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  1. 27 minutes ago, D’Pablo said:

    So, I’ve seen consistent growth in Haskins to date. The accuracy issues were infuriating, but they were the right reads and they were reached quickly. If he keeps processing things quicker and quicker, I’m hopeful he’ll have time to be more mindful of his mechanics. It’s kind of nice to see this sort of incremental progress.

    Agreed.  People are picking this guy apart...rightfully so...he’s an nfl qb.  In the grand scheme of things, his head seems to be ahead of his mechanics and that’s actually good in this case given his physical talent.  

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  2. 57 minutes ago, BatteredFanSyndrome said:

    How many years does it take, man?


    Every team has pieces.  Teams that have both GM and head coach that work together have pieces that work together optimally.


    They couldn’t even do that with Gruden, a guy handpicked, with the Tampa connection and all.  It’s never happening, bro.


    Thing is, our emperors been naked for a long time.  Regardless, the masses now see that our franchise was naked...not close.  It takes time to defeat a culture of “meism” ...rooted from our love affair with free agency.  For decades there’s been no sense of family.  It’s been “come get a check” and bounce.  You don’t develop anything that way.  You certainly can’t maintain any identity that way when you’re perpetually chasing your tail.  

    this team is building again via the draft.  While that’s all well and good, we’ve actually done quite well at it....bonus!... And we’re lucky enough to have a youngster calling those shots.  

    bruce has gotta go.  But he won’t til dan is convinced he can stadium without him.  F politics

  3. I like the drafts.  I like the way we’ve been built so far.  We still have some weeds we have to get rid of but you can’t do that overnight and field a team.  We’re headed in the right direction.  We’re just not as far along as Bruce says.  

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  4. I liked what I saw today.


    1. poise in the pocket under pressure.  Eyes down field out of the pocket.  
    2. the arm strength is real.  He threw to open areas while routes were still in progress 

    3.  I saw swag.  Many will argue why...he hasn’t done anything.  I’ll argue hes gonna need that to survive.


    hes a rook.  But I like what I saw.  The tools are there.  Can we develop him and continue developing around him? Let’s build...


    btw...he’s biiiiig.  Big Ben big.  And with the new rules on roughing the passer, he’s gonna escape a lot of sacks imo.  Big benesque 

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  5. 2 minutes ago, BoycottEuphemisticFans said:


    2 minutes ago, BoycottEuphemisticFans said:

    of course crowder is better than quinn.  but is he better than 6 % of your salary cap better?  This is the LAST thing on the redskins list of problems.  this is the titanic ship again with the hole in it, and you are in the dining hall complaining about the fly in your soup, wishing you had the other waiter.

    Well sir, schematically, talent at that position would have a tremendous impact on the rest of our offense and it’s ability to score points.  It’s not just the qb. The slot is the quick playmaker...would be for me anyways lol.   

  6. I just think the slot position is a playmaking position in today’s nfl.  I’m not sure Quinn is a playmaker at all.  He looks scared of contact so whenever he does get the ball, he immediately runs out of bounds or hits the dirt.  Gimme someone with no fear and some shake please....Simms jr perhaps?

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  7. Copied/pasted from another thread...more appropriate here imo...


    Culture is what prevents losing streaks.  It’s what says “we just lost to the worst team in the league, but it’s ok cuz we’re still gonna whoop some ass”.  We don’t have that.  We lose and it snowballs.  Drafting fixes that.  We haven’t been drafting long enough.  We’re 2 good drafts away from having enough depth to be competitive annually.  FAs are cool and all but they augment and put your team over the top.  We’re suffering from years of selling picks for FAs.  Gonna take time to rebuild the right way.  My fear...THIS is the window.  We have good 26> talent but a lame duck coach and/front office.  We can not swing and miss with the coaching change this time or we’ll find ourselves here again in 5 years.  Whoever it is dan brings in...if we want perpetual competitive seasons with realistic playoff expectations...that person HAS to be allowed to develop with our youth movement and hopefully whatever young talent we continue to draft