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  1. Fun Fact: Jim Kelley was temporarily employed by a USFL team owned by our current president.
  2. Thank you. He was finally convinced to go to a shelter.
  3. My father lives on Merritt Island (north of Melbourne) and he is refusing to leave.
  4. Last non-concert movie I saw in a theatre: Grown Ups 1 Last concert movie I saw in a theatre: Morrissey 25 Live Last movie I saw on BluRay: Elysium Last movie I saw on Netflix: The Interview
  5. Ditto for links to that Rupert Rag, The NY Post. Alexander Hamilton would cringe at it today.
  6. ...especially since the Bullets were named for a Baltimore Train in the first place.
  7. I was able to watch the entire run of The Wire by borrowing it from my local public library. Just finished season 6 of Dexter the same way. And it's free since I already paid my taxes anyway. If you have Netflix, I suggest checking into Lilyhammer. Steven Van Zandt as an former Mobster in witness protection in Norway.
  8. Just saw this posted on Facebook. Forgive me if it has already been posted here. I haven't read the whole thread. Funny stuff! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2826051946433&set=a.1746774645175.55230.1713082567&type=1&theater
  9. I already have a Baugh throwback replica made by a third party provider. Maybe I'll get one of these in a Cliff Battles if they offer a customized version.
  10. They wore those away at The Vagiants. I was at that Game. Freisz was our QB.
  11. I just rewatched The Wall about a week ago, after deciding not to spend 250.00 to see the Yankee Stadium show.
  12. Something may be happening. All of the current jersies are drastically reduced on redskins.com.
  13. Getting ready to leave Long Island. Destination: Section 313 Giants Stadium to watch the carnage that will be inflicted on the Girly-Men!!!!!!! Unofficial ES Tailgate in the Parking lot. Let's get this party started!:gaintsuck :point2sky
  14. I do want to give Snyder credit for not trying to outbid Chicago after Da Bearsss swept in with their ante.
  15. I have 2 words for Pam Oliver; Slim Fast. She used to be so hot. Now she's starting to resemble Oprah.
  16. No. The Vagiants always wear dark blue at home. We will wear White.
  17. One reason I think Joe liked wearing white is that it is harder to see the ball against the burgundy jersey. just a thought
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