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  1. Hey, his 40 time is ****ty. I agree. I suspect he's probably a couple tenths faster but simply had a bad day and some cramps. In any case, those on the negative side seem to think his 40 time essentially means he's an oak tree. He is not going to win games with his feet. But he is big enough and mobile enough to get around enough. Tom Brady, the Mannings, Brees, etc are in the 4.8 to 5.2 range. QBs don't have to run a 4.4 to be ok. I promise. The difference between Haskins in the 40 and Russell Wilson in the 40 is roughly 4 yards. Really, it's ok.
  2. Name the QB Jay's ever had that fits the criteria you seem to think he prefers. We know not Brad Johnson. We know not Andy Dalton. We know not Kirk Cousins. RGIII was that, but he got rid of him for not being the QB he wanted. And all the QBs he's had, including Colt, are pretty much what Haskins is. So, again, show ONE hint of data supporting your thought Jay wants anything OTHER than what Haskins is. Just one would be great. Do you really think Haskins can't hand the ball off and do play action? Is that really a thing with you? You know OSU ran the RPO a lot right? The
  3. Smith does not progress at all well man. Even in KC two years ago when he was the game's best deep ball thrower, his game was deep to dump. He is NOT good at reading the field. He's GOOD at seeing his primary is covered and knowing where his safe is. He's good at understanding pressure and finding his hot/safe. Haskins showed almost none of that at Ohio State. Haskins actually read progressions. Again, here are two plays that illustrate that amazingly well he spoke about. Confirm you watch this: I'm sure every QB can talk about that. But there a
  4. I completely agree with you that Ben is at his best when a play breaks down and I will agree with you that I can NOT see Haskins having anywhere NEAR that ability on any level even proximate to Ben. I do think Haskins will easily avoid rushers in a similar way as he's got more quicks than speed certainly. But I think Haskins has shown the ability to read the defense and field and come to his first, second, third or fourth options BEFORE a play breaks down in college in a way that even seems to surpass what Ben does now as a pro. I can't say that with certainty, but Ben seems to lock in
  5. Marino, Bledsoe are apt I think. Stationary, good arms. Marino had a better release. Bledsoe a better arm. Peyton Manning from a mobility standpoint, but better arm. It's all about how good Haskins is mentally to know if he'll overcome the physical athletic differences frankly. Manning and Brady and Brees are so quick making decisions and the ball comes out. If that's Haskins, it won't matter if he plays like Big Ben. If that's not Haskins, well, there's always the Clemson kid in 2 years :).
  6. For clarity I said I think Haskins attacks a defense in a lot of the ways Brady does. Which is to say he takes what's open. Almost always. I recall when we were in New England and Gregg Williams put his safeties 30-yards-back on a windy day in Foxborough and Sonny said, "You watch, Brady is going to play his 11 on our 9 all game." And he did. And he shredded us. And he never went deep. At Ohio State, the book on them is take away the deep ball and you can stop them. Haskins actually spread the offense sideline to sideline and found the right matchup quite often. In that, he's
  7. Morrison. I think I'd merely ask you to reflect a moment. You clearly have an opinion best described as singular in nature. It's one not shared by anyone, anywhere. It's a comparison no one has even contemplated on any level from fan to front office to analyst. Every single person in response is begging you to think about what you're doing. Yes, you're right, Ben is a more natural gunslinger with a game that throws deep a ton than most people in football history. I'll go into this in a moment, but, while accurate that Haskins doesn't either throw the ball deep as often as Ben doe
  8. I think you're saying something interesting and utilizing hindsight as to what Ben has become more than what Ben was leaving college and what Haskins was leaving college. They are very similarly ranked prospects with the edge going to Haskins as far as I can tell. Ben had minimal big football experience so his numbers, while inflated, were nothing in comparison to Haskins. Ben was more willing to throw into tight windows, and probably remains so, which is why he threw and throws more interceptions than Haskins did throw or projects to throw. However, someone posted this earlier and I w
  9. Can't align on this. Alex Smith was the Top Pick in the draft who got there on his athletic ability and he ran a ton. Like over 10 times a game ton. Haskins has a better arm than Smith coming out or now. Haskins ran 79 times in 14 games. Like Ben who ran 67 times in 14 games in his final year. Haskins is much more like Ben in terms of play style than he is like Smith. Ben is taller and thicker though and more athletic though at this point probably not :). You are not wrong to say that Haskins is not as polished as Ben was coming out of school under pressure
  10. Dude, I copied it at the spot I wanted watched didn't I :). I can't help it if you guys need a Brozilian.
  11. Well, most people would worry about his play, not his insane dislike of the owner. HOW DID HASKINS PERFORM? Right. A panic move is NOT taking who many people considered the best QB in the draft on a team in need of a QB while sitting still and doing nothing. You get that don't ya? Hush. You clearly don't know much. Jay doesn't like guys that can move. He dumped RGIII for Cousins because he likes guys, LIKE DALTON, who stand in the pocket and pass. Idiots keep saying Jay likes a QB he's NEVER HAD. Jay LOVES Colt McCoy. He's not looking for a mover. He's lookin
  12. Ok, so the criteria is not against pressure he faced against teams he faced, but pressure he faced against teams he didn't. Yes, I agree then he can not meet your criteria, as it doesn't exist. Of course, when he played the best defensive in college football, how'd he look? No, he can't run. Announcers said he's under pressure. Probably wasn't though. My GOSH SO SLOW. Why is he RUNNING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Filthy pocket. ****ty throw. HE BLOWS. Get the Clemson kid, eh?
  13. The super smart move would have been to lose every game until we could draft the kid from Clemson No. 1, right? I mean, why take a guy many analysts had as the best player at his position in this draft when you can lose 32 games and get a guy who will be rated as highly as any player at his position in history, who, upon getting him, will NEVER have thrown a pass in the NFL on a team that is 0-32. Your premise that waiting until next year whittles down the competition for a QB is silly. If Matt Ryan gets hurt, there's a team. Green Bay. Dallas, when Prescott ****s the bed
  14. Never seen him move out of the way and make a play. Oh, wait, yes I have. Want more? I can find dozens.
  15. Fair enough. Just keep it in mind if you are going to quote me, actually do it. Don't pull one line out of context and demand I answer your misunderstanding. Either grasp it, or don't reply as it annoys to be misquoted and then asked to respond to that instead of what was actually said. But, I join you in celebrating our hope for Haskins in spite of any reasonable concerns we may share or have. As I already answered, I think Haskins will have a better career because he has the body size to survive the NFL and seems to have the mental ability to not abjectly suck. Murray will probab
  16. Ahh. I see we may have difficulty communicating as you appear to have some difficulty processing words presented to you that others would quickly and more clearly grasp. Here is what I said. "But there are a lot of people who had Haskins as the No. 1 QB on their board early, middle, late and LAST NIGHT in the draft process. It is laughable to suggest there was a clear No. 1. There wasn't. If the Cards pick a different coach, there's every chance Haskins goes before Murray." When you quote, you should quote contextually as you'll understand better. I did not say, "
  17. I have no clue if Haskins will be a better pro than Murray or not. No one does. And the NFL grade for both suggests you could be right thinking either will be superior to the other. I will say Murray is EXCEPTIONALLY slight. Wilson has and can carry 20 to 30 pounds more and remain an acceptable athlete. Murray will never weigh more than 205 and remain anything worth having. That lack of thickness suggests to me that like RGIII who while bigger, thicker and stronger, but who lacked the frame for the NFL grind, that Murray will have some exceptional moments, but ultimately be a disap
  18. I will give Finlay some credit. He actually does appear to have sources who have badge access to Redskins Park. And, yeah, after hearing Sheehan scream about how Gruden wanted Rosen all morning, this doesn't seem to jibe, does it? I mean, a better rated prospect who has a better arm, is thicker, is more accurate, played at a better program, who had better numbers, who didn't turn the ball over a ton, who is a lot like Dalton and Cousins in style, couldn't possibly have been a Gruden-desired-player. Everyone knows the Grudens like athletes. Like Brad Johnson.
  19. I've seen him in coverage some, but mostly hand down. And his biggest and best plays are when the hand is down. I tend to dislike taking guys who seem better at DE and making them be OLB. But this guy is athletic enough to maybe make it happen as I expect that's his future.
  20. Yeah. This is right, thoughtful and not totally beholden to abjectly fictional leaks that there was any abnormal dissension within the team regarding draft path. Reasonable people within the Redskins organization felt we could get better trading for Rosen and using our picks differently. Maybe on Sweat. Reasonable people felt Haskins wasn't a slam dunk and we could get better maybe moving down and stockpiling. Reasonable people felt Haskins was too good a value at the most important position of need on any team that has UTTERLY NO POSSIBLE FUTURE and to take him when he fell. No
  21. Nope. Dan didn't make the pick. Dan does like the pick as he should. Black kid in a black town with local ties who knows his kid who falls inside the team's desire for big-time programs for big-time picks. Unless Haskins is CLEARLY before ALL of our eyes the best player in the preseason he will not open the season as the starter. And he might not then in any case. It's likely he'll start quickly if the team sucks early certainly. But there's very little chance he opens as No. 1. He CAN take No. 1 given he's more talented than Case or Colt though b
  22. Amusing. Riddick was here with Gibbs during our most stable stretch as it was Gibbs who promoted him from regular scout. And, NO, he was not one of our more knowledgeable football guys. He's GREAT on TV though. Legit great. So I get you like him, but, no, he's not close to good enough to be working in the NFL. That's why he's on TV. He's also great on TV not really getting anything right. Kiper nails stuff. Riddick can totally blow a call, like when he thought Philly traded up for a CB and they went OL, and do it with style. He's good on TV, even when he couldn't
  23. This guy has pretty exciting measurables AND pretty exiting production and looks good on film. The downside for us is because he hasn't been a standup edge player which he'll have to be with us (though we'll chat on that in a minute) he will be lost in space in any coverage situation and after YEARS of seeing Kerrigan and Smith picked apart on the edge, this is NOT ideal. Assuming the obvious that they intend to use him as a standup, this will be something to watch for, but he'll certainly be no worse than Smith in this area just given he can run a bit, and even if he dies on the
  24. I guarantee you didn't trust him when he worked here as a scout.
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