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  1. Well, my sister got tested today and she's corona free. I also got tested again and I am still corona free.
  2. Star Wars Actor David Prowse Reportedly Died From Covid-19
  3. Sean Hannity Tells Sidney Powell Trump ‘Needs to Pardon His Whole Family and Himself’ Before Leaving Office in January
  4. Team is definitely beating the Eagles. Maybe one more against San Fran or Carolina. Giants have a shot against Arizona, Baltimore and Dallas but if Colt has to start; then Giants probably only has a win left in them. Eagles aren't winning anything. They can only get in by beating Dallas and Us. That probably isn't happening.
  5. Why waste a pick on him? Everyone knows, if the Team really doesn't want him; they will have to cut him. Instead of trading a pick, you can wait until the Skins cut him.
  6. With both Tampa and Arizona fading a bit, there's a chance for the Vikings to get a playoff birth. All they have to do is probably win all 5 of their remaining games. Maybe, 4 out of 5. Anyone really expect Kirk to do that?
  7. It wouldn't shock me if Tom and Tampa part ways after the season.
  8. He could possibly win a congressional seat but there's no way he can win Senator or Governor in Indiana. He'd have to move to a more Democratic friendly state.
  9. Frankly, it's crap that a losing team makes the playoffs and this will be the 3rd time in the last 11 years. Before that, only time that happened I think was the 82 strike year that only had 9 games. Frankly, the NFL should ban losing teams from the playoffs but they won't do that. So, I think a team that wins the division with a losing record can still make the playoffs but they lose the home game. If you can't win at least 8 games; you have no right to host to a playoff game. Their opponent would host the playoff game instead.
  10. Tomlin gets covid and Big Ben gets covid. Only way. We may play them close for a half but the Steelers will pull away in the 2nd half.
  11. There are 3 5-6 teams that could make noise, if they win games. Pats are 5-6 and in 10th place in the AFC. They probably won't make it, too many teams ahead of them and they have been playing inconsistently. In the NFC though, there are the 5-6 49ers(currently 10th place) and 5-6 Vikings(Currently 9th place). If the Bears lose tonight, they fall to 5-6. Have to wait and see if they fall behind either of the other 2 teams. The current 6th place team: Tampa and 7th place: Arizona can be overtaken if they lose and the 5-6 teams win games.
  12. Trump Now Baselessly Suggests FBI Rigged Election Against Him in First Post-Election Interview
  13. Laws that the states GOP legislatures passed and refused to change before the 2020 election.
  14. Honestly, who the **** wants him there. It’s better if he didn’t attend.
  15. David Prowse, the actor in the Darth Vader suit has died at 85. James Earl Jones was the voice but David was the man in the suit.
  16. League has had no discussions on a full Week 12 cancellation
  17. The NFL will not pull the plug. Too much $$$$$. They already have the entire month of February available, if needed to play the Superbowl. Here's a checklist of what could happen. 1. The NFL will try to play the season as scheduled. 2. The NFL will reschedule games that can't be played into a Week 18 and 19, if needed. 3. The NFL pauses the season for 2-3 weeks and then resume play to finish out the season. 4. The NFL just cancels games; leaving some teams playing less than 16 games. The playoffs would expand 16 teams if this happened. I d
  18. It was bound to happen. I think covid is about to **** the NFL over and disrupt the rest of the season.
  19. Santa Clara county, where the 49ers play, has banned sport activity for next 3 weeks; due to covid. That includes when play them. So, all 49ers home games in that time frame; have to be moved elsewhere.
  20. Philly probably won’t win another game this year, they’re that bad.
  21. They earned their firings. Adam Gase, come on down.
  22. We need to trade some players for picks, if we do indeed make the playoffs. We need those picks to move up.
  23. The moment Joe takes the oath; other than the cult; noone will really care what Trump does. He's going to spend the next 4 years criticizing every single move Joe Biden does. I think most people will move on from the election and won't even think about the next one until 2024. The GOP field will hate it, if Trump does indeed announce a 2024 on 1/20. Trump would win the 24 nomination easily. We would then have to beat his ass again; though this time, with a bigger margin. So, go ahead and have your first 24 rally on inauguration day. It will garner little ratings; as
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