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    2019 Washington Nationals Thread - The Winds of Change

    So no more extending Rendon? I wouldn't tank. Sure, move any pieces who you don't want around moving forward.
  2. @SkinsGoldPants

    2019 Washington Nationals Thread - The Winds of Change

    Ok. You went too far from me. I want better investment in coaching and the bullpen. That's where I am.
  3. @SkinsGoldPants

    2019 Washington Nationals Thread - The Winds of Change

    2 throwing mistakes and a coaching mistake. The vibes are very negative with them right now.
  4. @SkinsGoldPants

    All Good Things "Star Trek"

    Enjoyed it. Lots of directions they can go. Also, I like this format for other Star Trek series' too.
  5. It'll be interesting to near why Barr felt the need to start a sentence after a comma there and why the 1st chunk there needed to be cut.
  6. Herding Cats. They aren't a strong collected voice. Personally, I wouldn't mention impeachment right now. If there is a way to focus on his private businesses and their interactions with foreign govs. That's what I'd do. Stop that flow of money. Fines. Lawsuits. Anything to bleed them dry my a thousand papercuts. His fear is people thinking he's poor/broke.
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    2019 Washington Nationals Thread - The Winds of Change

    Ok, the money is THAT low. But the years have been. A guy like Girardi is going to want like $7M per year for 5-6 years min. and I think they should do it. Here is a novel idea. Spend bigger on your manager, coaches, trainers, scouting. It doesn't put you into any kind of luxury tax situation and it puts you in even a stronger foundational situation.
  8. @SkinsGoldPants

    2019 Washington Nationals Thread - The Winds of Change

    Until the Lerners do it. I don't believe they'll pay big for a manager. If they are finally willing. Then you throw money at Joe Girardi. I don't what Davey's deal is. It just seems that he's along for the ride and most of his decisions even up being the wrong ones. Like he has the worst luck in the world because you'd have to try to mess up more.
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    All Things North Korea Thread

    @BreakingNewsNorth Korea says its leader Kim Jong-il has died-@YonhapNews
  10. Doesn't matter. My point is that you have clips with allies of the admin saying the opposite of what they are saying now. You use that to create doubt of anything they say now by just running the clip over and over. Either they will be asked to respond to their previous statements or will stop putting themselves out there as a supporter. It's taking pieces off the board. "I know that guy, he was in that ad blasting the President". Well, not really. But he can explain that for himself.
  11. Maybe this should go in the "Fixing the Dem Party" thread. But why there aren't Dem Super-Pacs making ads with clips like this and that Fox News supercut is beyond me. You don't even need to have a voice over of why you're running the ad. Just play the clip and who paid for it.
  12. Dems aren't organized enough to do something like that. They just aren't. Hell, they have all the soundbites and video to make a campaign around "Putting American before Trump". But for all their Hollywood insider connections, nobody is mass producing this stuff. But that's best left for a campaign thread. The Dems should get Mueller in for public testimony ASAP. Also, they are hoping the other cases still going (Stone) end with people like him in prison.
  13. Barr is first. I think that's already scheduled.
  14. @SkinsGoldPants

    All Things North Korea Thread

    More from the link.
  15. @SkinsGoldPants

    Fixing the Republican Party (new material on pg 9)

    They call that the James Woods factor.
  16. That leads to my question on Mueller. If the House brings him in to testify under oath. What is the limit of how much he can say? If it is redacted in what Barr put out. Does that mean he can't answer questions that might shine a light on that?
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    Game of Thrones Season 8

    I watch with CC on.
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    Tax Bill

    Fair enough. Probably won't work as well in the echo chambers that many people are in. People were told they were going to have these amazing beautiful lower taxes and for whatever reason they hear now. It doesn't feel like it anymore in the grand scheme of things.
  19. @SkinsGoldPants

    Tax Bill

    Some are saying one, and some are saying the other. Self Employed here. I got a return. Wasn't expecting a little more. But paying estimated throughout the year usually makes it easier to do the math as I go. A lot of my small business write-offs were gone though. That was very surprising.
  20. @SkinsGoldPants

    Massive fire engulfs Paris Notre Dame Cathedral

    Just hear them say the spire already fell. The frame internal is burning now.
  21. @SkinsGoldPants

    Tax Bill

    Regardless. The only response to people who are upset that they say their taxes were higher and/or their returns weaker is to say they're wrong. Even better if you call them stupid.
  22. @SkinsGoldPants

    U.S. Congress Part 116

    House GOP is going hard on the tweets today on the taxes thing. Almost like they have a coordinate message because the narrative is being rejected.
  23. @SkinsGoldPants

    2018 - 19 Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals Thread

    This. Play smart. Focus on your defense. Wait for them to make mistakes and take advantage. No stupid penalties. Don't let them bait you into something dumb
  24. You'd think if the report is what he says it was, it would have been used as wallpaper in all his buildings by now.