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    With The 19th Pick In The 2021 NFL Draft, The Washington Football Team Selects....
    Game time.  

    Fill in the blanks below & let's see who gets it right. The winner gets a cheerleader (wait, do we still even have those?)  out of petty cash. 
    Alright. Ok then...
    The winner will get a 1 on 1 Skype counseling call with @Jumbo. Wait. ****! He can barely type, there's no way he'll be able to figure out Skype.....  
    I got it. 
    Bragging rights. 

    The winner will receive BRAGGING RIGHTS. 
    What? That's not enough? Fine. I'll throw in a bonus. However, you're really gonna have to work for it.  
    Call the entire Draft for the WFT before the Draft starts. Anything submitted after the start of the Draft will be disqualified.
    *In the event of multiple correct predictions, the winner will be based on earliest time/date stamp.
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