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  1. I bought a T-shirt, but that's all until they decide on a permanent name. If they keep the WFT name permanently, I might buy more.
  2. No, we're just amazed he didn't get called for one false start. Then again the refs didn't seem to be calling much, even when they should have.
  3. Thanks for that heads up. I was unaware. HTTR!
  4. I ordered a T-shirt. Still waiting for delivery.
  5. You get to read two or three articles for free per month. Pay up the measley pittance they ask to read more.
  6. My grandparents, on my father's side, lived in Boston in 1932. They were fans from the beginning. Shortly after the team moved to DC, my grandparents followed. They went to every home game since before season tickets were a thing. I was born in DC, but I didn't really become a fan until George Allen and the Over the Hill Gang. I moved away from the area when I was 14, but I never stopped being a fan.
  7. Yes. Two NFL Championships before the merger and three Superbowls.
  8. "The goddamed Germans got nothing to do with it." - Sheriff Buford T. Justice
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