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  1. Couple of years??? Wasn't that during the Jim Zorn era?
  2. Nothing personal against Cam Newton... but if he signs here, that just might be what drives me to finally taking a year off from the Redskins because it will just be a harbinger of More of the Same.
  3. She got it! Bail dropped to 1 million and an ankle monitor if she can come up with 100,000. bit.ly/2IsJrcQ
  4. hawgboy

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Never had anything against Trent, but like VetSkinsFan said, it's best if all parties involved just hug it out and move on. 2 round or a couple of 3rds is good for me.
  5. hawgboy

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    If T-shirts with .gifs for the graphic ever become a thing I getting a burgundy one with the Spurrier clip.
  6. hawgboy

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    Yeah and they had an incident where some asshole sprayed pepper spray in the stands. Oh and we got our brains beat in.
  7. But all the players involved here come from an LDS background. I do concur that everything I saw about the group on Dateline suggests a radical blend of the 2.
  8. Right?? Even if they're stowed away at one of her kooky Cult Camps. if they're are fed, healthy, and getting schooling of some credentialed manner, all she has to do is show that and she can say "Sod off!" because with Dad dead, she's the only legal Guardian. But she won't do that and the reason why is SHE CAN'T. Those kids (especially the older daughter) became a liability that likely know too much about all the deaths or even worse they were simply in the way of her Hawaiian paradise with her new man. I'm amazed he hasn't been arrested yet. And all this death cult bull****... I've lived in Idaho most of life and grew up Mormon (no longer practice)... I don't want to paint all LDS with this brush but when your doctrine preaches that you will become a God yourself, it's no wonder a disproportionate amount of them go rogue and start these sects. The doctrine caters to one's narcissism. /rant
  9. hawgboy

    Some Great Spurrier Stories

    His brother Bush Hamdan played a bit of QBfor my Boise State Broncos.
  10. At the very least, I need to see improvement against the Division... you fix that, everything else starts to come together.
  11. Aw heeeeeell nah... I'm a degenerate for a gas station hot dog. I'd come in to work with two of em and people'd be like "How can you eat hot dogs for breakfast...that's so unhealthy" And I'm like "As opposed to bacon and eggs?" Which I also love but that's a weekend thing. Man, I'm hungry now. PS I was always on the Breeland bandwagon.
  12. hawgboy

    The Runnigback Thread..Must bring back Adrian Peterson

    If I missed the 3rd down part of the discussion then whoops on me, but the title implies ALL RBs and I’m sorry... Guice is pretty much 1 injury report away from Bust status as far as I’m concerned. A shame, really.
  13. hawgboy

    The Runnigback Thread..Must bring back Adrian Peterson

    As opposed to Guice??? How many games has he played in his career? Five?
  14. hawgboy

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    He's gone... the guy who ran him off is gone... the Coach who benched Griffin for him is gone... Griffin is gone. If Kirk stumbles into a ring... good for him. With all the involved parties gone (Sans Dan) it ancient history.
  15. I said in the hire thread that for me, the benchmark set by the previous 2 Head Coaches is fairly low hanging fruit: Win the Division... winning a playoff game exceeds the high water mark of the last 2 guys. I know I'm being Capt Obvious but the way to get there is WINNING DIVISION GAMES something that other than 1 year each both Shanahan and Gruden struggled with. Since 2010 we are .350 vs the Division. Shanny the Red was .380 ; Grudes the Lesser was .330 Playoffs in year 1 or not... if Rivera could go at least .500 vs the Division I'd happily buy what he's selling.