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  1. Dan calculates that these moves are temporary... Mrs Snyder may be calculating otherwise. I hope she's truly a cut above him.
  2. That’s showbiz... Thanks for everything, I may buy a Kerrigan T shirt on the cheap and rock it after he signs his Retire as a Teamster 1 day contract in the future.
  3. They're gone...and they're not coming back. I've moved on.
  4. Good day to be Dak, I reckon... It's been so long since he's been on the field some people forget how he can make Washington look foolish.
  5. Sometimes, Divorce is the best option (See: Williams, Trent).
  6. I remember a Super Bowl where the defending champ teamed named after Indians got scorched by a team named after Pirates.
  7. He could have said “Maybe save it for after the game?” Again I concede that this is a take based on opinion as opposed to fact so I’ll decline to press it further.
  8. Won’t argue with that... but that’s how I feel. Besides if Tampa ends up winning it all I feel better about our 8 point loss and prospects for next year.
  9. **** Drew Brees. I will never forgive him or the league for stopping a game in progress against us for 10 minutes so they could stroke him off over a record. 1st ballot Canton, sure but I got no use for him.
  10. I definitely ended that game way less crushed than years past.
  11. His fire would fit the culture... no doubt about that. But when does he hit the wall?
  12. This guy could be the Guy... or a GREAT back up. Either way I want him here next season.
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