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    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges

    There's video of this incident. He made more splash plays against Arizona as a rookie than we had at middle linebacker ALL year this year. He kind of looked like Zach Brown from 2017 :).
  2. Art

    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges

    If he did it, sure. If he didn't, and the woman is just cray, then, we've little to worry about though, right? I mean his feeling of being entitled may stem from not having done anything with this woman admitting to making stuff up to hurt him. Same thing happened to Elliott. Hunt's situation is harder in that there's video, though that is less jarring than what Rice did to his woman. At the end of the day either Foster is a guy who likes to hit on the women and that will burn him in the future OR he's not. The fact he clearly remains in touch with the crazy woman is probably a sign he is crazy too, so that's likely a bad future sign, but, he's young and may realize there's no more money in the NFL if he doesn't keep himself on the straight and narrow.
  3. Art

    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges

    Signing Foster was a great move when we made it purely from a football perspective. It's a young player with zero cap consequence with significant upside at a SEVERE position of need. If the domestic violence charge had merit we lose nothing by controlling his rights through a waiver claim. And if, as was always likely the case, the charge amounted to nothing, you have a guy who was an elite college player who has the sort of upside to get excited about at that position. While there was a PR hit based on the woke media about daring to sign a guy with ZERO football downside, the fact is, we're a football team. That said, and similar to Payne, he's NOT IDEAL in a 3-4. I think he'd be masterful as a WILL backer in a 4-3. I think Payne and Allen would be outstanding as 4-3 tackles. I think our personnel so well aligns with a 4-3 I am going to BEG for someone to make that happen :). Like Payne, though, where I think Payne is not ideal as a 3-4 nose, he CAN play there and Foster CAN play inside in the 3-4. I'm just a bit worried about continuing to have personnel that would seemingly fit perfectly a system like the 4-3 yet we continue to run a 3-4.
  4. Art

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    One thing to consider in this conversation is that while I certainly would like to see the Redskins move on from Gruden and I would be fine with seeing the team move on from Allen, moving on from either, right now, is not only exceedingly foolish, but implausible. In fact, one could legitimately argue that we are very fortunate both guys are already here. Why? Our situation with Alex Smith makes this a VERY unattractive place to work the next couple years if he is unable to play. While Snyder would pony up whatever money is required to land whatever coach he'd want under normal times, NO "good" coaching candidate and no "good" personnel candidate will come here while there's a legitimate chance the team will have to carry so much dead money from a Smith retirement that it will be unable to legitimately compete for at least two years and likely not seriously compete for four. And by compete I merely mean the ability to be kind of a thought in the playoff race. So, yes, I view Gruden as the key problem with why we falter so badly late in the season due to the injuries we sustain due to what I perceive to be a super soft culture. I also blame Gruden for the sluggish starts where any team that practices harder than us in camp stomps our guts out while we get our football legs back. But, honestly, he's a VERY good coach to have in place on a team that is seriously unlikely to be at all competitive if Smith retires. And if Smith does come back, Gruden is a good enough coach that the team can kind of compete and barring injuries could as easily win the division as anyone next year. But while there is ANY doubt, NO one is coming here and we won't have any answers until September more than likely as to that. We may have rumors and leanings before then, but we won't REALLY know until September. As for Allen, I think on him as I do on someone like Grunfeld. He's been here a while. We've done it a number of ways. One can't really point to any personnel type moves as simply galling but whatever we're doing also isn't working. I mean, I LOVE both Payne and Allen, but, frankly, Payne is NOT that good as a 3-4 nose and Allen is pretty good as a 3-4 end, but both are IDEAL for a 4-3 interior. **** doesn't really just fit well with how we are put together. I'm NOT saying Payne isn't a good pick or that Allen isn't, but we just aren't ideally suited for what we run. We need a fatter body at nose. Ultimately this is why Allen can go and it's no biggie to me. He's had a chance and we haven't improved. But like with Gruden, no personnel guy will come to a team that may be UNABLE to do much on the personnel side other than draft for a couple years with the Smith contract hanging over us. As such, in a way, we are probably fortunate to have any real experience in both spots at this point. I think this logic is more suitable to someone like Gruden as a coach KNOWING he's going to lose for a few years because of the cap situation won't put that on his jacket. A personnel guy might as we generally still consider performance a coaching responsibility without a CLEAR ability to point to a lack of personnel. As much as I'd prefer at least Gruden to be gone and would fine with Allen gone, I think they actually represent a real benefit to us in this narrowly defined instance where Smith's future rests so heavily on the team's ability in the next couple years. I do think we are also fortunate in that we have personnel enough defensively that a good coordinator could still come in and cut his teeth with that unit and become a head coach -- maybe our next head coach -- if Smith has to retire and he does a good enough job. If we can get someone in here to run a 4-3 we might actually be a good defense even if we are hopeless on offense. Which we'll be if Smith has to retire and the losses we'll have to absorb to build a functioning roster. Colt may be KIND of able to play a wee. Johnson can't, and RGIII is better at everything Johnson can do, and is a barely alive third stringer. We REALLY need Smith to come back to have much of a chance to attract anyone. So I would anticipate 2020 before we make any serious changes IF Smith is back and 2021 if he has to retire and we JUST start to come out of that cap hell.
  5. Yes, i remember Yusuf. Which is good. As to my relative level of accuracy, not only was I precisely accurate on the topic you fictionalized and made fake, but I am entirely accurate on this topic where I called the conspiracy theory that the league put LaFemina in place as an eventual move to take the team from Snyder something idiotic. But, my statement doesn't make that conspiracy theory idiotic and false. Reality does. Like, Snyder FIRED the guy the league put in to take the team from him. Apparently, that theory was, uh, wrong. So, when you feel the need to help newbies understand whether or not I am reliably able to discern truth from fiction, it is a good idea to do so in a thread reality has not already disabused of any alternate view than the one I kindly state. Don't you think?
  6. I'm certain fiction is fun but all the things between the inferred "Once upon a time," and "Happily ever after" is totally made up. I never suggested Cerrato was anything more than he was. Which is to say he was a part of the process the Redskins had at the time, which was well understood and explained. Cerrato is certainly smarter about football than anyone on this board given he had access to it daily for years and understood things we could only dream. I'm sorry you are pent up angry about **** that was written in 2005 when Gibbs had Cerrato as part of his team here. But, yes, my first kid was born in 2005. My second in 2006. As they aged my life required more attention on them than on any other thing. It's even worse NOW that they are 13 and 12. But, sounds like you feel me spending time with my family is another one of those conspiracy theories. Good luck with it bro and learn how to avoid carrying negative emotion toward a guy who, literally, has NO CLUE WHO YOU ARE, and, BTW, won't in two years when I see you again. We are 7-9. It's not exactly like we're a total disaster. Yes, it FEELS like we are given how the injuries have really sapped all hope, but at the end of the day, this team is 10 or so fewer injuries from being a division champion and the end of year feeling a lot differently about how they are, or are not, struggling. That said, I join you in disappointment regarding how these end of seasons feel with those injuries and I suspect the next couple years could be TRUE disasters from start to finish depending on Smith's health.
  7. This is dumb beyond measure. First, the fact that LaFemina was among the best NFL marketing guys should have scared the piss out of all of us given the NFL's marketing is idiotic and stupid. The last NFL shop commercial I saw had EQUAL numbers of men and women, as if that's the target audience, and ALL OF THEM were beautiful under 30. You're marketing to fans. SHOW FANS. It ain't hard. It's like making a World War 2 historical game where 95 percent of your players are men/boys and putting women in it and THEN saying women fought in WW2. As if such a thing could ever happen. Wait. Battlefield 5. My bad. But, yes, the idiotic conspiracy theory is MUCH more likely than Snyder simply paying a guy more than the other job. Yeah. Totally get it.
  8. I actually know who Andyman is and is not. I can say no one has ever gotten it entirely correct in that Andyman was NEVER one person, which should have been fairly obvious, though, it was authorized by one person certainly. As the author of The Nunyo Files, which led to Nunyo's termination -- but not termination, right -- at the Post and person involved in those things at that time, I can say it was a joyous bit of fun certainly :).
  9. This would both surprise me and, well, not. The Giants game was a coaching L. So was Atlanta and New Orleans. All on the defensive side, we were terribly unprepared, did not adjust and got picked apart by whatever the other team wanted to do. The Colts game was largely the type of loss we'll always have early, being the other team practices harder and is more physically tough early than we are with our soft schedule, so we'll always start rocky until we get our land legs under us that other teams develop in practice. But Manusky's inability to do ANYTHING in three games have led to demoralizing losses. The sort of roll over things NO ONE should survive. This happened to a degree in the 2006 season with Gregg Williams as well when the league figured him out entirely realizing no matter WHAT he showed, if we brought pressure, we were ALWAYS in a Cover 2, so teams always knew throw the Cover 2 routes anytime we show a look and bring someone. Williams got shredded that year and we were an atrocious defense. The following year, you may recall, he changed greatly, we were back in the Top 10, but even he had a game -- think New England in 2007 -- where he stubbornly played the 2 safeties 25-yards off the ball on a HELLA windy day and New England said, "Ok, we'll play our 11 on your 9 until you change," and we never did. There simply ARE games a coach can lose. Manusky's problem is he doesn't produce the game HE largely wins because of something clever. The play that triggers the opposition into exactly what you want. The real carry for any real stretch. And the losses his scheme and inability to adjust brings about leads to at least three or four games where we are toast, by a ton, simply because he exists. That he survived the Giants game stunned me. And with the release of Swearinger I have convinced myself the team will stand pat on the coaching staff. Especially so because no new coach will want to come in while the Smith situation is up in the air. So while I would think it obvious and time to part ways with Manusky, whether we lose by a lot or a little on Sunday, I can't quite convince myself that's in our immediate future, regardless of the outcome. But I hope it does happen for sure :).
  10. Why do we fall? So we learn to get back up. In Minnesota, very recently, they took away checking in hockey for kids under 13. This means a kid won't get hit until he's 13. He won't learn to fall on the ice and take a blow until he's playing with kids who also don't know how and who are big enough to deliver an effective blow. He won't learn how to hit the ice. He won't learn out to protect his body. In a generation, you watch, there will be stories about hockey players struggling with body issues they've never had before because instead of teaching them how to hit and take a hit when they are younger and are at relative minimal threat, they are being taught when they are older and in much more danger. This applies to football and all sports. You play how you practice. You are, simply, less prone to injury by doing the things you'll be required to do in the game at full speed if you do them in practice MORE at as close to full speed as practice allows, which is NEVER the same speed as a game. We are lax in how we prep, which is why there are constantly so many blow assignments. We are lax in how we prep, which is why there are always so many physical ailments. We may lead the league in fewest practice injuries, which is meaningless if we always lead the league in game injuries. I'd rather lose three or four players to practice injury than 21 to game injury. Now, it's obviously not linear. There will be years a team that bangs hard will complain about why that wore them down and they took injuries. We've seen that all the time too. The difference is there is the norm and there is the outlying event. OUR norm is CONSTANT league leading loss in games by starters and IR players. That's our baseline. Once in five years we'll not have that and perform above the average. I'd rather reverse that and once in five years have a dismal year because we practice so hard we wear out sooner than someone else, but in the other four years, we start strong because we are more physical in camp than other teams and we survive season-ending injuries because we have done more hitting to avoid the types of things that really can be avoided in many cases through repetitions. Obviously, football injuries will occur. But it's hard not to equate how we work with how our injuries constantly hit when it is so regular a thing.
  11. Art

    What do YOU want to happen?

    I think, and I hate to say it, what I want to happen is as follows because it's the absolute worst case scenario and making the best out of it. Alex Smith can't play. He's done. In that case we are in serious cap hell for a couple years. In this case, and ONLY this case, I would immediately trade Williams and Kerrigan and to a lesser degree trade or release Norman, Mason Foster, Zach Brown, Jordan Reed, and anyone else over the age of 27. Eat it all. Go with a roster of 27 and younger. SUCK a ton. Josh and Colt will battle it out. Draft a QB in round one AND two in each of the next two drafts. And pray one of the four can play, and if more than one can, trade one of them. Then start winning :). Really, to me, NOTHING matters but the health status of Smith. If he's out, we're done whether we have the league's best coach and GM or the league's worst. That cap hit is too enormous to have it eating a hole like that. If he's back there are ways to be competitive, as we saw. But in that case, I'd want new coaches at the least. And the problem is no good coach would come here until that Smith cap situation is understood.
  12. I KNOW it to be so. The players have said so, though you only hear it in the "rumors" around a big release like Swearinger. But, yes, the Redskins culture is roughly as soft as there is in the league. The Rams are pretty close frankly with the key difference being they run fun systems. We run complex boredom. But we ARE as injured as we are ALWAYS under Gruden BECAUSE of how he runs EVERYTHING. There is ONLY that as an answer. He feels if he saves on the pounding in practice the team will be more fresh in the games. The problem with that is simple. We get overwhelmed when a team hits us hard. See the Colts as an example. They overwhelmed us. Now, Jay is right, that over the course of a full year, if healthy, we start to be dominating. But that's happened ONCE when Kirk caught fire. But, THIS is what we are: And we die EVERY YEAR because of it.
  13. Bruce is a politician first and foremost. That is fair. But, Scot had the talent evaluator thing down and he managed to lead us to, what, ONE good draft pick and ONE other that has overachieved in Scherff and Ionnidis. I'm pretty sure if we'd kept Fuller we'd maybe think differently about how strong his draft classes were perhaps, but we didn't. In any case, our problems the last couple years have not been the draft selections. Our problems are we continue to lead the league in IR players due to a soft culture that does not pay specific attention to detail. In that Bruce is Jay's boss that is Bruce's fault. I'd be fine with both he and Jay going frankly. He's had a lot of time. Like Grunfeld with the Bullets. None of the moves are particularly bad really, but on the whole nothing works. At some point let's just make that change there. I'm fine with it being now. But, if I could ONLY have ONE change, it would be with Gruden as his way of leading leads to injuries and what we have every year.
  14. Sadly, my children have decided my eyes should rarely drift off whatever it is they are doing so even if Gregg and Karl came back, I could not come back to explain the awesome nature of things with any regularity. Maybe in, oh, 7 years :). Until then I linger and sometimes say hello. It's the most I can give ya. But I will tell you what I've told everyone on message boards here since 2005 and prior at other places. When the Redskins get themselves a Top 5 QB there will seem to be no other problems for 10 years. And it won't be because anything functionally changed OTHER than finding ONE player. We've whiffed on this for a long time sadly.
  15. No clue what this even means. What in Snyder's history would suggest he'd hire a guy for a position he's never remotely held and has never remotely been in the running for OTHER than Zorn I guess? No, nothing in Snyder's history suggests he'd hire Riddick. Riddick is GREAT at his current job. Something he's not been at any previous job. If the team were to take a chance on a media personality to make personnel calls it would be Mel Kiper. Someone big. Sheesh.
  16. Art

    The Season WILL Begin Anew Next August

    I think our problems are obvious and clear from a personnel perspective. Now if we ASSUME perfect health our biggest weaknesses are all four linebackers (with a small caveat that Brown has a different issue than the other three) and the interior of the offensive line. On offense our scheme doesn't help in that we so frequently bunch all 11 guys inside the hash marks like NO OTHER TEAM DOES, bringing EVERYONE on their team inside, so there's no way to run if you were great. But, our interior is weak both at run blocking and pass blocking. We frequently get big-bodied and dominated on the interior as teams over match this part of the field which leads to constant negative runs by our running backs for years now. This is part scheme, but mostly players simply getting ganked. We have ZERO athleticism inside so we have no versatility. We run at you and hope. As we don't have guys who can move, other than Williams, teams KNOW what we're doing and we can't really do any backside action or pulling or traps. We need a new center and left guard who are athletic, yet can hold up to a beefy guy pushing them back. On defense, the problem is more obvious. Our linebackers have ZERO lateral ability. This isn't to say they can't turn their hips and run to the side. They simply can't slide to the side. This allows any competent offense to shred us endlessly. Mason Foster is a ONE DOWN BACKER. Goal line and first down. If on first down they pass his SOLE job should be to run his body at the running back, period. Zack Brown has the athetic skills, but lacks the awareness. He's kind of our current Breeland. Kerrigan can ONLY pass rush. If left to cover the flat we're doomed. Same with Preston. This means you ALWAYS have at least one guy, and sometimes two, in coverage you can't hide. And against the run, teams have been gapping us on the edges MOSTLY. Because the lateral ability is so bad they just stretch until something opens. I'm a Kerrigan fan and have no issue with him rushing the passer every down and essentially having us run a 4-3. But he's NOT a linebacker. Preston Smith, who I thought had died until he showed up and made a play once a few games ago, is a complete liability. He isn't good enough rushing the passer to overcome his tremendous weakness in any sort of coverage OR against the run. Mason is just a slower version of Jeremiah Trotter. If he can run downhill we're fine. The only way to play with our personnel is UBER aggression. You have to have press corners and you have to speed up the offense. We have a zone backend, except for Dunbar, with a man backer group in that they are so bad in zone you can ONLY play man on the backend to protect them. Because we have such limitations if you give the other team time they will beat us. It's why we routinely suck on third and long. We sit back and get carved up. Obviously our scheme on both sides is questionable and frankly doesn't fit the players in any discernible way. And QB :). But that goes without saying. If we had Peyton Manning in his prime we'd be just fine :).
  17. I love Karl, but he's too happy being retired drinking his wine :). Now, Gregg Williams, being my first man-crush, would please me to the end of days. I hope you're right :). Are people here actually backing Riddick? Do people here understand he's LESS qualified in EVERY SINGLE WAY than, say, Vinny Cerrato, did not do a great job for the Redskins while here, unless banging media relations folks counts, and while one cool ass dude would be the worst possible GM in football? Louis is a cool guy, but he does not work hard and showed no great insights ANYWHERE in the league he's been.
  18. Art

    The Season WILL Begin Anew Next August

    Kleese, I enjoyed your post. I just want to clarify your first point a bit as it relates to your thoughts on the generally expressed thoughts that next year is a lost year and we are so doomed. In my view the general view expressed by that is in a world Smith is out and we're jockeying between Josh and Colt and because Smith is out we're going to let a LOT of high priced guys go and go young and essentially rebuild with huge cap penalties and be fortunate to win more than 4 games. I think this is both a perfectly reasonable projection and, frankly, an optimal one IF Smith is out. If he is simply not going to return ever or any time soon, we'd be wise to get rid of anything old and simply go young and pray we land on a few while sucking during cap hell. Now, the more interesting discussion is if Smith is back fully. If we're cruising along again at 6-3 and we finish 9-7 or even 10-6. This team, THIS YEAR, could have done that. And here's the question I'm asking. WOULD that this year have been a good thing to watch or fairly depressing even while winning? I ask this in some seriousness as this was the least attractive team I've seen play in years EVEN as it didn't openly suck by record. Now, I could have loved this team if it didn't constantly lay eggs like being dominated by the Colts and the Saints and the Falcons WHILE eeeeeeeeeeeeeeking out 6 wins. But a team like that which wins tight and loses bad is doomed to suck whenever it matters making it very difficult to much love. So I'd almost say the BEST case, where it's a LOT LIKE this year and we do pretty well and even finish with 9 or 10 wins, LIKE this year would have been, would be absolutely abysmal to sit through. So I am KIND of rooting for the first where at least we'll know we properly suck and are eyeing young players emerging rather than hoping not to be outclassed every third game :).
  19. When did they report it? I'm seeing LOTS of tweets from the media indicating the media has known a ton for a long time but for some reason has never mentioned it until now? Do you actually find that interesting? I will say the Foster signing DID intersect with the business in a way that led to a serious butting of heads. That did happen. That's true. And, to a degree, the question posed to the owner was, "Listen, NO ONE CAN DO THIS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION AND FEEDBACK AGAIN," and the owner saying, "Uh, duder, football side wags the dog, business doesn't." Now, you may or may not agree with that perspective. But that's what happened. And the business team made a power play then prepped to resign after this weekend's game and Snyder discovered it and fired them first. It's not really even that big a story. I personally tend to think the football side should run the business, and not vice versa. I LOVE the football side of the Foster signing. It's a ZERO football risk move with high reward potential. Yes, I can see corporate sponsors hating it as they get blow back from the outrage society. And it is not an illegitimate point to say that business should dictate the moves you make. I won't piss on your head if you think that. Or if you agree with me. But this is not even that interesting a story. Our core problem as an organization is WE SUCK. Yes, if Smith is healthy we probably are in the playoffs and probably the division winner. And we all saw how Smith played. A playoff team that has absolutely no chance of actually winning everything playing that way is not all that fun and exciting. So even if Smith comes back healthy, we LIKELY get to see the same plodding style and zoom to 9-7 or even 10-6 and still not be a threat. And if Smith's injury is really bad, we're basically destroyed for two years and PRAYING to find a young QB coming out of it who saves the franchise while dealing with the bickers of who should start between Colt and Josh. In the best case our near term is scary boring and in the worst case it's an epic disaster. The rest is noise as we already know this. And, sure, maybe we fire everyone, hire Cowher/Saban/Dungy/SOMEONE ANYONE WILL THINK IS GOOD, Smith will be fine and we'll add a couple pieces of depth and not be injured as much and maybe I'm wrong. But our core problem is this team exists into the near future with almost no visible way to improve with the current way we operate.
  20. Art

    Redskins Cut DJ Swearinger!

    This is pretty much why I'm visiting today. This move is an astoundingly good sign -- if you feel the coaching staff is not part of our problem -- that our staff is returning in tact next year. The front office doesn't allow this move if there are questions about the staff or, hell, the front office. For the most part Swearinger's chatty nature has been good for us, as fans, to understand differences with our staff and others. We ARE soft. Period. There's a reason we're ALWAYS the most injured team in the league. Because we are soft in practice. This is a common theme. Gruden has created that culture and it CLEARLY doesn't work. Yes, we win the division this year if the team is modestly healthy. But this team will NEVER be while this is our culture and D.J. kind of gave us visibility in to that. Now, his closing comments about how we should be in zone more does call in to question whether he's actually full of **** frankly. We are the worst zone defense in creation largely because our four linebackers are all LIMITED laterally, except MAYBE Zach Brown, who lacks great instincts. In any case, calling for us to go zone is BEGGING us to get torched play after play after play like has happened CONSTANTLY all year. Moreau getting called on that play is ludicrous. The defense actually worked. We actually had people covered even. Refs made a bad call. But that wasn't a bad call by Manusky who has made a ton of them :). So seeing D.J. beg us to play zone in that situation is jarring as you KIND of thought he had a clue and if he doesn't know by now that we suck in zone then he's not watching the film he suggests he's watching. In NO WAY, though, do you cut that man IF the organization has even the slightest inkling there's change coming. No way Snyder allows Bruce to allow Williams to allow it :). And for me, seeing the SAME core issue yearly with Gruden, I can say I'm ready to move on. So this is a sad thing for me because he'll be back. Unless he's willing to change the system that is clearly broken -- and this isn't even play calling, it's HOW YOU WORK -- then this is depressing, because the team will be broken, again, by week 8. I think Gruden's teams could win. If they were ever healthy. He just doesn't know how to coach an environment where that's possible as his general demeanor is to be a little too loose, detail averse and soft for players to make it through a season in tact enough for the positives of Gruden to ultimately win. Now, he CAN correct that. He CAN go harder. He CAN demand more attention to detail. And he can be tough. Cutting D.J. KIND of IS tough. If that's a sign of the new Gruden, maybe by week 8 next year we won't suck again :).
  21. The Hankins thing is interesting in that four years ago if he entered the building he would never leave. Now the team is willing to let people leave. Why? What has clearly changed in how we deal with free agents is that we do not identify and target people in a specific priority order as before where we'd lay out our top 5 targets and generally get all and consider it a win. Now we have 5 targets for every position. And we are looking for value and contracts. Now, I'd get Hankins, PERIOD. It's not even a question. Given his age and size and fit for the defense we run he's a no brainer to me. But the Skins are clearly in the mode of, "I can give this guy $10 million a year or this guy $5 million." It's likely Williams, while not as good a player, may be close enough to merit that sort of cap difference. Scandrick, a PLAYER I HATE, is a player we signed while letting DRC wander about. Both are pretty much the same player. We are clearly not doing a ton of reaching when we engage free agents the last few years. I can't say I particularly like, or hate it, but there is clearly a method to how they approach things now that differs from before. Even looking at Alex Smith, who we have at a cap hit that ranks like No. 19 and No. 18 the next two years at the QB position, you can see the team is trying to target hit to value in their equations to at least some degree. So you have Cousins at the No. 1 hit, or Smith at No. 19. You have Hankins at the No. 18 hit or Williams at No. 82. Whatever. That's clearly something they are doing now they never did before.
  22. There is no reason to be upset with Smith as your QB. Yes, we all are, and should be, upset we were dumb enough to give up Fuller in the equation, but Smith is a good player. He's a QB who is somewhere between 12 and 20 in the league as a starter, with a greater skill set than Cousins and a history of being on a winning team, if not an elite one. He will NOT win games. He's not elite. But he's a good QB with some life left in his game. The downgrade with him is he won't have familiarity with the offense as Cousins did, but the upgrade with him is he has more talent generally given where he was selected and how he's performed over a longer period of time. Cousins is a good player too. But they are the same guy, essentially. Now, the fear I have with Smith is that he's just Brunell again. I'm not worried about him being McNabb. McNabb was never that accurate. Once the atheticism declined for him he was done. For Smith that's not a worry as he's better with the ball and makes better decisions than McNabb ever was, he just lacked the huge athletic upside, though he is a good athlete too. But it is possible Smith is like Brunell when we played him in that he'll throw short, short, short, short, short, short, short. And make us want him dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead. Last year he threw more deep balls than Kirk by a good bit (balls over 31 yards in the air) so maybe this won't be a problem, though last year Kirk did seem to regress against the mean on his deep throwing due to some offensive line stumbles and receiver limits and in 2016 Smith was so dink and dunk as to probably make us all vomit so we'll see. For the most part though Smith is not going to be our problem next year.
  23. Art

    Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    In his six years they've been 28, 24, 24 and 20 in four of the six. They were top 10 twice. Try again?