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    Random Thought Thread

    I didn't hear the greatest things about Corpus Christie. A friend of mine who'd visited mentioned that there'd be globs of oil that would stick to you if you went to the beaches there, and it would take Gasoline to get it off.
  2. PokerPacker

    Random Thought Thread

    I do regret never making it out to visit Houston. Really would have like to have seen the Galilleo at some point (Star Trek nerd here) but it was in NY at the time. I know that was a relatively recent move. How's that been working out for you? I know the state has a reputation of being ultra right-wing, but at least in my neck of the woods, that didn't seem to be so much the case.
  3. Oshie's name is on the cup under the Capitals' banner. Bite your tongue.
  4. PokerPacker

    Random Thought Thread

    I dont' think I ever figured out where "here" is. Where'd you wind up? I really enjoyed my time in Texas, but I didn't manage to explore much before I left.
  5. PokerPacker

    Neighbor sucks balls..thread for this?

    I don't hate my neighbors so much as I hate living in an apartment complex with paper-thin walls to the point where I can here my upstairs neighbor screwing for 20 seconds at a time, and I can hear the crunching of leaves as people walk on the sidewalk below even though I'm on the third floor.
  6. PokerPacker

    Random Thought Thread

    Are you gonna leave Tejas, or just to another part?
  7. PokerPacker

    Random Thought Thread

    You forgot the first rule of Fight Club. And the second, for that matter.
  8. Late to the party on this, but... the Caps can't afford that kind of contract, unfortunately. As it is, they still need to make a move in order to fill a 23 man roster under the cap even with Vrana signing a surprisingly cheap contract.
  9. PokerPacker

    San Diego Comic Con 2019- News, Trailers, Panels, Etc.. Go have another drink and enjoy the weekend. In fact, I think I'll pour myself a drink. Rum seems appropriate.
  10. PokerPacker

    Apollo 11 50th anniversary
  11. PokerPacker

    Apollo 11 50th anniversary

    Your picture failed to include the most important invention of all: pens that can write upside-down.
  12. PokerPacker

    All Good Things "Star Trek"

    That writing, though.
  13. PokerPacker

    San Diego Comic Con 2019- News, Trailers, Panels, Etc..

    Didn't take Disney long to **** things up after buying FOX. Great. I really enjoyed having a nice optimistic sci-fi show on prime-time broadcast television.
  14. PokerPacker

    Birds Aren't Real

    Yup, here's an earlier prototype hummingbird replacement I managed to dig up. And then their first model released into the wild:
  15. PokerPacker

    Apollo 11 50th anniversary

    "Today" is November 2018
  16. PokerPacker

    Random Thought Thread

  17. PokerPacker

    Birds Aren't Real

    I'd always gotten the impression that Magpies were theives.
  18. PokerPacker

    The ES Heavy Metal Thread

    Once you've heard A Capella Metal, nothing surprises you.
  19. PokerPacker

    Random Thought Thread

    Slim Jim?
  20. PokerPacker

    The last movie you saw......GO! (After you read the OP!!!!)

    Oh man, that movie was bad. It was a wannabe Liam Neeson movie that somehow managed to get Liam Neeson. Even he couldn't save the terrible writing.
  21. PokerPacker

    Random Thought Thread

  22. PokerPacker

    Random Thought Thread

    This nerd gonna kick yo ass.