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  1. 3 minutes ago, carex said:


    you cannot throw away that kind of potential value six games into your inaugural season as coach

    You absolutely can.  And you do just that to set the tone for an organization that needs a Captain at the helm

  2. He has incredible value right now...to us.  If we keep him, he dangles around our neck like a ball & chain...if we cut him, a clear message is sent to our floundering yet rebuilding franchise.  Cutting him is about who’s the boss...imo.  If it’s really Rivera...he has to make this move

  3. This is dumb.  You give him the stick and you let him carry it at least long enough to overhaul his roster.  You have to.  Our team and culture were rotten...not close...rotten.  It doesn’t change overnight with a coach.  It can however change overnight with the right QB

  4. We win 31-20.  

    we turn two early turnovers into 14 points and coast to a 17-0 halftime lead.


    offense still looks shaky...actually both offenses are underwhelming in the first half.  

    second half begins with us putting up 14 unanswered to go up 31-0 before the end of the 3d.


    we drive mayfield crazy in the 4th qtr but they still manage to score 20 unanswered in 4th qtr garbage time.



    6 sacks

    2 int

    2 ff 

    1 fr 




    261 yards 2tds

    29 rushes 132 yds

    mckissick a catching td

  5. 1 minute ago, FootballZombie said:


    Need to get that man involved in the pass game. Make DBs try to tackle that guy.


    I can see a few bootlegs to give time to establish deep routes. Even if we don't throw them, it will make the D respect our attack and stop playing in a 10 yd box. There were a lot of jumped routes vs Ariz.

    we should be watching Jax tonight to see how they utilize shenault jr.  both players remind me of Percy harvin 

  6. Honestly, the right side has been very underwhelming.  Not sure what’s up with the sheriff and Moses...esp Moses.  I think we’re closer than we think...in developing our eventual backup talent.  We need ol help....lots of it

  7. 7 minutes ago, PartyPosse said:


    No way we can afford to sit a WR for him. Another guy just learning timing and the system. It's the last thing we need. I think he's still dealing with the leg even if he is cleared.

    Yeah...wr isn’t the best of ideas.  I’m just super curious where he truly is in his recovery and how the coaches value him.  Our running game is lacking.  He’s another youngin with upside.  

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