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  1. Yeah but the stated reason for his loss of value was not his age, health, or play; it was because he was disgruntled. I apologize for venting. I know we’ve already discussed this in detail.
  2. Jets traded Adams to Seattle for two 1st rounders. It still gets me so mad that Trent only got us a 5th rounder. Apparently not all disgruntled players lose their value.
  3. Native Americans might like to be called warriors but they don’t like teams to be named after them. That’s why they still object to complimentary names like the braves. But maybe that’s where we hold the line and make the case that teams can still be named after native Americans as long as the name is honorable. I’m just not sure the team would want to make a change that doesn’t make the issue go away completely.
  4. I actually like fighters. And warriors without the Native American imagery would also be cool. I personally like it with the Native American imagery but just worry that it would be seen as a half step.
  5. Keeping on point with the thread subject only, the name warriors has the same problem as the chiefs, braves, and blackhawks. Not as problematic as redskins, but still problematic to some. If we are going to change, there is merit in a full change and disassociation with Native American culture so that we don’t find ourselves having to change it again down the road.
  6. Not trying to bait. I likely agree with you on the merits of the report. I was just trying to get people to acknowledge that some native Americans find it offensive to have a mascot that symbolizes their culture even if the mascot is not offensive. Given that some would still be offended, we might want a complete disassociation with the Native American culture.
  7. https://www.changethemascot.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/DrFriedmanReport.pdf The name warriors is still offensive to native Americans if it is used with a spear and headdress.
  8. I like red wolves better than red tails. Has Renegades gained any traction? I know it’s anti-establishment but we are in a pretty anti-establishment mindset as a country these days. And it sounds cool and would allow us to keep the scripted r and httr. Warriors is already taken by golden state and doesn’t address the issue unless we disassociate it from Native American culture (meaning lose the spear and feathers).
  9. My favorites remain renegades, red wolves, and hogs. But I think it’s going to be warriors.
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