing XB2.  Apparently it was originally planned for this stuff to be played out after--I wanna say--chapter 7 of XB2, but it grew too much in scope and had to be broken out into a separate game, so that is another way to play: start XB2, play up until that point, then play Torna, and then go back to XB2.

    For a different kind of RPG, there's Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which is a Strategy RPG, so it plays out like a game of chess; at least on the battle-field.  You'll spend a lot more time running around campus than in battle, though.  You play as a professor at an academy teaching students to become warriors.  You can guide them to proficiencies in skills that will make them most useful to you on the battlefield.  You will choose one house to be the teacher for, and the story will play out based on which house you are with, so it will take multiple play-throughs (and each play-through is a decently long experience) to get the full story of the conflict from all sides.

    Speaking of Fire Emblem, there was a Shin Megami Tensei/Fire Emblem Crossover for the Wii U that got ported to the Switch called Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.  It plays like a Persona game with Fire Emblem characters taking the role of Personas.  It puts the J in JRPG.  Seriously, I've never played anything so Japanese.  There are extra-dimensional monsters coming into this world and feeding on people's "performa" (as in the ability of performers such as actors and singers).  You work for an organization dedicated to fighting these monsters, but you put on a public front as a talent agency hiring performers to fight these monsters through their performances without the public's knowledge.  The game delves deeply into the Japenese Idol scene.  There is an issue of censorship in the game, unfortunately, as they decided to censor and entire storyline that was supposed to be about one of the characters' discomfort about doing a gravure model shoot.  I don't recall what it was transformed into (I played a version that brought back the original Japenese version of the storyline), but I'd read it didn't make much sense.
    Anyways, the  battles play out as a turn-based battle where you'll select an attack to perform against an enemy, but some attacks can be chained together with attacks from other characters allowing you to build damage by trying to keep a chain going.  Eventually some characters will take part in a side-quest that ends with them learning a "duet" in which they perform an attack together which starts to really nipponify the battles, as they'll actually put on a performance in the middle of battle.

    As I said, very Japanese.

    Then there's Dragon Quest 11S.  I can't give you a big run down on this as I haven't played it yet, but it's supposed to be a big expansive JRPG with classic turn-based combat.  People have had very nice things to say about it.  Also, it included the ability to switch between playing it as a 3D game and 2D game.

    There's Valkyria Chronicles 4 (also the original is available digitally), which is set during a WWII-type conflict in an alternate universe.  It's similar to Fire Emblem in being a strategy game, but it plays very differently in that instead of being grid-based, you get a set amount of "AP" to move a unit during a turn where you run around in a 3D environment to get into position and fire upon your target.  But if you enter the range of enemy fire, they will fire upon you even though it is your turn.  You manually aim your shots, but you do not have perfect accuracy; different weapons will have different levels of accuracy, so even if your crosshairs are on someone's head, you may get body shots or miss entirely, and they can dodge.  You can take cover behind sand-bags or lie prone in grass to stay hidden.  Definitely an interesting take on the SRPG genre.  Pretty anime-like story/characters for the cut-scenes, whether you find that a positive or negative is up to you.

    1 hour ago, Dont Taze Me Bro said:

    LOL making our boy PokerPacker like.....

    I'm just confused.  I thought a real console was one that brought you a unique experience with games tailored to the platform rather than something that gave you the experience of a low-end PC but with fewer games and without the modding scene.

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