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  1. At least it isn't the SNES/Super Famicom-era Final Fantasy game numbering.
  2. PokerPacker

    The Impeachment Thread

    This isn't the 1960's where you need a miniturized tape recorder with a wire taped up your chest. Everyone carries around a portable microphone/recorder in their pocket nearly everywhere they go.
  3. PokerPacker

    The Impeachment Thread

    I do wonder if he picked that up for the express purpose of challenging people to point to places on the map to try to shut them up.
  4. PokerPacker

    The Impeachment Thread

    So you're taking those Goombas at their word that she bad-mouthed him? (But Trump still doesn't know Parnas, right?)
  5. PokerPacker

    The Impeachment Thread

    I heard the tail end of the interview on my way home from work today. Mad respect for Mary Louise Kelly. She does not let politicians twist their way out of questions and does not back down. She will ask the uncomfortable questions and press on it.
  6. PokerPacker

    The Liquor Thread

    We have a beer thread, and a quick search didn't come up with an equivalent for liquor, so I figured I'd get one rolling. If there's already a thread related to this... well I've been drinking Whiskey, give me a break. Anyways, let's get started. I've been getting into Whiskey the past year or so. Went to a Whiskey tasting at some point last year and found that I'm rather fond of the single-malt Scotches, but they're a bit rich for me at this point in my career. I wish I'd had a more refined palette while I was still in Texas, as I'd tried some of the locals in Rebecca Creek, Swift, and Ranger Creek (the last one being directly at their distiller/brewery in San Antonio; only had a couple samples of a few of their whiskeys; most of their offerings were in beer form, which was very good--I was a big fan of la Bestia), but I can't give great reviews on them as I was still in the beginnings of my journey into Whiskey at the time. Now I have a bit more of a feel for what I like. Personally, I'm a fan of Ezra Brooks as far as bargain-basement whiskey goes. $13 for a 750ml bottle and it's right up there with Jack Daniels and the like. I've also found it to be great in Kentucky Screwdrivers as the orange juice manages to mask its bite and really draws out the smokiness hiding within leaving you with pretty much a smokey orange juice. I just picked up a bottle of Monkey Shoulder and I've been impressed with what it has to offer as a blended Scotch at a reasonable price. Unlike many blended whiskeys, it doesn't use any Grain Neutral Spirits to cut it, but rather is purely a blend of three Speyside Scotches; off the top of my head I only recall Glenfidditch being among the blend. For $30, it's definitely worth a try, I think, if you like Scotch. I had a couple glasses of Breckenridge a few weeks ago, and it really impressed me. It was up against Blanton's, which I was also sampling at the time. While Blanton's was the bigger name and the more expensive Bourbon, Breckenridge was the one that came out on top. It just had a bit more flavor going for it. As for what helped spur the creation of this thread (beyond the Monkey Shoulder and Ezra I've been sipping tonight), I've recently come into possession (a gift from my brother) of a Golden Oak Barrel, which is a hand-coopered miniature oak barrel for ageing liquor yourself. I decided to give it a try starting with the cheap stuff: Ezra Brooks. I left half a bottle in there for two weeks, while the other half remained in the bottle. After the two weeks, I administered a blind taste test between the barrel aged bourbon and what remained in the bottle. The results were pretty impressive. The bourbon aged in that little oak barrel was infused with notes of vanilla, and the harsh bite of cheap liquor has been mellowed away. I've seen some recipes from Golden Oaks that involves mixing a few liquors in the barrel along with vanilla beans and cinnamon that I might have to start trying out.
  7. I watched an episode of House where a lot of people got sick from wearing jeans they got off the back of a truck. So yeah, you're probably gonna die. Old Navy jeans are probably a bit shadier than truck-jeans.
  8. So I guess we won't be renaming them to 'tastis' anytime soon.
  9. PokerPacker

    The Impeachment Thread

    Juror intimidation? Sounds like a crime.
  10. I eagerly await news of Thomas receiving another check and taking it to another bank.
  11. PokerPacker

    The Impeachment Thread

    I'm not ready to vote for a guy just because he's really good at being the enemy of my enemy.
  12. I can wait until your influence gauge fills back up.
  13. I just need to find some sucker of an organization that is doing something manually that would be nice and easy to automate. Join on as a contractor to do the work, but just automate it and not tell them about the automation. Sit back and collect paycheck while computer does all the work.
  14. Now we know whenever there's something we want done for the forum that we've gotta get Mary on-board. Mary, can you do anything about getting us unformatted-text reply boxes so we can deal with bb-codes manually like the good old days?
  15. I make a motion to work four 6-hour days.
  16. Cold weather brings pond hockey. Your argument is flawed.
  17. PokerPacker

    The Random Politics Thread

    What the hell is a Canuck doing buying Doughnuts from a shop not started by a hockey player?
  18. PokerPacker

    The Impeachment Thread

    Only if they're not besties with the CinC.
  19. PokerPacker

    Random Thought Thread

    I read 'click' as 'dick'. Still works.
  20. PokerPacker

    The Impeachment Thread

    Like anyone would ever compromise the integrity of an American Presidential Election. If they ever did, they'd be impeached.
  21. PokerPacker

    Nazis showing up at places uninvited.

    Ah, A Taste Of Armageddon. As relevant today as it was 50 years ago.
  22. PokerPacker

    Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook should be broken up

    a) Not sure why SpaceX is listed as Evil. The knock on them is that their satellites inadvertently made some observations of the night sky more difficult, and are working to resolve the situation. b) Phew, nobody I know is listed in the top 20.
  23. Not to take anything away from the RB, but there were a lot of wide-open holes to run through. Credit that line.
  24. Idea may have been that they hope the defense can hold the 9ers to only a fieldgoal the rest of the game. Get that 2pc and one more and it's one fewer score they'll need to tie it up.
  25. let's keep running the ball. No need to manage the clock.