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  1. hawgboy

    Starting QB 2019???

    Not a terrible deal really... and it SHOULD guarantee we don’t draft a QB in the first 4 rounds or even worse trade up to reach on 1 of this year’s crop. How much is his cap hit? That would be a bit o’ fly in the ointment... prolly still better than sending higher picks for Rosen. We just need to face reality and embrace the suck for a couple of (yet more) seasons.
  2. hawgboy

    Robert Kraft - Charged With Soliciting Prostitution

    1 of 25 eh... Any long hope/odds that the DanMan was one of the other 24.
  3. hawgboy

    Cheer fellow fans up thread

    Okay... to keep it Skins related. BSPN did their Way Too Early 2019 Power Rankings and surprisingly enough we're as high as 25: 25. Washington Redskins 2018 record: 7-9 Reason for optimism: Improved health. Wait, that also was a reason for optimism last year, and that didn't quite work out too well, as 26 players spent time on injured reserve. But here's where it helps now: The Redskins' offensive line should be in a much better spot with a healthy Brandon Scherff at right guard and with both tackles -- Trent Williams and Morgan Moses -- not coming off surgeries, as they were last year. Pair that with an excellent young talent base along the defensive line -- Matt Ioannidis, Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne -- and the Redskins have some optimism. But it will be muted until they get their QB position solved. Just like last offseason. -- John Keim Me personally, I think we'd better get resigned to a couple of 4-5 win seasons and hope we draft well to have a foundation to build with once Smith's dead cap money is over with.
  4. Hiring someone just because you share DNA.
  5. Unfortunately, they've more than avenged themselves of it since then...
  6. I'd be happier if it was his brother at DC
  7. **** the money... He's earned every penny for taking a life altering injury for this team. He shouldn't play another down. Maybe the Comp Committee should address Salary Cap relief for Catastrophic Injury such as these.
  8. hawgboy

    Gameday Thread

    Gonna punt his way to the loser’s bracket.
  9. hawgboy

    Gameday Thread

    Immaculate reception... it touched the ground.
  10. hawgboy

    Gameday Thread

    I’m just glad to possibly see an end to the season long Drew Brees swing fest
  11. hawgboy

    Brett Rypien. Opinions?

    As a Boise area native who’s watched nearly all his college games.... decent arm but has a lot of Rex Grossman moments. Needs to develop better “touch” On the plus side, he stayed pretty healthy at Boise St Sure, take a chance if he’s available in 3rd or lower.
  12. hawgboy

    Take the full cap hit for Smith in 2019

    I dunno.... If we are in tank/ rebuild mode the next 3+ years doesn't he deserve to play with a team that he could realistically contribute to a championship? I love him, but if and when we dig ourselves out of this QB black hole he'll be in the twilight of his career.
  13. None... there are teams way closer to me geographically, but if I still feel the same way about the Redskins in August I do now, I'll just start spending my sundays doing something else. I'm already 50/50 on cancelling Sunday Ticket and going back to watching the games in a sports bar. That way if they go 1-3 in Sept I can just bag it and not still be tied to the Ticket.