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  1. Ya know, after the success of Clone Wars & Rebels, I'd be down for an animated adaptation of the whole entire Yuuzhan Vong war.
  2. ARLINGTON, Tx. -- The Washington Football Team has announced the following inactives and lineup changes for today's game against the Dallas Cowboys: The Washington Football Team declared the following players as inactive: No. 19 WR Robert Foster No. 22 S Deshazor Everett No. 50 LB Jared Norris No. 52 DE Ryan Anderson No. 78 T Cornelius Lucas No. 84 WR Jeff Badet Lineup changes: No. 76 Morgan Moses is expected to star
  3. It shouldn't be. Flipper was a die hard Iggles fan when he was running redskins.com
  4. Meanwhile over on CBS, AP just scored to put the Detroit Football Team up 7-0 over the Houston Football Team
  5. Yeah well on the flip side it kinda sucks not being there with @themurf for our Whataburger, some Saint Arnold amber ale, & one finger salute to AT & T Stadium traditions. Plus Jerruh puts on one helluva a spread in the Press Box on turkey day. Oh well, as long as @Jumbo has the sidewalk & can of Dinty Moore, I'll have the 40oz...
  6. That's how they've been doing all road games this year.
  7. Most people send out Christmas cards. Things are a little different with @themurf & myself. We send out this Thanksgiving e-card.
  8. And you get a sack And you get a sack And you get a sack
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