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    24 Hour Rewind - Reviewing The Run & The OL

    Gruden after today's practice:


    On mistakes in the running game in Atlanta:

    “There’s one run in particular – we mis-targeted it. We left 10 men on the line of scrimmage free. That’s a tough down for the back. A couple times we ran a draw into a loaded box and it’s one guy that’s unblocked and the guy made the tackle for a gain of three. There’s a couple issues where we mis-targeted our runs and that’s a tough deal. Atlanta gave us a different defense and, quite frankly, we didn’t spend a whole lot of time game-planning. Still no excuse. We’ve seen enough of this stuff where we should be able to count in our sleep who we’re going to. We just mis-targeted and backs might have missed a cut. Like I said before, many, many times, the running game takes all 10 guys, 11 guys for this to be successful. Quarterbacks have got to get us in the right run, number one. We’ve got to get it counted out right and we’ve got to stay on our blocks. If one guy misses a block or lose a block or we miss a cut, this looks like a bad running team. We’re going to keep with it, man. I feel very positive that we are going to have a very successful running team.”


    On if the running game looked better during practice today:

    “We worked on it good today. I think we had 12 straight runs today in a period but we’re going to keep working on it. We’re not going to panic after the first preseason game, but we also understand that these games, you are what you are based on what you put on the tape. We have got to make sure we continue to work on it and get better at it – that’s all you can do. Our backs have got to continue to see it, but we have got to give them more opportunities. With Matt [Jones], it would be nice to get him two, three, four carries in a row to get a rhythm going and see how he does then. That will be our intent next week – to try to get him going – and see how he does.”

    You can find the rest HERE.

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    24 Hour Rewind - Reviewing The Run & The OL

    8 hours ago, KDawg said:

    Lichtensteiger looked rusty out there. Struggled getting to second level. 

    Im not sold on any of the OL sans Williams and Scherff. I'd say Lauvao, but coming back from that injury is a process.

    we need upgrades... Specifically at center.


    4 hours ago, jschuck12001 said:

    The O line is not very good, KC masks many of their deficiencies and I wouldn't be surprised if KC had to put the team on his shoulders for one more year.


    13 minutes ago, Voice_of_Reason said:

    Trent might help some...  LG, C are both positions of concern.

    8 runs in the First Half.

    They went left on the first run & that was the only time. Either because the left side backups were atrocious or they decided to work the the right & the middle. They hit the middle 4 times & the right side for 3 runs. I'd like to think they new the left side was bad & said no more of that tonight, let's work on the middle since we had issues with it last year.

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