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  1. This is the last time I leave @Jumbo in charge of the front gate....
  2. @China Are you searching in TOPICS only or are you searching in THREAD TITLES?
  3. @China 3rd result down And here it's the only result when clicking on mass shooting in content titles and body So without being able to duplicate your issue, there's not much I can do to troubleshoot it. That said, what browser are you using? Only asking because someone else had an issue the other day using Firefox which was resolved by them simply clearing either their cookies or the cache. If you're still having problems, please continue to document them here with as much info as you can provide.
  4. Ya know, after the success of Clone Wars & Rebels, I'd be down for an animated adaptation of the whole entire Yuuzhan Vong war.
  5. ARLINGTON, Tx. -- The Washington Football Team has announced the following inactives and lineup changes for today's game against the Dallas Cowboys: The Washington Football Team declared the following players as inactive: No. 19 WR Robert Foster No. 22 S Deshazor Everett No. 50 LB Jared Norris No. 52 DE Ryan Anderson No. 78 T Cornelius Lucas No. 84 WR Jeff Badet Lineup changes: No. 76 Morgan Moses is expected to star
  6. It shouldn't be. Flipper was a die hard Iggles fan when he was running redskins.com
  7. Meanwhile over on CBS, AP just scored to put the Detroit Football Team up 7-0 over the Houston Football Team
  8. Yeah well on the flip side it kinda sucks not being there with @themurf for our Whataburger, some Saint Arnold amber ale, & one finger salute to AT & T Stadium traditions. Plus Jerruh puts on one helluva a spread in the Press Box on turkey day. Oh well, as long as @Jumbo has the sidewalk & can of Dinty Moore, I'll have the 40oz...
  9. That's how they've been doing all road games this year.
  10. Most people send out Christmas cards. Things are a little different with @themurf & myself. We send out this Thanksgiving e-card.
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