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  1. I think what I specifically said is if Mosely got here for a visit he'd be ours and I know for sure I told RWJ that there are two tiers of players now. The good and the maybe. The good was a VERY small pool. Young players good at their positions. In a free agent pool Preston Smith is your No. 12, there isn't a lot out there. The Skins went in on three (third name will come out eventually or I'll just start mentioning it as if it had next time I visit in six months) and got one. At this point what Keim says is effectively what I said at some point yesterday. Look for targets of opportunity on prove it deals. There are no more free agent splashes left. There are trade splashes. But those are complex and might more likely happen once free agency settles team needs a bit more, if at all. I will say the way we ran this free agency is different from the past as we typically would just keep upping offers until the guy said yes. Here we actually held to a perceived value and target number and let others do what we always did. Not sure if that's good or bad, but it's something.
  2. You should continue your satire and scream about how we're too stupid to get a great player like OBJ, who'd never want to come here, because we suck and we're dumb and then if we get him, immediately write, he sucks, is a cancer and only a desperate team going no where would ever want him. Do it and be great.
  3. I live in Minnesota and before the year everyone asked me about Cousins and I said the following, "Hey, I like Kirk. He's a good player. He'll have good numbers. But he's just a guy. He's not worth the money you're paying him, which is why we didn't, and we knew him better than anyone, and he won't actually make you better. He'll just perform as your team does and win few games but lose only a couple, usually early in the season." After the season they all confirmed I was right. Cousins is just a guy. And Cousins has a cap number HIGHER than Smith, Keenum and Colt for us. We're fine in the equation. It would not be fair to say either Colt or Case gives you much hope for a GREAT season, but, yes, Case is a passable guy who did just lead a team to the conference championship game. I will say this though. Smith in our offense at 6-3 was really a very depressing 6-3. We were SO tight. I know it takes time to learn a system so it's reasonable to anticipate he'd be better the longer he's with Gruden, but that style of play was so tedious to watch. You can win with it, so long as you stay healthy. We were winning with it. But it wasn't joy to watch really. EITHER Colt or Case gives you something to watch that may not be as consistent a winner as Smith's style, but you'll enjoy watching us play far more. I guarantee you either of those guys will sling it some and make plays Smith won't even conceive of making, but also make mistakes Smith couldn't even imagine attempting. I kind of see Colt/Case as a bit of Fitzpatrick/Winston. You start one, when it starts to level off and teams get on that guy, bring the other in for a while, then switch back and forth. I do anticipate we'll enjoy watching our games more this year than last, even if we have a weaker record. It'll just seem more fun. I'm big on the Mason Foster must go train, but Reuben Foster and Zach Brown is a good interior pair. We were in on C.J. but wisely dropped as he realized he was a $17-million-a-year guy. Hamilton could also be put there as he already was and did a fair job.
  4. Bro, we have a guy with MORE talent, Doctson. Who, with NO REAL QB essentially half the year, still had more catches than Williams in a good offense backed by a good defense and running game. Williams has been more productive certainly in his career, but let's not go nuts. He's no better than a No. 2 because No. 1s aren't "given a chance". You know them and they generate those chances by being open :). There aren't a lot of legit No. 1s.
  5. Preston Smith is a nice player. He'd be a great strongside backer in a 4-3. He might be a nice defensive end. But you really can't have a guy like him across from Kerrigan as neither can cover anything so every play teams have a two-way go in the flat on us. You could survive this if Smith was, like Kerrigan, a lock for 11 or more sacks a year. But Smith never quite does any of that, so sad to see him go, but you'll get very similar production from anyone and likely the team will actually target a guy who can cover a tiny bit. The infatuation with Williams as a "No. 1" is pretty funny to me. This guy is AT BEST a 2 and probably a solid 3. A No. 1 receiver is a guy who will get 100 balls and 1100 yards a year. Williams wouldn't hurt our roster, but he's not the answer there.
  6. A team was calling smith with a 5-year, $180-million deal. But he didn't QUITE get to the phone on time so the team signed someone else. Almost there. Almost always there. And, yet, never there. Not ever. I think I remember him on the field three times last year. He's an inch away, 20 times a year. He's an inch away, 20 times a year from that 180-million contract. And someone will pay him WAY more than he deserves thinking they'll get him that inch. But this is why so many marriages end. That inch is hard to find after a while :). I agree with you signing Paul Richardson on his body of work for that contract was a bad move at the time we made it, and will remain so even if he becomes Antonio Brown. But this was clearly a risk-oriented move on the "projection" about what if. I hate almost all those. Ask the guy who invested in JDS Uniphase instead of Apple with $300K back in 2000. Careful man. And sleep. It ain't happening right now. Mosely has too many teams angling for his attention. I am not saying it's not possible, because we are one of them, but the numbers are going to hurt our brains when they come out. But it could happen regardless. I will say this, there's a 3 percent state income tax difference between Virginia and New York. Those $30Ks every million add up. And New York's overall tax burden of 12.94 percent (property, income, sales and excise) is significant when compared to Virginia. You will need to be close in dollars, but you might get a couple million, "I ain't living there," discount.
  7. Who is to blame for signing Trotter, then having Trotter play as a Ray Lewis, read and react, rather than a downhill wrecking ball player? The coaching staff is involved in the decisions and signed off on Trotter. But then made no adjustments for what Trotter was as a player. It was a GREAT signing we screwed on, but not because anyone had bad info. He was just used dumbly. In that case the GM would rightfully want to fire the coach who hosed that. You can't really look at many of the personnel moves we've made and said, "THAT CLEARLY WAS HORRENDOUS," under the current GM. You can't because for the most part we don't dip too far into free agency. And you can't because, for the most part, the team has been average with possible upside when healthy and obvious downside when not. When Bruce took power after Shanny left that's who we've been. Bruce hasn't been good, or really bad and the team hasn't been good, or really bad. It's been bleh. And we can go 12-4 this season perfectly healthy and STILL not be a team that Allen has done a great job for. We'd just have had a fortunate year.
  8. Sorry, not sure how to multiquote after a post is made so writing a double here. If the Jets, who have more cap room than us, can sign Barr why would they be out for Mosely if we, who have less cap room, are still in after signing Collins? Assume the cap is fictional. It's really how high we're willing to go at this point. I thought we'd be out at the $17 million a season mark, which I suspect will get blown away now :).
  9. I am actually with you on this to an extent. Would you have traded Emmitt Smith for Deion Sanders? The best runner, maybe ever. The best corner, without QUESTION. It's not an easy answer. Yes, an elite corner has more value than a good runner, and now it would be even more compound, but at that time, I still think an elite runner and an elite corner were closer, with the edge to corner obviously. But an elite runner and a very good corner and now you're at an interesting place. And the information the Skins had at the time was not what we had as fans. 1. Bailey sleeps around and has a lot of kids with other women. His wife got tired of those other women with their kids in the Redskins family box. She basically forced him to essentially bully out of here. 2. Smoot was our best corner the year before we traded Bailey. People internally believe this was because Bailey was playing himself gone to a degree as he was clearly a better player generally, but Smoot was the team's top corner THEN, that moment. 3. Springs was gonna happen. So, again, I tend to think you're right, but, the team was not factoring in Champ for Portis and bye. It was factoring in Champ is GONE, what can we get, we have a better player on roster and Springs. Would you have traded Bailey for Springs and Portis? Sure as **** you would have :). Still, you're right JUST on the generalities of the specifics of the two players and only that I think.
  10. A lot of things factor in here. Bill Belichick was four times a 10-game loser in the league as a head coach. He was on the way to being fired and 1-3 when Brady happened. The Rams had a GREAT season. Two years ago a well-respected coach was fired and a guy I have underwear older than was hired and suddenly they have talent and hope. They made a couple moves, but what really changed? How much time did anyone on their offensive line miss this year? How much time did their QB miss? Zero. Football is a sport that reality often changes things. Alex Smith basically hasn't missed time in five years and breaks his leg. Should our GM have anticipated THAT? AND that the backup his coach loves would immediately break his leg? I was iffy on the Smith move not because Smith was a good or bad player. I liked the fact he was a middle tier QB being paid middle tier cap dollars versus paying Kirk top tier dollars for middle tier performance. But I hated giving up Fuller. The fact Smith got hurt doesn't make it worse anymore than if Smith comes back and leads us to Super Bowl makes it better. It is what it was at the moment. Then life tells you how well you did.
  11. No. It's based on reality. A move is smart or dumb the second you make it. Not years later because things you can't control produce results from that move that look nothing, good or ill, like the information you had to make it. Again, Case Keenum is a career journeyman. Denver signing him to be their starter was dumb the second they made it. If he evolved into a QB he had not been it would have made them lucky, but they gave him something he had not shown worthy of. Risk moves are fine. Knowing you're taking a risk. Us signing Keenum is a great move as we're signing him for what he is. If he suddenly becomes Drew Brees it doesn't make us somehow smarter. Just luckier. Reuben Foster was a brilliant football move the second it was made. It was zero downside. Only upside. From a football perspective. If Reuben is a hall of famer, great, but it was smart when we made it. If Reuben beats his mom tomorrow, ok, it didn't cost nothing, bye bye. Moves are judged based on the information you have, not the information the future knows about. Otherwise all moves would be perfect. Always.
  12. Our cap is between $0 and $asmuchaswewantbyconvertingWilliamsKerriganMosesNormanbasestobonuses. But too much of that and eventually it hurts. I think $4 million. $15 over 6 years is $2.5, pus a $1.5 base I presume. The kicker here is the 2020 option bonus to kick in on the back end. They are effectively guaranteeing that today, with an option to pay on Tuesday :). Chances are we're not eating his signing bonus cap hit next year so that's a free six he gets that is guaranteed on him not being a total loser.
  13. No. I was siding with you and Cali and specifically questioning the tons of morons who seem to think signing the best strong safety in football for the same yearly wage as LESS good players is somehow odd. You are good :).
  14. Because people, and from what I've seen in this thread, many live here, are stupid. The fact is the Chiefs had the hots for Collins at the trade deadline last year and have had him circled. And he's here. And it's clearly NOT just dollars as everyone knows those last contract years are just numbers on a spreadsheet. I've never agreed with this as a premise, though I do not suggest you are foolish to say it. You don't judge the merits of a thing years after it's over. If Mathieu sucks and Collins is Taylor reborn it doesn't mean the Redskins were any smarter then than they are today. It doesn't make the Redskins stupid if Collins can't play a lick here (cause Manusky) and Mathieu relives his 2015 six more times. A move, any move, is good or bad at the moment you make it. Not later. A move is weighed on the knowledge of what you have and while it's fair to suggest there's some gamble on future performance, the fact remains you intelligently make a move based on what you know, not what happens years from now. Case Keenum, like Collins, was a smart move because it makes sense. It's not the greatest move ever if Keenum is the Vikings QB again and wins three QBs. That's just luck. Tom Brady wasn't smarts. It was luck. Case Keenum doesn't become a bad move for us because he's a journeyman who can't carry a team 16 games because that's not what we got him for. That was Denver :). Most people think hindsight is how you know the winner of a move. I've always disagreed. You already know if it was good or bad. It can become more or less fortunate as time goes on, but it will never be more wise or less so.
  15. Thanks. I still read here some and every once in a while a day falls perfectly so I can post a **** ton. Then I have to go away for a while again as life powns me raw.
  16. You're not wrong. I do think some of that comes from "thinking" through your play and just knowing your assignment. He came here in the middle of the year and had to learn. I think he was just off and wasn't playing naturally. There was a time he was thought to be a big-money free agent. At the time we got him he or Swearinger was No. 1 and the other was No. 2 in PFF safety rankings. I'm not saying this is a guy you give much to, but, seriously, a one-year prove it deal couldn't possibly be a bad idea. I happen to like Nicholson in an exclusively deep coverage way that Collins being here might allow, so I wouldn't fear him there either. But I won't cry to see Dix gone, and I won't cheer if he returns, but I won't be surprised if he does either.
  17. Dude, if he makes it to the league year and you see him visiting, he's signing here. But at this rate he's going to hit $20 million and I, EVEN I, who cares NOTHING about the cap and would encourage an owner to fork over whatever it takes, would say that's way too much for that guy at that position on this team. Just keep Brown and every so often slap him in the head to remind him he's on a football field. Mosely is a good player, but the winner in this free agency is HIM as he's may wind up $7 million above his initial yearly thoughts and I would agree whoever gets him will have paid more than the going rate for a very good inside backer :).
  18. Honestly, at this point don't you almost HAVE to bring back Ha Ha? Seriously, we're so in on Bama boys and while I agree with everyone we got nothing from him a year ago, his value has also dwindled because of it. He's have the most upside out there at the position so I'd lean toward bringing him back at this point. What do you have to lose really.
  19. Don't know. I was using his name as a "good" player at a position of need -- in that he'd go to center and we'd cover LG from there. He may have. No clue.
  20. So, you think a lineman that gets paid on his short area quickness should be significantly slower than a safety who doesn't? Do you find great athletes who can't play more compelling than great athletes who are three-time Pro Bowlers and an All Pro at 25? Again, since it's obvious, I'll ask you how you think the Cowboys will do given you must like them a lot to HATE on a young Pro Bowler universally respected for his play by EVERYONE not you.
  21. Define big name. No one we'll sign is as big a name as Collins. Not even Mosely. We will sign two or three more players who have some significant ability. Yeah. I'm still there on that. But, remember, in a free agent class Preston Smith ranks 12th according to rankings, it's not likely there are THAT many players out there and if the price goes crappy like with Mosely, I'd look more toward several, say five signings that are players with some upside or something to prove. In the first category maybe names like Mitch Morse (though his height without Smith is a worry) and in the second category maybe names like Hicks, Coleman or Houston. Yes, more is likely to happen in my view. But, I suspect not until the league year at this point as Mosely would have been the only other one who required some pretty big attention at this point.
  22. Tyrann was better at tackle football last year? At the sport he was not named a Pro Bowler but that Collins was? At the sport he played 4 more games than Collins, yet wasn't considered as good a player by, oh, anyone but you? He's a good player. I'd have loved him. But you guys are twisting yourselves into knots to LOVE the other guy instead of the better guy, APPARENTLY simply because we got the better guy, which would make you EXCELLENT Cowboy fans and questionable Redskin fans, don't you think?
  23. First, who are the corners in free agency you'd give even $10 million to. Go. Done? Agreed. I'll ignore your thoughts on Gilmore, who, a year ago, was ranked as one of the worst signings in free agency. Second, you're suggesting Mathieu, who is smaller, shorter, slower, older, more injured, who has been to 1 Pro Bowl and named All Pro once, is in the same league as Collins, who is in possession of the inverse characteristic listed for Mathieu, who has been a Pro Bowler three times and All Pro once, in fewer years, who tackles more, and who is "ball park" in passes defensed with Mathieu, given Collins is always in the box and Mathieu is covering slot? You're solid on all this still, yeah?
  24. Same money per year that Tyrann Mathieu, a safety, just got, except Mathieu has been injured, is smaller, is the hairest of hairs slower and is older. But, yeah, I agree, we're lunatics. Terrible, terrible lunatics. NO ONE DOES THIS....this that everyone does. Oh, as for using him creatively, please recall, Sean Taylor was best used lined up 30-yards off the ball by Gregg Williams and destroying everything, everywhere. And we'd have paid him a zillion. How about if Landon Collins continues to be the best player at his position in the conference, we just smile and nod and think we did ok?
  25. He can't visit until the league year starts. And at this rate he'll be paid $90 million a year. He's at $17 now. Probably not going to see us dip that far into it as there are teams that can get him without more reworks, but I've been wrong before. Rarely, of course. And not for a while. But before.