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  1. You know the OP's question has been answered by the Team. Veteran for 2021. I think the best chance we have for one of the Top Qbs; is if San Francisco drafts Jones. I personally hope we get that long term QB in this draft. There probably will be a 6th QB drafted , at the bottom of round 1. Someone like New Orleans or Pittsburgh may draft Kyle Trask.
  2. The past is gone. Unless the nickname starts with a R, no point to use that. The colors is the link to the old name; time for something new in the name. Red Wolves, The Hogs, Football Club are my choices for the new name.
  3. No big deal. They want to see where the Top picks get drafted; so they can adjust the schedule accordingly. The NFL will want to showcase those top picks on national TV; especially the QBs.
  4. There’s only one name; the Danny Synders. Danny will name the team after himself and the logo will be a smiling Danny.
  5. I don’t see Us calling Atlanta if Lance is available. Too much to give. If Denver wants him; that would be the team to trade with Atlanta. Now, if Lance is available 7 or 8; then we may trade up. Of course, we would have to outbid Denver, New England and Chicago.
  6. Anyone who runs against Trump in the 24 GOP primary is wasting their time. The GOP voters will give it to Trump in a landslide; should he chose to run.
  7. One of my dad’s patients got covid after first shot. He is under quarantine fir 10 days. He didn’t feel good today and went to hospital. They just gave him a steroid shot and told him to go to bed.
  8. I’ve had air fresheners hanging from rear view mirror. I had a grumpy cat hanging from my car mirror. Guess it depends where u live.
  9. Tell Atlanta thanks but Hell No. Chase isn't going anywhere.
  10. That's because they aren't. After that early flash; Kyle showed he's just a backup. Taylor is also just a backup who can pinch hit for some games if needed. Ryan is here to win, in 2021 and if we do draft someone; help groom the kid. Atlanta is sitting pretty because they can stand pat and get a key player or trade down and get picks. Since Matt Ryan will be there at least a couple of more years; they probably aren't drafting a QB at #4. Given their needs; trading down and getting picks is ideal for them. Jerry Jones is lusting after Kyle Pitts. Atlanta can get some p
  11. Manchin is delusion in catering to Trump voters and expecting any support from GOP. I don't care what they say in their little groups because when any Democratic bill comes to a vote; the GOP vote no. The Dems have noone but themselves to blame. They should've won at least Maine and North Carolina in the Senate; and then you wouldn't have to worry about Manchin and Sinema. They shouldn't have lost 12-13 seats in the House. Joe Biden has be to the first president elected where he losts seats in House; at least in a while. I know I am a broken record when I say this,
  12. Paramount announced a new Trek movie for the summer of 2023. No word on what this movie will be.
  13. Deshaun isn't going to be playing this year. Daily Mail: Deshaun Watson DID have sex with massage therapists - but his attorney says it was consensual as the Texans QB faces lawsuits from 22 women The NFL will suspend him for the year.
  14. Saw that on YouTube. That baby girl is 3 weeks smaller than twin brother.
  15. Well, those insurrectionists going to prison will help with that under incarceration problem. Maybe you can join them Tommy.
  16. It will probably be the Pats.
  17. They aren’t releasing the schedule until May; after draft. They want to see where the Top picks go; so they can showcase them.
  18. They should charge him with reckless driving and suspend his license.
  19. History Channel’s The Food that Built America is a good show. Though, I wouldn’t watch it on a empty stomach. Really amazing how the foods we take for granted got their start.
  20. I don’t see them willing to go that because I don’t think they feel they have to get a QB this year. They are satisfied with the QB room. Now, if one if the 2nd tier or 3rd tier guys they might be interested in is still around; they might draft that QBs. After signing Fitzpatrick; QB isn’t a top need. If they really were interested in the Top 5 of tier one and wanted to trade up; they wouldn’t have signed Fitzpatrick.
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