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  2. 4 hours ago, KDawg said:

    Looks like we're the Washington Tuscan Raiders moving forward. For short, we'll just be the Washington Raiders. What could possibly stop that from happening?!

    Look. If Vegas wants to play in a giant Roomba, let em. They both suck anyways. :)


    Meanwhile, Emperor Dan, after crushing the Senate Minority owners, has started construction on his new, more powerful stadium....




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  3. 1 minute ago, DWinzit said:


    The Pats? Wow, I can't believe they could it him on their roster now


    thank you

    Even with Cam & a down year, NE is still a desirable place to go play. Especially on a 1 year deal.


    Expect a LOT of 1 year rental deals due to the cap going down this year.

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  4. Yeah I was hoping Yellowstone was on something I was already paying for. 

    Paramount+ only has Season 3


    Hulu & Netflix don’t have it at all. 

    So I went ahead & did the free 1 week trial for Pea**** Platinum with a reminder to cancel it before they bill for. Hopefully by then NBC customer service will be able to tell me what happens with my WWE Network subscription. Hopefully it’ll just roll right into their Platinum plan like CBS AllAccess did with Paramount +. 

  5. If you're going to use the Contact Us link to email about an issue, that's perfectly fine. :) 


    And the right way to do it when you can't access your account. :) 


    However, make sure your email address you have on your profile is up to date so my responses back to you doesn’t just bounce back & actually reach you. 



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