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  1. They're not bad...but I'm a mustard guy. Add some gold pants and an alt jersey.
  2. Ok with: Redskins - changing logo to demon like a Baalrok RedHogs, Warboars, Warpigs Senators, Federals, Cavalry, Black Ops Hate: Any stupid ****ing soccer adjective Red Tails- Tuskegee isn’t DMV Warriors- That’s jr high ****
  3. See my avatar. That would solve it. But it will likely be changed to something else. And if the Sun comes up tomorrow, let it be.
  4. Like I said, he's never been to the South that I know of. But he does consider himself a proud "redneck" and I've definitely heard some less than progressive thoughts come out of his cakehole over the years... so prolly just what you think it means.
  5. Can't argue with you on any of that. I've been in such a strange place lately and ponder the fact that we are only 1/5th into the "new" century yet at 46 I'm likely at half or perhaps more of my life expectency. I find myself wondering how a 46 year old person in 1920 viewed the changes happening around them. I've never had a dog in the fight over the whole Confederacy thing. I've lived in the West my whole life and have never even visited the South. As such, the idea of rocking the Stars n Bars has never been a thing for me though there are PLENTY of others in SW Idaho who seem to be into it and the majority of them have likely never been as well. SMH. Just today my cousing posts some FB meme where the caption reads : "If they can fly theirs (pic of Pride Parade with Rainbow Flag) Why can't we fly ours?" (Pic of Stars n Bars) For a response I simply typed "Because that flag's (rainbow) slaves can be released by a safe word." Maybe a little crass, but it's likely the only way he'd understand. As you can see from my avatar, I see only one way we keep the name Redskins, but in all likelihood it's going to go away. I'm slowly coming to terms with that.
  6. Hi, I'm late to the discussion as usual... so if this has been addresses please point me to approximate page. So for now monument removal is accelerating for Confederate monuments, questionable sports mascots, and owners. Will it also reach back before the Civil War (Can't call it Antebellum anymore) to where they remove the Washington and Jefferson Monuments and remove their respective names from cities, counties, schools, ect? As you said, they were slave owners.
  7. I'm pleased to inform you that the Death Penalty is still an option in Idaho and has been utilized twice in the last 10 years.
  8. Well... I reckon we just stole a few points in the “Who Won That Trade?” game.
  9. Those guys are alright by me...
  10. If that somehow turns out to be true, then the one we drop will be to Pittsburgh because we can't beat those mopes for nothing.
  11. The only lead change that matters is the final one.
  12. Yeah, good thing we never blow leads like that in less than 5 minutes.
  13. Does the rest of the country give a **** about that matchup though?
  14. I am indeed, a broken husk of a man when it comes to this team.