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  1. 24 minutes ago, BatteredFanSyndrome said:


    Hope is all we've ever had and without a doubt, there is more reason for hope today than there was a week ago.


    My post was primarily about putting the cart before the horse, as if this is some new ride we're on with Dan.  The last time I applauded a Dan move, it was when he hired LaFemina.  I applauded it because it appeared he specifically went outside the organization for help and hired a high class individual.  Less than a year later, I had to eat those compliments.  Point being, it's all well and good to get behind Rivera and hope for the best, but let's let things play out with Dan before instilling too much hope that he's turned a corner.


    I hear you.  I just also know that, even being generous, this is going to be a multi-season process to turn things around if indeed they are to be turned.  I'd rather be hopeful today than hold on to bitter feelings for the next 3 years while waiting to see.  And if things shake out to be "business as usual" and we're still a dumpster fire at the end of this chapter?  Well then at least I'll have had this excitement to look back on, however briefly.

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  2. These are major changes which have been long overdue.  We've been burned so many times, but as long as sensible decisions keep getting made going forward I choose to be hopeful.  Hopeful that the corner has been turned on Dan's style of ownership and his vision on what this organization should be and how it needs to be run.  Whether he's motivated by money or his own fandom is irrelevant; hopefully he's finally been frustrated enough and seen enough of how quality franchises operate to suck up his pride and change how business is done.

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  3. 1 hour ago, just654 said:

    Lisa left in the summer. She started the program, she had some people help her run the program, but it was her baby. I wouldnt be surprised if experiences get put up late this year or at all.   


    I gave my tickets this year. Has the yards for this years tickets purchase been loaded yet? 

    I'm not sure. I still have like 60k saved over from last year that I was holding on to for new stuff that might show up. I'll be pretty mad if they go to waste. I would've used them last year if I'dve known. 

  4. The reward program for STH at http://www.redskinsrewards.com hasn't been updated in a long time.  Has anyone received word or any sort of update in a STH e-mail I may have missed that might have a status on it?  The catalog dried up towards the end of last season and I'd assumed it would be refreshed for this season, but as of today there's still nothing new.  I have tons of points burning a hole in my pocket and I can only own so many koozies.

  5. 5 minutes ago, tshile said:


    Yeah but you fix the cumbersomeness by saying "If check isn't completed in X days/weeks, sale is defacto approved"

    Which is what we do now for guns in my state. And concealed carry permits.


    It prevents control people from implementing things designed to just stall the process. I think it works, but that's just my personal observation so doesn't really mean anything.


    The fee should be appropriate for the task at hand. 20-30$ is what a FFL-required transfer costs around here i believe? That's just a 'receive gun, run background check, hand over gun' so I don't know why a private transaction would be any different. 


    The problem with the anti-control people's "fears" is that they're all reasonably accommodated for. It just requires them to negotiate in good faith.


    They're not interested in fixing it so the bill resolves their fears and can be passed. They're just interested in finding one reason they can say "Welp, that's why I wont support this"


    I realize that's not all of them, and it might not be you. But it sure as hell seems like it's all the media and talking heads; the people crafting an argument they can push out to the general population to give them a reason to object to it (Cause let's be honest, maybe 10% of the country even read the ****ing thing, everyone else gets their opinions from others)


    And that all sounds great, but the fear is that the people in charge won't be as reasonable as you are.  Anti-control folks' fears can be all reasonably accommodated for; you're absolutely right.  But that doesn't change the concerns that they won't be and that, if they are, the next person that comes along doesn't just turn it on it's head on a whim.  Checks won't be completed in days/weeks.  They will stall.  The fee will be hundreds of dollars and go up every year because something something funding/tax/spend/excuse.  Some nigh impenetrable barrier will be placed on the system so most people couldn't use it, suppressing private transfers.  Hurdle after hurdle will be put in place to ensure as many people are kept from using the system as possible.  And they aren't unreasonable fears; we see it today in many states with regard to other aspects of gun ownership.


    If someone proposed a system with a low bar to entry where private background checks could be performed quickly and cheaply with solid privacy protections in place then we'd probably get all but the staunchest anti-government gun hoarder types on board with the idea.  But to allay those very reasonable concerns of abuse it'd have to be made (no pun intended) bullet proof.  And that's the rub.

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  6. 5 hours ago, Redskins44fan said:

    Are you ready for some football? Redskins against arch rival Eagles. I live in philly, and I cant wait to see the Redskins face the Eagles. I'll be wearing my #91 Kerrigan jersey. If anyone out there are collectors of Redskins stuff, I have a 3 x 5 ft flag, and a Redskins Donovan McNabb figure. Let me know if your interested. LETS GO REDSKINS, BEAT THEM EAGLES.

    I live outside of Philly and go to the game up here every year.  This will be the first year in a long time that I'm missing it because people up here are being insane about their ticket costs because Season Opener. 😕  I'm not paying nearly $200 per ticket for standing room access.  That's nuts.  

  7. 6 minutes ago, tshile said:

    Is anyone legitimately arguing that?



    I think the problem is less about the what and more about the "how".  I'm all for background checks for private sales/transfers, but the process would have to somehow be protected against becoming burdensome, intentionally or otherwise.  It would have to be either free to perform the check or only be a nominal administrative fee.  You would either have to open NICS up to everyone to perform checks (prone to abuse and privacy violations) or let private sellers initiate a NICS check through a local FFL in which case the FFL would need to be reimbursed for their costs.  The thing that worries me are anti-gun folk getting a workable private background check system approved and running, then making it impossible for anyone to actually use (exorbitant fees, unreachable hurdles/requirements, etc.)  in order to suppress private transfer entirely.  It's the problem we are currently struggling with here in NJ; guns are allowed, carry permits are allowed, licenses are issued, etc. but the requirements are so onerous that relatively few people are able to actually exercise their rights and it only gets worse here every year.  That's, I think, the core fear of universal background checks; that it will be used as an avenue to back-door restrictions as we can't trust that whoever is administering such a program will act in good faith.

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  8. 13 minutes ago, tshile said:


    There was only a second gun pulled and shot fired. Not really enough time to gather your thoughts and re-evaluate after having determined you're being attacked.



    I get that, yeah.  Watching events unfold on video after the fact isn't the same as in the heat of the moment.  At the end of the day the dad shouldn't have initiated violence. 

  9. 17 minutes ago, tshile said:


    I don't know that it's murder. He was attacked.


    Dumb situation all the way around. Stupid reason for someone to lose a life. 

    I'm of 2 minds about that one.  Yeah, he was attacked.  If he had pulled and shot, then I'd say it was a bad situation but it was self defense.  But as soon as the gun was pulled the attacker backed off.  Showing the weapon was clearly enough to stop the attack.  But after the attacker backed off then the dude shot him.  I don't get how you can still feel deathly threatened when you're holding someone at gun point who is walking away.  I am generally OK with Stand Your Ground type laws, but I don't think it was employed correctly in this instance.  The man should not have shot; it wasn't justified IMO.

  10. 59 minutes ago, Dont Taze Me Bro said:



    Just because bad people have guns or access to guns, doesn't mean that we shouldn't have stricter gun laws at the state level for all states, or the laws at a state level.  If anything, this is exactly the reason we need stricter laws and at minimum the laws being the same in all states and not varying by state or federal laws in place.


    Because right now, the entire process is ****ed up.  If I lived in NJ and wanted a high capacity magazine, I could drive to another state with no restrictions, walk into any gun shop and purchase one that fits my specific model gun and pay hardly anything for it.  Just looking now, you can get 20 round magazines for a Glock 9mm for $30 or less.  There are way too many work arounds when it's only regulated at the state level.


    And yes, I'm a gun owner and own multiple firearms (both rifles and handguns).  Some things are just common sense, or should be at a minimum.


    I can appreciate where you're coming from.  The problem is that Dont Taze Me Bro is a good guy who follows the law and wouldn't do that.  The dink that wants to shoot up an art festival doesn't care.  Nobody is made safer by telling Dont Taze Me Bro he isn't allowed to carry outside of his home, or that he can only have 10 bullets.


    To be legal in NJ we have to go through multiple layers of background checks, fingerprinting, mental health history reviews, character references, and other red tape.  In many cases it takes months to legally qualify for and purchase a gun.  And even after navigating and passing all of that, if you're the cleanest, most well adjusted and competent gun owner, we have a de facto ban on carrying (you can transport the gun, cased and unloaded, in your car to use at your nearest approved range which could be an hour's drive away, just don't stop for gas or you're an instant felon).   On top of that we already have low magazine limits (which just recently got made even lower; I now have 6 months to get rid of my standard sized 15 rd. magazines or risk jail), and all the other feature restrictions, ammo restrictions, and "assault weapon" bans that everyone clamors for as "common sense".  Despite all of this we have some of the most violent cities in the country with depressing rates of gun violence and clowns like the ones at the art festival this past week are still able to do what they're going to do.  It doesn't exactly fill one with faith that enacting the same at the federal level would have an appreciable effect if the underlying causes of the violence aren't addressed.


    There's no 100% solution to the problem.  Economic inequality, gang activity, the war on drugs, lax enforcement of existing state and federal regulations, racist social policies, incomplete and poorly updated NICS databases, and a myriad of other deficiencies all contribute to creating environments that are conducive to gun violence.  Until we address the core faults that allow a culture of violence to fester in our cities, no amount of specific device restrictions or new controls are going to stem the bleeding.  Telling Dont Taze Me Bro he isn't allowed to carry a gun isn't saving anyone's lives.

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