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  1. I like Schiff. I can see your point from a “marketing” POV, but he seems smart, knowledgeable, and his predictions and assessments have been unerringly accurate. Others might be savvier in their presentation or know how to work the crowd better, but polish is not what I most care about.
  2. Kinda crazy that Alex Ovechkin signs a contract worth about half as much as Johnathon Allen did. Different sports, I know, but still...
  3. Punishment for Stadium violation.
  4. Hearing this testimony and knowing what they did afterwards, more than a hundred GOP Congressmen should resign today. They won’t. They will continue being traitors and work to see division, but they ought to leave.
  5. The red side is truly disgusting. I suppose I could take some heart in the fact that a bare majority of Trump supporters feel this way, but that’s still too damn high.
  6. Yeah, I think it was also kind of important for the team to re-sign one of its own. They just let Moses go, Kerrigan, Scherrf is on his way out. It's probably good for the team to make a statement that says, "We do want to keep our own homegrown good talent and we aren't opposed to paying a 'fair' rate."
  7. It's amazing to me how all-in House Republicans have gone on supporting the insurrectionists. Now, they're going to protest arrests of people lawfully convicted?
  8. Captain Marvel was a good movie. It got grief because a certain segment of the population can’t handle a female heroic lead. Rey got the same treatment, by some, in Star Wars.
  9. Glad to see Pelosi rejecting Jordan from the committee. We’ve heard enough of his histrionics and bull ****. McCarthy pulling his Republican choices may wind up backfiring.
  10. It's hard to tell. Then again, Brady's rep was being great with timing and anticipation, but only adequate when it came to sheer arm strength. Mind you, when he went to Tampa where they had a long ball philosophy suddenly Brady's arm looked stronger. So, who knows with Heinicke? His velocity looked fine to me. Such a small sample size.
  11. I'd argue he might be a shade more than promising as Moses was let go right after rookie camp. That may just be me reading into things, but the timing seems to suggest they were really excited about what they saw.
  12. This is what I don't get. How did getting a vaccine become about politics? Is it political to get a flu shot or a polio vaccine? Is it political to take cough syrup or take a Tylenol if you have a fever?
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