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  1. Don't be stupid, it might make you famous.

  2. In beer there is freedom, in wine there is health, in cognac there is power and in water there is bacteria.

    1. SWFLSkins


      In Bourbon there is plenty.

  3. I remember when Lady Gaga was called Dee Snider.

    1. skinsmarydu


      It's the price we gotta pay.

    2. SkinsGuy


      I remember when Dee Snider was called Phyllis Diller.

    3. skins214428hail


      I remember when Minnie Pearl was called Sarah Cannon. jj

  4. Finally hired a REAL GM. I'll drink to tha....Wait. Whatchoomean he's a drunk? Hell we're all drunks from watching this mess, he'll fit in perfectly. :D

  5. Impeach Bruce.

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    2. skinpride1


      I second that Impeachment. hire a real G.M...if we are going to have any success down the road its going to be because of Jay Gruden and not Bruce Allen.

    3. Birdlives


      Snyder is actually the lesser of two evils here. I never thought that would be possible.

    4. HapHaszard


      I just heard him say nothing in 45k words.

  6. Just remember, if you go there, you'll end up here: http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/free_speech.png

    1. skins214428hail
    2. HapHaszard


      Very true


    3. Darc Requiem

      Darc Requiem

      TK, thank you. I'm so tired of people that don't know what the 1st Amendment means

  7. The Further Adventurous of UnWise Mike https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BqsIt6DCUAAO5db.jpg

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    2. Boss_Hogg


      UnWise is now blocking everyone (Native Americans included) who sport the Redskins logo in their Twitter avatars. So go to twitter and get blocked!

    3. btfoom


      Would love to ask the mighty "wise" how much money/time he donates to Native American charities.

    4. Glenn X

      Glenn X

      Y'all had better watch out in messing with UnWise Mike. If we'd just leave him alone, then the name-change controversy would go away. /sarc

  8. Randy Jordan. Running back coach

  9. Black Monday....It's not just for coaches anymore...

    1. skinsfan_1215


      Hmm... a culling of the herd in order? Remove some stupid from the board?

    2. TK


      Started to bump it & realized it's being archived & can't be bumped. But you know what they say, tis the time of giving...... >:-)

  10. Status updates, some of you are STILL doing it wrong.

  11. Status updates. Some of you are doing it wrong. Just start a thread. Sheesh. :P

  12. Hanging out at the gate in CLT surround by a buncha Bamas wearing silly little stars.

  13. I've got 36 million reasons to enjoy the giants misery.

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    2. btfoom


      I just hope you don't spend it all in one place NEXT year.

    3. goskins10


      Very well stated! How sweet it is!!! lol!

    4. Glenn X

      Glenn X

      I think seeing them get beat by the Bears in a close one rather than a blowout was even better. They had their first victory within reach... and Eli threw it away (or, rather, threw it to a Bears defender). Boo-freakin'-hoo, Mara, you cheatin' bastidge.

  14. **** dallas

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    2. Painkiller


      and Mara also!

    3. hailyeah1


      **** the cowturds and At 0-5 Mara is already *****

    4. KingGibbs


      I prefer **** YOU Dallas!

  15. Ready to go watch the Skins whup that Packer ass!

  16. Quote function is fixed. You can quote me on that :P

  17. Are. You. Ready?

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    2. TK


      I said.




    3. SWFLSkins


      READY as Rak , now that's READY.

    4. NickyJ


      I! AM! READY!

  18. Hi there. :)

    1. DeadExField


      LOL never gets old

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