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  1. First, who are the corners in free agency you'd give even $10 million to. Go. Done? Agreed. I'll ignore your thoughts on Gilmore, who, a year ago, was ranked as one of the worst signings in free agency. Second, you're suggesting Mathieu, who is smaller, shorter, slower, older, more injured, who has been to 1 Pro Bowl and named All Pro once, is in the same league as Collins, who is in possession of the inverse characteristic listed for Mathieu, who has been a Pro Bowler three times and All Pro once, in fewer years, who tackles more, and who is "ball park" in passes defens
  2. Same money per year that Tyrann Mathieu, a safety, just got, except Mathieu has been injured, is smaller, is the hairest of hairs slower and is older. But, yeah, I agree, we're lunatics. Terrible, terrible lunatics. NO ONE DOES THIS....this that everyone does. Oh, as for using him creatively, please recall, Sean Taylor was best used lined up 30-yards off the ball by Gregg Williams and destroying everything, everywhere. And we'd have paid him a zillion. How about if Landon Collins continues to be the best player at his position in the conference, we just smile and nod and t
  3. He can't visit until the league year starts. And at this rate he'll be paid $90 million a year. He's at $17 now. Probably not going to see us dip that far into it as there are teams that can get him without more reworks, but I've been wrong before. Rarely, of course. And not for a while. But before.
  4. Greg Manusky is an immediate -10. So if we are the best defensive in football, we'd be 10th.
  5. Any chance we can get Nick Saban to be our defensive coordinator?
  6. He knows he's getting paid. A lot. More than anyone thought. So now teams crunch numbers. The day started with people thinking maybe $13 million a year then Alexander got $13.5. At least $16 million a year now for this guy. THAT would be a lot :).
  7. You are what your record says you are. That was true once. Only for us, it's not true, cause, well, it is true, but you don't like it so it's not, yeah? Help a brother out. How does a team which is clearly mediocre over the last several years on the field achieve that when it's a joke in all other ways? We both know the answer, but I'm wondering if you can say it. It doesn't. A joke performs so. No one can look at how we've performed the last two years and say that would have been our record if we had half as many injuries. That would be idiotic. And WITH THOSE,
  8. This guy is effectively winning this thread. The Redskins are not a championship contender. That's obvious and clear. But anyone who is saying the Redskins have not been consistently average, on the whole, is simply ignorant and should have the common courtesy of never speaking. The Redskins aren't a dumpster fire on the field -- well, until they lose 24 players to IR, then yeah -- and seem to have a good young core of players in need of a few real elite players to either produce there or be added. There are far worse teams on the field than us, which, by definition, means
  9. Not sure all of this is true. Yes, I agree, our style of play with Smith is VERY tight and close to the vest and leaves minimal room for error and I believe with him we'll always be top end limited unless we expand a bit. That said, it's not really true we "lucked" in to wins with him. We beat the Cardinals by 18. We beat the Packers by a super comfy 14. The Panthers was pretty close. We held on against the Cowboys, but had that one pretty firm. We won comfortably against the Giants and the Bucs in games really never in doubt. In fact, with Smith, we were winning pretty signif
  10. So, Greg has no sources who've yet seen the contract because the contract has not been submitted and won't be. So he has ZERO sources who have told him it's nuts based on any actual evidence. And he has no sources who told him a team in need of a safety is nuts for signing a young, good safety. Thus you know the post is simply a guy wanting to be charming and failing. ONCE someone has viewed the contract, he can let us know he now has a source who says nuts.
  11. Exactly. Extending Scherff is super simple. He's a 12.5 million base this year. NOT extending him is hard. Unless you don't plan on building with him, he's the absolute easiest to extend.
  12. Problem is ZaDarius Smith is Preston Smith. Why not just keep Preston as ZaDarius will get more because he is coming off a better year. They are essentially the same player, except Preston has generally been better. Personally I think Preston is a huge weakness for us in the defense we run and am fine with him leaving and us NOT looking at Zadarius. I'd actually probably prefer Brandon Copeland, if you want a guy you won't ever rush with, who MIGHT be better in the flat but with some upside, or a low-ball effort at Houston, if you want a guy with top-end rush possibilities.
  13. Scotty McCloughin drafted Doctson because he was a football guy who loved the game. Doctson, who appears he'd rather be combing his hair than playing. Drafting isn't a science. This Metcalf guy screams to me another Michael Westbrook. Westbrook was a physical beast. He was interesting, never great. We seem to have done an ok job drafting Allen and Payne the last couple drafts, though it's still early on them. We'll hopefully get someone ok at receiver in the draft if we go that way, which I'd bet money we will :).
  14. No team can lose 24 players, including their starting QB and be any good. None. Yes, if not for injuries at the level we had we win the division last year. That doesn't mean much as we were not that good and would have gotten stomped in the playoffs. But if the cards fall reasonably we can be a playoff team without too much of an imagination stretch. At least it appears we intend to maintain that possibility with Collins being brought in.
  15. Well, since we're not drafting a QB with our first pick, you can expect a rookie in this year's draft....and Paul Richardson. It's fair to say with Crowder gone, this will need to be a place we go in the draft again. Oh, and Doctson breaks out? :).
  16. Well, or he wants more than, say, $17 million a season.
  17. You are right of course. The market always generates bigger deals than a player is probably worth. Case Keenum worth what Denver gave? In my career I've never stayed at one place not because I haven't liked it, but because that place gives COLA raises and a new job will give a big raise. THEN I have gone back places for another raise they'd never have given had I stayed. So, the willingness to move does generate larger deals. I've gone from $50K to $250K by moving. I'd be at $140K by staying. If that's my reality, the reality for players in the NFL is staggering. Thus Ca
  18. Take it that if the legal tampering didn't exist Mosely would be a Redskin :). And may be a Redskin. But the legal tampering period hurts us in that endeavor :).
  19. I can only say this on Mosely. If he shows up to Redskins Park go to Vegas and bet on him never leaving. I do not think he'll get here. I think he'll agree in the tampering period with someone else before we can do the magic we do once they arrive. But, yeah, he with Reuben Foster creates an interior pair that removes many of the flaws the defense has had as a 3-4 from a personnel perspective (though I still think Foster is better in a 4-3). We still have the edge problem with two defensive ends playing OLB who can't cover the flat AT ALL, but you can't cure everything :).
  20. I think this is a bit much. I liked Swearinger a lot and I think he played really well for us. However, he's not even close to the type of player Collins is. Swearinger has been CUT by three teams for a reason. Collins is younger. Bigger. Faster. Stronger. A starter since Day 1 in a division we play in, meaning he'll know LOTS of tips and things others will be doing without much ramp up. Swearinger was also paid something and is not every bit as good as Collins, but, yes, for the monetary difference his performance for us was probably not as wide as the money gap is for a
  21. Because while all teams are profitable in the NFL, most owners aren't so wealthy that they can take money out of their accounts to pay immediate large sums of money, far surpassing the cap in immediate terms, for a payoff that may not ever come or may not come for years. The Glazers are less liquid than Snyder. Green Bay is less liquid. Pittsburgh. ETC. You don't see all teams do it because all teams can't. Some can. The Rams couldn't in St. Louis, but could in LA because of market and prospective growth. It isn't necessarily good or bad to do it. It CAN be good. It can be
  22. Not entirely sure I understand the question. Any team could always do this. Again, not every year, but they can target years to do it and it's perfectly valid for them to do it. We have pointedly, to the point of frustration really, NOT done it, as we have crested the wave of desiring compensatory picks. But that was our strat. Any owner can convert base cap dollars to guarantee bonus dollars if they wish. But it's a hedge against the team's ability both to generate revenue to repay that, essentially loan, and for you to be willing to pay the consequence of mistakes. Snyder has a
  23. The cap is only meaningless if you have an owner who's willing to put his money there in place of the cap. You still have the cap obviously. You can't do a big free agency spend every year. But you can do one and then recycle with a soft off season. We have largely been a quiet team in free agency with Allen and always so with Gruden. I was surprised we were willing to essentially go all in this year, but we are. I suspect it won't go exactly as planned and the recycle will come super hard for us, but, one can always dream :).
  24. I do think it would be fun to buy a Bama jersey and wear it to a Skins home game. I'll do that this year for the lulz :).
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