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  1. I definitely ended that game way less crushed than years past.
  2. His fire would fit the culture... no doubt about that. But when does he hit the wall?
  3. This guy could be the Guy... or a GREAT back up. Either way I want him here next season.
  4. Good season fellow posters...see ya soon! Peace, Love, n Grace in 2021 David “Hawgboy”
  5. Heineke has nothing to be ashamed about, but you can still see it in his eyes that he is not happy… And I love him for it.
  6. Well it’s probably over, but I like the change of in the culture, and Heineke could have a job next year if he wants it.
  7. I don't have a feeling of impeding Doom... It won't be pretty and the path after that is bleak but.... we get our 1st Playoff win in 15 years. Can't predict the score, just the result.
  8. And once upon a time, John Mara got a 36 milly cap penalty levied on us to cover their collusion. “It’s Doomsday kid... it Doomsday”.
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