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  1. I have no regard for you so don't give a damn what you do. I will give you this....your behavior is consistent with your fellow leftists.
  2. Dan T. You need to correct yourself. I never said anything about Senator Blumenthal. But since you brought him up, I will say that it is very ironic to hear Blumenthal question someone’s integrity. Remember he claimed to have served in the military in Vietnam but never did and got caught.
  3. What a load of crap this is. Neither women nor men have a gene for “goodness”. Both are good and bad, often within moments of one another.. Everyone is flawed regardless of gender, race, age, etc., none of which have anything whatsoever to do with the quality of the individual.
  4. So, we have two testimonies, both evidentiary but conflicting. The accuser’s witnesses do not support Dr. Ford’s testimony. Tell me specifically how you would decide the issue. By the evidence or your gut feelings? In other words would you judge against a man and ruin his life based upon emotion alone or via the evidence presented? BTW, specifically, how do you know Dr. Ford isn’t lying?
  5. Is Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony evidence?
  6. Liberals are of one mind on this issue and that is deeply troubling. I would really love to hear just one liberal tell me what evidence they have that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted Dr. Ford. Not an emotionally charged diatribe but real evidence.
  7. There is no evidence to support Dr. Ford's allegation...PERIOD. Sexual assault is horrific. We are a nation of laws, however. Can you imagine our country as one where allegations are accepted as a whole piece of cloth even in the absence of any a shred of evidence? I cannot as that is the hallmark characteristic of despotic governments throughout history. God forbid that the United States ever goes down that route.
  8. What do we do when an allegation is made and then adamantly denied? Do we use emotion to decide the issue? Or do we look at evidence? Of course, we look at evidence. And the evidence put forward by Dr. Ford was refuted by the witnesses themselves. There is no getting past that even with Dr. Ford's compelling testimony.
  9. I don't think this is over yet. I would't be surprised to see new allegations or escalations of old ones take place between now and Tuesday or Wednesday when the full Senate votes. Libs won't give up till BK is confirmed then things will gradually simmer down.
  10. Republicans just confirmed the vote will be conducted tomorrow morning. Remember, after the vote is taken in Committee, the matter is then transferred to the full Senate. It doesn't matter what the vote is.
  11. I agree with you. Don't be so hard on the Democrats....
  12. I know, but given whats happened, I think he will go further right. What do you think.
  13. Yep, sorta makes you wonder if this will make him more or less conservative after he’s confirmed, huh?
  14. Judge Kavanaugh is, so far, hitting a home run as he had to do. His strength of conviction and emotion are helping him and his prospects. Siince Dr. Ford’s testimony has been shown to be inconsistent and she still can offer no corroborating evidence, he has surpassed Dr. Ford’s credibility. If if he keeps this up, he will be confirmed easily despite all the hopes of liberals everywhere. I know most here will disagree, but if you look at this objectively with your liberal glasses removed, you will see the truth in it. I also realize this is unlikely.