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  1. I posted this a few years ago and will do so again.  Holidaywinecellar.com is doing their Cyber Monday deal again this year where they offer free shipping (and most likely no tax) on beer orders of $50 or more.  Great opportunity to experiment with beer you can't get in your area.


    No more Russian River beers available like in years past...but they carry Knee Deep.  If you love Double and Triple IPAs, beers from Knee Deep are fantastic.  (Hoparillo is the smoothest Triple IPA you will every try)  You can also re-use the box it gets delivered in for future beer trading too.  Happy holidays!

  2. Got my hands on the elusive Cigar City 5 Beers for 5 Years Imperial Oatmeal Cream Porter.  




    Comes in at 11% but its hidden fairly well.  An excellent porter.


    Last Friday we did our annual draft party...which has turned more so into a beer tasting over the years.  Here is the graveyard:




    Some random nonsense...from left to right:


    Fat Head's Head Hunter:  A great IPA I've mentioned in this thread before.  They started distributing in FL about a year ago.  Ranked as one of the best IPAs in the country.  Worthy of its reputation.


    Knee Deep Imperial Tanilla Porter:  All beers from Knee Deep are great.  Its a 10% porter than drinks very easily.


    Hoppin Frog Double Pumpkin:  Never had much luck with Hoppin Frog beers but this one was OK. Got it on clearance at Total for $3.99.  Worth it at that price.  (though I think retail is like $9.99)


    Cigar City Good Gourd:  My favorite pumpkin.  Needed to get it out of the closet since it was about 6 months old.  Still tasted fantastic.


    Knee Deep Batch 138:  Knee Deep seems to nail all their IPAs.  While this one isn't on the level of the Hoptologist...its still excellent.  


    Moylan's Hopsickle:  A great DIPA.  If you're a hoppy/high ABV IPA fan you will love this one. (its on the level of Maharaja for me)


    Bogota Brewing Septimazo IPA:  This one was pretty good.  A co-worker went down to Colombia and brought it back for me.  I've had a few beers from Bogota Brewing and this one is by far the best I've tried.


    Hair of the Dog Fred:  A strong ale.  Very good...especially if you like that style.  


    Terrapin Hopzilla:  Love this DIPA.  (great name and label too)  The price point isn't there though.  $13.99 for a 4 pack is crazy. ($9.99 is more in line)  Its only out about a month a year so still good for an annual tasting.  


    Maine Brewing Company Lunch IPA:  Just an all around excellent IPA.  So smooth and drinkable.  



  3. Loose Cannon is so easy to reach for out of habit when you live in Baltimore that I'm trying to be intentional about branching out.  (No offense rincewind.)


    Edit: MisterPinstripe, where do you live? I really like Three Floyds, but I've never seen them outside of the midwest.


    EvolutionsWines is the only place I've found online that sells Three Floyd's.  Shipping is reasonable.  You are better off calling in your order since the shipping cost they post on their website is just an estimate.


    Three Floyd's here:




    A way back in this thread I posted a photo of my Alpha King and Gumballhead delivery.  Both are fantastic.

  4. FYI.  www.liquorama.net is doing a Black Friday through Cyber Monday special.  $10 flat rate shipping on all orders.  Not a huge beer selection but a good opportunity to try some new beers you might not get in your area.


    Edit:  Even better, just got an email from www.holidaywinecellar.com  They are once again doing a free shipping promo on Cyber Monday.  Free shipping on everything.  No minimum.  Huge selection.  Good opportunity to get beers from Knee Deep or Russian River.

  5. Enjoying some Enjoy By 10/25 at Tap 42 in Ft Lauderdale.  Fantastic.






    Earlier in the week I had Funky Buddha's Moro Moro Blood Orange IPA at the brewery.  Had a big grapefruit bite to it.  It's 7.7% ABV.  Very good.  Nice alternative to their Hop Gun IPA.




    And two weekends ago I hit the Lion and Eagle Pub in Boca Raton, FL which has a few Cigar City bombers in the back fridge.  Had Cigar City's Last Spike IPA.  Pretty good though I must admit it was a little bit of a let down.  When I heard that Cigar City and Coronado collaborated on an IPA, I had huge expectations.  Pretty good...but not one I would go out of my way for. 



  6. Tried to throw together a group photo but it was a little tough at work. (and my co-worker wanted to take his share and start the weekend)  You get the general idea.




    We ended up getting 5 Good Gourd, a four pack of Jose Marti, a six pack of Rollin Dirty, a Marshall Zhukov (tried getting more but they sold out, it was the last one) and 2 six packs of Jai Alai.  Finally, in the middle, is a 32oz growler of Cafe Americana.  I had never heard of it so at first I told her to not bother with any growlers...but when I read the rating I told her to pick it up and I'll try it out.  Can't wait.  Double/Imperial Stout. 






    FYI.  The Redskins themed Flying Dog Brewing t shirts are back in stock.  $25 each.  Shipping is $7 for one but free if you order two or more.

  7. I can finally get into the pumpkin conversation.  Good Lord!  Check out that Good Gourd!




    Cigar City has been having distribution issues (possibly intentional) and its been tough to get any of their bottles.  A friend was coming down from Tampa and I had her stop by the brewery.  Scored some Good Gourd and a few others.  My favorite pumpkin beer.  Reviews here:






  8. Ok, tell me more about letspour.com 


    Is it the website itself doing the shipping of beer, or is it merely facilitating two people who want to trade?


    To clarify, if I wanted to order pumking, do I simply place an order on letspour, or do I go on there and find a specific user who has access to that beer and setup a trade?


    letspour is a retail site.  You are buying the beer from them.  I just checked and they still have $10 off your first order and free shipping if you order 6 of any bottles.  (the bottles are marked up to offset the shipping)  So $59 for 6 bottles to your front door.  $ for $ that's going to be easier than setting up a beer trade. (and without the labor and fear of the dreaded UPS "package damaged in transit, merchandise discarded" update)

  9. NoCalMike said:



    I'd "kill" to get my hands on Southern Tier's Pumking, but it doesn't have any CA distribution.  And I think shipping beer is illegal, or at least the laws are so weird and vary from state to state.  I know beeradvocate.com  has a sub-forum dedicated to beer trading though so I think I need to look into that.



    Shipping beer isn't illegal...you just can't use USPS.  With FedEx and UPS its fine.  I have two people I currently trade with and shipping isn't an issue.


    A 6 bomber box costs about $20 to ship via FedEx or UPS.  With tax, Pumking is about $7.41 out the door.  With shipping it works out to about $10.75 a bottle ($64 for the box).  A site like letspour.com probably has a similar price if you use a coupon code. 


    You would probably have some luck on beeradvocate for trading.  They would die to trade for something as "easy" as Pumking...and since you're in California you'd probably have a lot to offer other parts of the country. 


    Edit:  Just checked letspour.com  You can get 6 bottles for $69.  I'm almost positive there is a $10 off coupon code for new customers if you dig a bit...so $59 to your front door. 

  10. Those shirts are great GoSkins561.  I see they are sold out per this link but will definitely get on when they are back in stock.




    Yesterday I went to a friend's house to watch the game.  I brought this.  These were behind the counter at Total Wine and limit 1 per customer.  I got the last one in the store.




    I don't get it.  Coconut IPA?  You couldn't taste any coconut at all.  It was a solid beer but it basically tasted like a typical Stone offering.  Would not buy again.

  11. This IPA is fantastic.



    I had seen Head Hunter on a few top 10 IPA lists but never bothered picking it up.  I've only seen it on rozis.com and with shipping it just didn't make sense to order.  Anyways, saw it at Total Wine this weekend.  Appears they now have limited distribution in Florida. 


    Will definitely put it in the rotation if I can keep getting it.  While it doesn't taste exactly the same...I put the first sip right up there with the feeling I get when I sip a Maharaja or a Lagunitas Sucks.  You know right away you've got a good one.



  12. AshburySkinsFan, there could still be some Espresso out there.  I took NoCalMike's advice last night and it worked!  I'm usually loyal to Total Wine because its huge and they have so much inventory...but I did a Yelp search for liquor stores and found a small one that was reviewed as having "a small but impressive craft beer section." 


    Got the last two on the shelf:




    (Mega Liquors on University/Sawgrass in Coral Springs, FL if anyone in the area is reading.  They had other Cigar City inventory too that Total is sold out of)

  13. Started beer trading with a friend from high school. I sent him up some Cigar City stuff. He sent me back 2 Founder's Double Trouble, 2 Ithaca Flower Power and...


    Heard great things. (Rated 100 on Beer Advocate?) Can't wait to try it.

  14. The Enjoy by 4/1/13 was excellent, unfortunately from what I understand, the 5/17/2013 isn't being sold in Maryland, their Escondonion Anniversary Black IPA is one of my favorites.

    You may still be in luck. According to Stone's site...Maryland will be getting 05/17/13...doesn't say when though. Keep in mind it still lists Florida as "Shipping" even though I got mine today and North Florida had it a few days earlier.





    #EnjoyBy #MD

    (that Pasted terribly. Just click on the link)

  15. One day I would like to have enough cash to try: Armageddon the worlds strongest brew 65% by vol. more info: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/24/strongest-beer-in-the-word_n_2009605.html

    That is tempting. I found it at this site:


    I added it to my cart just to check out the total. Here it is:


    Cart SummaryItems In Your Cart Qty.

    Armageddon - The World's Strongest Beer 65% - 330ml 1

    Subtotal £55.00

    Shipping & Handling (FedEx UK - International Priority (1 - 2 days)) £13.99

    Order Total Excl. Tax £57.49

    VAT Standard (20%)


    Tax £11.50

    Order Total Incl. Tax £68.99


    So about $103 delivered for an 11oz bottle. I probably won't order it but it is tempting...

  16. Pretty good opportunity to get some different beers that might not be distributed in your area.

    Liquorama.net is doing flat $10 shipping via FedEx on up to 12 bottles through Monday night. Their selection isn't great but I just noticed they have Russian River on there now. Consecration, Damnation and Supplication are available.

    Their prices are in line with Total Wine so there doesn't seem to be any markup. No tax either so that helps offset the shipping.


  17. (Finally figured out how to post photos. Now I can post some deliveries and graveyards)

    Craft beer distribution is S Florida is still somewhat limited. I've been ordering stuff online that I can't get down here. HolidayWineCellar.com had a Cyber Monday sale where they had free shipping on everything. I ordered up this cast of characters. Haven't tried any yet. Which ones have you guys tried and what did you think of it?


    From left to right:

    Coronado Islander IPA

    Left Coast Hop Juice

    The Bruery - Five Golden Rings (turns out this one I can get down here)

    Firestone 16th Anniversary (can't wait to try this one)

    Detour IPA

    Double Shaka IPA

    Hop Burn

    Cold Springs IPA. 32oz can. Never seen that before outside of Fosters.

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