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  1. Why not. We already have 2 candidates. The idiot in Chief and. Rep. John Delaney. So, expect this thread to get the occasional update before things get real heated after the 2018 Midterms. Announced 2020 Presidential Candidates 1/20/17- Donald J Trump filed for reelection on the day of his inauguration. (GOP) 7/28/17- MD Congressman John Delaney 11/6/18- Tech Entrepenuer Andrew Yang *11/11/18- WV State Senator Richard Ojeda 12/31/18- MA Senator Elizabeth Warren 1/11/19- HI Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard *1/12/19- Former San Antonio Mayor/ US HUD Secretary Julian Castro *1/15/19- NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand *1/21/19- CA Senator Kamala Harris 1/23/19- South Bend, IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg *1/28/19- Spiritualist/Author Marianne Williamnson *2/1/19- NJ Senator Cory Booker 2/10/19- MN Senator Amy Klobuchar 2/19/19- VT Senator Bernie Sanders *3/1/19- WA Governor Jay Inslee *3/4/19- Former CO Governor John Hickenlooper *3/14/19- Former TX Congressman Beto O’Rourke *3/30/19- Miramar, FL Mayor Wayne Messam *4/4/19- Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan *4/8/19- CA Congressman Eric Swalwell 4/15/19- Former MA Governor Bill Weld (GOP) *4/22/19- MA Congressman Seth Moulton 4/25/19- Former Veep Joe Biden 5/2/9- CO Senator Michael Bennet *5/14/19- MT Governor Steve Bullock *5/16/19- NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio *6/23/19- Former PA Congressman Joe Sestak 7/19/19- Billionaire Tom Steyer 8/25/19- Talk Show Host/Former U.S. Congressman- Joe Walsh (GOP) *9/8/19- Former SC Governor/Congressman Mark Sanford (GOP) 11/13/19- Former MA Governor Deval Patrick 11/24/19- Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg *Announced candidates dropping out of the race It's time for this side to fill up with failed candidates. 1/25/19- WV State Senator Richard Ojeda. 7/8/19- CA congressman Eric Swalwell. 8/15/19- Former CO Governor John Hickenlooper 8/21/19- WA Governor Jay Inslee 8/23/19- MA Congressman Seth Moulton 8/28/19- NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand 9/20/19- NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio 10/24/19- Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan 11/1/19- Former TX Congressman Beto O'Rourke 11/12/19- Former SC Governor/Congressman Mark Sanford (GOP) 11/20/19- Miramar, FL Mayor Wayne Messam 12/1/19- Former PA Congressman Joe Sestak 12/2/19- MT Governor Steve Bullock 12/3/19- CA Senator Kamala Harris 1/2/20- Former San Antonio Mayor/ US HUD Secretary Julian Castro. 1/10/20- Spiritualist/Author Marianne Willamson 1/13/20- NJ Senator Cory Booker
  2. There will be some initial winnowing but among the real contenders, they are trying to make to Super Tuesday. The real contenders- Sanders, Biden, Warren & Buttigieg. Bloomberg isn't even running in the first 4, so he's staking everything on Super Tuesday. Odds are all 4 will still be in the race on Super Tuesday.
  3. If Bernie wins the first 3, fully expect the establishment to do all they can to stop Bernie from getting the nomination.
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    Kobe Bryant Killed in Helicopter Crash

    Rip Kobe.
  5. Actually, this thread should've started out with who should be the starter? Haskins isn't a lock for the starting job. Ron kept on mentioning they are some good free agents QBs. He's not going to put all his cards on Dwayne. Obviously, that disaster of Alex's contract hampers us some; but I firmly believe Ron is going to bring someone in to compete for the starting job in 2020. Dwayne wants to be the starter; then he has to earn it. Training camp will be an opening competition. If Dwayne can beat out the veteran Ron signs, then that would be great. Ron owes Haskins nothing. Haskins has to show Ron, that he can be the starter and for Ron to put his faith in him. Dwayne should welcome the challenge. The coaches will do everything they can to ensure Haskins can be successful but he has to earn the job. We've seen other young QBs earn the job. So whoever the other QB we sign or trade for; that person will be fighting Dwyane for the starting job.
  6. Watched the 8 episode-Season 3 of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Pretty good season. I think next year's Season 4; will probably be it for the show. You can feel they are getting closer to a conclusion.
  7. Saw "The Gentleman" about an American marijuana dealer in London. A little different, with plenty of twists and turns. Also, this is British movie; even though the main star is Matthew McConaughey. British feel throughout the movie. I'll give the movie, a solid B. I don't know if this movie will do well, since it's not really an American movie. It doesn't have that mass appeal like say James Bond does.
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    The Impeachment Thread

    This thing will be over quick, if they vote no on new witnesses. Senate Republicans eye quick Trump acquittal after witness vote
  9. Well, there is still 12 candidates and we are 9 days from Iowa, 17 days from New Hampshire. It's about to get real finally. Iowa is 1 month before Super Tuesday, which the candidates hope to be competing in. Bennett- I figure his run ends after New Hampshire; though he may drop out after Iowa. Delaney- Will he get the message after Iowa & New Hampshire? I say yes & drops out after New Hampshire. Patrick- He will drop out after New Hampshire, when he gets hardly any votes. Gabbard- Who knows with her, but I think we all know; she's mounting a third party bid in the fall. Yang- I think he hangs around at least until Super Tuesday. He can afford it but probably drops out then, when the he doesn't get the votes to earn him many delegates. Steyer- I think he also hangs around at least until Super Tuesday. What he does after that, depends on whether he wins any delegates. Klobuchar- She wants to make to Super Tuesday, but I think she will not do that well as she thinks she will and the money will dry up. She'll be gone before South Carolina on 2/29. The race going into Super Tuesday, will really be among these candidates: Sanders- Could possibly have a 3-1 record going into Super Tuesday, by winning Iowa, New Hampshire & Nevada. He's in it until the end. Biden- Can survive going 0-3 since he has South Carolina but if he loses SC, he's done. Biden should do well on Super Tuesday, if he wins SC. Bloomberg- Betting everything on Super Tuesday and a Biden stumble. If he doesn't win delegates on Super Tuesday, his gambled failed & he will be done quickly. Buttigieg- He rose & now he's fading. He'll try to hang on to Super Tuesday but if he doesn't win delegates then; he's probably done after Super Tuesday. Warren- Same for her. She needs to win delegates on Super Tuesday, or else she's done. Super Tuesday:March 3 looks to be the key date that will determine where the Dem race goes. Either one candidate walks away with it, or maybe it's 2 person race, or it's spread among those 5 candidates.
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    What Offer Would Change Your Mind on Trading Down???

    No, you stay and take Chase.
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    The Impeachment Thread

    I heard someone talk about it on the radio. Found an article: The Senate won’t vote to remove President Trump. But what happens if it did? Here's what happens if Trump gets convicted by the Senate
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    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    This space farce will be reversed in the next presidential administration.
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    The Impeachment Thread

    He would have to immediately go, I think. As soon as they can get a judge to give Pence the oath.
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    The Impeachment Thread

    Nothing is happening. This thing could over by next Saturday. I guarantee you threats have been made to the GOP Senators either from McConnell and/or Trump that anyone that votes for witness, will suffer. Mitch wants the vote for additional witnesses to be no and then he will hold a vote to acquit. Anyone who votes to acquit will suffer.
  15. Can Any of These Candidates Win the Democratic Nomination? A Major Fear for Democrats: Will the Party Come Together by November?
  16. I say do it Trump. Those Hispanics supporting Trump now; let's see how they feel when those mass deportations start. Further evidence that the GOP wants to make the nation all white. You think they will stop with just DACA or undocumented; they will eventually go after all immigrants.
  17. The DNC are *******. The GOP hasn't really begun their attack but they will. The Dems will probably bungle their response.
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    The Impeachment Thread

    Dems should ask for Trump as a witness!
  19. This offseason will be an interesting one for QBs. Drees Brees is a free agent, I think. Do the Saints give him one final deal? Tom Brady is a free agent, I think. Does he stay with the Pats or finish his career elsewhere? Do the Panthers move on from Cam Newton? Do the Chargers move on from Phil Rivers? Is anyone stupid enough to give Eli Manning, one last ****? How will Ben Rothlisburger recovery go? Does Tampa keep J. Winston? Marcus Mariota will be cut, career backup is all that’s left? Ryan Tannehill appears to have new life in Tennessee. Will be interesting this offseason.
  20. Interesting. I do believe Ronny wants a veteran QB like Carr. He doesn’t want to to put all his cards in developing Haskins. We sign or trade for veteran and then opening training camp with QB job open. If Dwayne can beat out the veteran, then the job is his. I just don’t see him pulling all his cards on Dwayne. He wants to win now. If Dwayne can show he can do that now, great.
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    All Good Things "Star Trek"

    i am changing my thread to acommpanying all things Star Trek. News,Movies,TV, Merchandise, Etc.... Will leave the original post and question: Star Trek: It's almost time for a return to the small screen or is it? 2012 saw the 50th anniversary of James Bond. 2013 saw the 50th annivesary of Doctor Who. Another big 50th anniversary is almost upon us. 2016 will be the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. Star Trek:TNG will celebrate it's 30th anniversary in 2017. Last year was DS9's 20th anniversary. Star Trek 3 should be out by 2016, I think they want to have the next movie out for the 50th anniversary. I am thinking that by 2016/2017 enough time will have passed from Star Trek Enterprise- 11/12 years that a return to the small screen for Star Trek would be welcome. OF course, what kind of show would bring Star Trek back to the small screen? Would it be a reimagined version of the original show with all new cast, seperate from the current and classic Trek movies? Would it be something in the Star Trek Universe but related to the original series or it's sequels: TNG,DS9,Voyager? Would it be something in the Star Trek Universe but related to the modern movie series? I just feel the time is right for another TV show in the Star Trek universe.
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    All Good Things "Star Trek"

    Just watched episode 1 of Picard. Pretty good. Interesting to see where this show goes. Loved the final scene, that showed
  23. Uh, we don't elect people by popular vote. The Dem nominee needs to be leading in states that give him/her 270 votes. Hey, I hope I am wrong but my gut says Trump wins. We haven't even seen the GOP/TRump/Russia attack machine in action yet and remain firm in my belief the Dem nominee will not have full support of all the Dem voters.
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    All Good Things "Star Trek"

    Damn you CBS, when you say midnight; I'd expect that to be EST and not PST. 1:08am and Picard not upload yet.
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    The Giants...lol

    Looks like Eli is retiring on Friday.