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  1. It looks like Kevin is now the OC for the Rams. Mcvay hired him. Game recognizes game.
  2. Just watching the game on NFL network now. Is there fake crowd noise or did they artificially turn up the crowd noise? There looks to be about 10 people in the stadium but there is an annoying artificial sounding constant crowd noise. Did anyone else notice this?
  3. SmallDaddy

    Welcome to the Redskins Jimmy Moreland CB James Madison

    Ahhh, Taylor Jacobs.... that brings back some serious pre-season man-crush memories.
  4. Wow, that overall ranking is looking really bad for the Giants
  5. I’m wondering, now that we have a new QB and the league knows we have some serious fan indifference/waning interest/empty seats issues if this means we are going to be on Hard Knocks to try and get some positive PR. It looks bad for the NFL when half our stadium is empty or filled with the away team’s colors
  6. I am one of the people who thought we should tank and get one of the stud QBs next year. That being said, the biggest knock on Haskins is he only started 1 full year. Hypothetically speaking, if he stayed another year and put up similar stats to this year he would be considered just as good as the top QBs coming out next year - if not better. So, I’m warming up to this pick (especially since we still snagged Sweat!). Maybe, just maybe, we ended up with a true franchise QB.
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    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    I would appreciate a PM with some info. I am in Philly territory - arrgh! Thanks.