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    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    “We’re gonna have to get together and work, get him right. It’s a little different playing NFL tackles, but once he gets the hang of it, he’s gonna be the real deal.” hearing this from Bosa....what cy does this off season will be telling for sure
  2. Stone Cold

    Thoughts on Greg Olsen potentially signing here? (M.E.T.)

    When healthy he’ll be a threat. We should not be building game plans around him tho
  3. Exactly why we didn’t give cousins the bank
  4. Stone Cold

    The Philosophy Thread: HC First, GM/FO First, or does it matter?

    Ultimately, you want to have a clear vision in mind for who you are as a franchise and what it is you do. I prefer the coach centric approach so I am biased. Put the coach in charge...he has sold you on his vision...let him execute it. why not a gm? I’d say the coach is a level removed from ownership. That builds checks and balances. Give the coach the power. The gm buys the groceries based on the shopping list. The coach does the cooking.
  5. Dans responsibility is to stick around and see it fixed. He is trying to do it right. Don’t let your emotions run an opportunity to show love to our little owner perhaps growing up before our eyes. Danny ain’t goin nowhere....we should embrace that and root for any success.
  6. Stone Cold

    4-3 Starting Lineup

    perhaps. I’m looking at the giants model that beat the pats. A relentless front 4...which we will have, masks a ton of problems. We have a dl that can win now in del Rios man up philosophy. A front rotation of ion, Payne, Allen, settle with ends rotating of chase, sweat & Kerrigan is goin to be relentless. I’d love to coach this def right now with what we have. A real pro like del rio is gonna turn these guys into all stars. I’m excited
  7. Stone Cold

    4-3 Starting Lineup

    I’d say our DL is more than set...add chase and it’s a wrap. Finding lbs now becomes a champagne problem imo
  8. His legacy here will be tied to chase young. If chase young is a stud...we’ll be ballin. If chase young is not what errbody says he is and flames out...uh oh
  9. Stone Cold

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I’ll take 3 dudes with B+ - A- potential over 1 dude with A+ potential errrday and 2x on Sunday.
  10. Stone Cold

    Our defense is confused.

    Built to be a decent 4-3 already....waaaaay wrong pieces for the 3-4. Save me the we are only in base defense x percentage of time. Scheme taught = scheme failure from jump. Ditch the 3-4, let’s go back to the 4-3 and attack please
  11. Injuries are part of the game but at some point, availability is an important ability as any
  12. Eerily similar to marshawn lynch
  13. Oooooohhhhh...I see what you did therrrr!
  14. He’s reminding me more and more of a young Marvin Harrison. Stay healthy are a part of this turn around!
  15. Agreed. People are picking this guy apart...rightfully so...he’s an nfl qb. In the grand scheme of things, his head seems to be ahead of his mechanics and that’s actually good in this case given his physical talent.
  16. Stone Cold

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Lions

  17. Stone Cold

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Lions

    Haskins did not play well. QBs are measured by Ws and SBs. He was crazy excited about getting a W even tho he played horriawful. I find that encouraging.
  18. Stone Cold

    Welp...have we seen enough..?

    Revisit after a few games. But as of now, I do not view him as a bust. the real question it seems we need to be asking is: do people WANT him to be our guy. And to that I answer yes
  19. Stone Cold


    I’m excited to see what he can do. I just hope we don’t throw him to the wolves too quickly.
  20. Take the keys and do your thing DW. I would love to see you do well here. Now that you’ve been named can break the cycle herrrrr!
  21. Stone Cold

    In what way is Kyle Smith GM material

    Usually, the teams that know about football aren’t there’s that
  22. We should all remember the rule of thumb that applies generally are gonna see what you’re looking for. Those that want him to do well, will see glimmer of hope. Those that have eyes towards a qb heavy draft will pick him apart...
  23. Stone Cold

    In what way is Kyle Smith GM material

    Thing is, our emperors been naked for a long time. Regardless, the masses now see that our franchise was naked...not close. It takes time to defeat a culture of “meism” ...rooted from our love affair with free agency. For decades there’s been no sense of family. It’s been “come get a check” and bounce. You don’t develop anything that way. You certainly can’t maintain any identity that way when you’re perpetually chasing your tail. this team is building again via the draft. While that’s all well and good, we’ve actually done quite well at it....bonus!... And we’re lucky enough to have a youngster calling those shots. bruce has gotta go. But he won’t til dan is convinced he can stadium without him. F politics
  24. Stone Cold

    Just admit it, you're going to miss them next week

    Oh absolutely. But I must admit fantasy football softens the blow lol