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  1. hawgboy

    Reality check time.

    It's sure becoming that way... over the last 30 years all the farms/ranchland separating them has been turned to Subdivisions (cue RUSH synth opening). I think a lot of people are going to be shocked when the 2020 Census results come out and they see just how many people really are in the Treasure Valley.
  2. hawgboy

    Reality check time.

    Not sure... I think he told me Meridian once but I don't recall. I do know I like Boise State and he's a Vandal guy (not that there's anything wrong with it).
  3. hawgboy

    Reality check time.

    Born/ Raised in Emmett Currently live in Nampa
  4. hawgboy

    Reality check time.

    Like OP I'm from Idaho and just happened to jump on the Skinswagon in the 80s. I'm 45 now so I guess I'm close enough to give an opinion for the "census". I've always been anti tank prior to now and for the same reasoning yourself (FO gonna FIU in the draft like they'd do everything else) but I'm coming around... People have asked me periodically "You have no actual connection to the area...why not follow another team?" It's always been ridiculous to me until the 1-5 finish last year. I started thinking about it... most people I've known since childhood have switched teams at least once. The majority changed to Seattle (closest) once they started winning and some went to Green Bay in the late 90s and some became Steelers fans in the mid 2000s. But I can't... I can't root for a team I've spent most of my life not liking (usually due to their success streaks against Washington) and no matter who I pick, they'll probably start sucking again too. It's time to face reality... Dan Snyder isn't going to change even if he fires Bruce Allen. In my 45 years I've found that most people do most of their "changing" between 18-25 years old. They may change their political views or music tastes afterwards but their basic personality/ archetype/ aura / ect is "set" in that range and unless it's altered by trauma or substance abuse, that's "Who they are" and usually who they will stay. So in the case of my Abusive/ Toxic relationship with the Redskins... the only REAL solution is to separate myself from it... not just the Redskins but the NFL and sports in general. But of of course that means I HAVE TO CHANGE... and frankly it's not going as well as I would like. I wanted to drop Sunday Ticket this year and start watching at Sports bars again. That way if they sucked I could just quit going... but I didn't cancel it. The last 2 weeks I've been "I should call Direct TV and cancel Sunday Ticket...season's ****ed anyway." ...but I haven't done it. I broke down and told my Band that "OK...**** football I'll be over at 2:00 and we can practice earlier" but I still have the games set to record...on Sunday Ticket. It's starting to bother me when I reflect on how 1/14th (6 months of Sundays every year) of my adult life have been devoted to a Franchise that has given me DAMN LITTLE in return in made me miserable. And the only thing that will fix it is for me to walk away... if I can, Seriously when I think of it in this context I can understand why it's SO hard for people to leave toxic relationships.
  5. I actually put the Redskins FB on 30 day Snooze because I got sick of their Rah Rah Rah posts back during the Cowboys game. Should be about up but I may snooze it again.
  6. hawgboy

    11-5 Finish, Tell Me It Can Happen, Please....

    That would be beautiful, but I think it's unlikely...though it would probably make Jay Gruden look REALLY bad to the rest of the League. Personally, even if we stumbled through to 7-9 it would likely be Fools Gold that validates Allan and seals the deal as far as Callahan getting the gig full time. In my opinion that would be bad based of Callahan's HC track record at Oakland and Nebraska... then again the one Head Coach archetype Dan Snyder HASN'T tried is Hard Lucked Former HC such as Rex Ryan, Callahan, John Fox, ect. I mean it worked with Bill Belichik, right? (crickets)
  7. I'm no poli/sci major but how do you sanction or strike at a nuclear power who owns your debt and the Panama Canal?
  8. I miss the gold/yellow/ mustard pants. I know a lot of people ****ed about them... some of them even gave the "We suck in them" BS excuse. Well guess, what we suck no matter what uni combo we wear. Wouldn't mind taking the colors of the current throwback though and making them permanent
  9. hawgboy

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Very telling that when Orlovsky was doing the counterpoint, that Guice wasn’t even mentioned among the young talent. Hasn’t even played a complete half of football and most people consider him a bust... and they’re probably right.
  10. Word... I'm glad the national media is finally holding Snyder/Allen's feet to the coals, but Jay earned his termination and I hope that doesn't get lost in the static. Dude never seemed like a motivator, team consistently came out flat footed, could not perform under the prime time lights, and refused to make halftime adjustments on principle. Would I knock beer back with the guy?... Sure but he needed to be let go. Doesn't mean we're getting anyone better though. That reminds me: Why the heck does Mike Tomlin's name keep coming up here? Last I checked he's still coaching for a team who hasn't fired any coach since the merger. Like they'll fire him for having a similar QB Injury run like ours last year. Not sure I'd want him anyway.
  11. hawgboy

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Bang, If you're lurking, may I suggest the setting for your next cartoon?
  12. hawgboy

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I watched it 3 times last night, filmed it on my phone, put it on my FB, and watched it twice again today.
  13. hawgboy

    Chris Thompson where do I begin?

    He dangerously close to JAG territory this year.
  14. hawgboy

    Gruden fired per John Keim

    Orthadox Jews and Muslims?