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  1. On 8/7/2020 at 1:03 PM, TheGreatBuzz said:


    For a few days I haven't been able to get RS to load on IPad using Chrome.  Works fine with cell phone and desktop.  Just wanted to make sure someone was aware of the issue.



    Clear your cache or do a hard restart on your iPad






    Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder is trying to smoke out the person behind a rash of Internet posts falsely accusing him of being a sex trafficker with ties to Jeffrey Epstein.


    Snyder took his battle to federal court Friday morning seeking info on a company called New Content Media, which operates the website, He's also filed a $10 million lawsuit in India against the parent company of the website that published the heinous stories last month.


    According to docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, Snyder says posted an article hinting that a forthcoming Washington Post story was going to expose Snyder's alleged involvement in sex trafficking. Snyder points out the post sourced anonymous Reddit posts, including one that said "[Snyder] is getting [arrested] for sex trafficking. He was on [Jeffrey] Epstein's list too."


    As you know, the July 16 WaPo article said no such thing -- it detailed sexual harassment allegations against several team executives ... but not Snyder.


    In the suit, he says the site also posted this outlandish theory -- "Will Dan Snyder rename Washington Redskins the 'Epsteins?'"


    Snyder, whose team just unveiled its brand new helmets for the upcoming season, calls the stories "utterly untrue" with no "legitimate journalistic basis whatsoever."


    That being said, he is painfully aware the articles spread like wildfire across the Internet. As Snyder says in the suit, the articles "have been referenced in at least 22 stories which have generated over 160 million impressions."

    Although took down the articles under threat of legal action ... he says the damage has been done to his character and his family name.


    What's clearly important to him now is not just the $10 million he's seeking for defamation -- but also finding out who engineered the whole smear campaign. In the docs, he says he wants the "identity of the third parties involved in hiring [] to publish these false and defamatory articles."


    Translation: Who's gunning for me, and why?

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  3. On 7/26/2020 at 12:41 PM, Cooked Crack said:

    Not watching the trailer but looking forward to Last Chance U. Last season was hard to watch with all the losing and JB being JB.

    On the third one now. Coach Beam is awesome. Oakland area coach for 40 years. Defending National Championship team that returned 22 players. Looses his QBs in the first 2 shows & converts a WR to QB for their first win of the season. 

  4. 1 hour ago, ARParr_72 said:

     The last time I posted these I got a notice of multiple violations letter.  Let’s see what happens this time...

    Last tie I told you to Start here:


    Let's see what happens this time..... :) 



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    Feedback and Tech Support 2.0

    An outlet for members inclined to offer feedback and suggestions regarding the facilities. As well as ask for assistance with any technical issues.

  5. You're new here so you need to start here: Forum Rules and Guidelines


    7. Ensure the topic you wish to initiate a thread about hasn’t already been posted.

    We suggest newer members spend some time just reading the forums you're interested in, getting to know the board a bit, and definitely learn the rules, before starting new threads.

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    This is a very large and active community, with sweeping media coverage and up-to-the-minute updates. More than likely, most news/information has already been posted and is the subject of discussion in existing threads. Most current and relevant topics usually have any number of variations active in threads at any given time. If you wish to discuss that topic, you are encouraged to do so in one of those existing threads.

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    You can check this thread on where to discuss your 7 day old article here:







    Whatever.... :silly: